10tons releases Azkend 2, a puzzle of a game for Windows Phone 8

Azkend 2

10tons continues to roll out new gaming titles for our Windows Phone 8 devices. This week it's the puzzle game Azkend 2.

Azkend 2 is a feature rich puzzle game that has three gaming modes, two challenges and the main adventure/story line mode which has over sixty levels of play. It is a matching game where you have to find connecting matches of three or more of the same symbols.

Azkend's story mode has you on a journey from Liverpool to New York. Your ship gets caught up in a storm and gets sucked into a giant maelstrom that sends you to the center of the earth. You solve the puzzles in an effort to escape and return to civilization.

Azkend 2 screens

As you would expect with any 10tons game, the graphics are outstanding, storyboards in between levels nicely done and the narration very classy. Along with the main puzzles you also have some side games that have an "eye spy" feel to it.  You are presented with a snippet of a picture (the little circle in the upper right corner) and you have to find that snippet in the main picture.  It's a nice break from the faster paced matching portion of Azkend 2.

In just tinkering with Azkend 2 for a few minutes, it comes across as a challenging puzzle game that can easily help you pass short bits of time or satisfy your gaming urges for longer sessions. We'll have a full review on Azkend 2 on the site shortly.

In the meantime, there is a trial version available for your Windows Phone 8 device and the full version of Azkend 2 is currently running $3.99. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

10tons releases Azkend 2, a puzzle of a game for Windows Phone 8


Azkend 1 is really fun to play. I bet Azkend 2 will be fun too. Nice to see another developer bringing popular iOS and Android games to the platform. It looks nice, performance is great and feels pretty solid. I hope you guys do another review soon. This developer should be boosted more as it is just supporting the platform very good.

Just a heads up a few games have received a price drop, ie: plants vs zombies now £2:29.  Mirrors edge £1:49 and a few others...

cool, #1 was a good game, been looking forward to this since seeing it on windows 8 for a little while. really well made game, though id recommend 'path of kara' as a similar and even better implemented style of game

It looks like a great game but I already bought and installed bejeweled plus. So...there is only room for one puzzle game that's taken.

First, replace Bejeweled with Treasures of Montezuma. Ridiculously superior. Second, speaking for 10tons specifically, Azkend and Azkend 2 are different enough from Bejeweled, which uses a static game board and has the same "challenge" ad nauseum, as to be in different categories completely.
I like that 10tons uses female narrators/protagonists in both the Azkend2 and the Miriel titles, Abundante! and the Dragon Portals narratives. Anybody can play them of course but it's nice to see.
Let's hope for Swingworm or Grim Joggers next!

Agree with you on everything, except the part about Treasures Of Montezuma being better than Bejeweled or Bejeweled Live +.  I have both ToM and Bejeweled Live +, and enjoy both, but I like the visuals and gameplay of BL+ better.
I don't have a WP8, but when I get a WP 9 (?) next winter, I really hope that Grim Joggers will be in the 10tons portfolio for Windows Phone.

10tons does it again, personally bought all their wp8 titles so far to say"please, more like this thx". One minor issue with most of their titles, when in landscape mode they only want to be in one orientation. It clashes with my charging set up lol, every other landscape game flips both ways. Anyone else have this issue?