250 new emoji could be coming to a phone near you

250 new emoji characters could be headed to a phone near you

The Unicode standard has been updated to add an additional 2,834 new characters, which includes about 250 pictographic symbols, or emoji. This expanded list of new symbols could help to add personality to messaging, such as SMS and MMS, Apple's iMessage, BlackBerry's BBM, Google's Hangouts, and other services.

"This latest version adds the new currency symbols for the Russian ruble and Azerbaijani manat, approximately 250 emoji (pictographic symbols), many other symbols, and 23 new lesser-used and historic scripts, as well as character additions to many existing scripts," Unicode stated in a blog post. "These additions extend support for written languages of North America, China, India, other Asian countries, and Africa."

With emoji, users could communicate using few or little words and still have their passion come through. One such example would be the "Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended" emoji that allows you to quickly express your emotion without having to say much.

Unicode 7 emoji characters

While the expanded library of emoji could be coming to the keyboard of your favorite smartphone, how they will look and when that will happen will likely vary. Device manufacturers will need some time to incorporate the icons and design them into the phone. Apple, for one, had previously announced that it would bring more diversity into emoji icons representing to showcase more ethnicities.

Source: Unicode


Reader comments

250 new emoji could be coming to a phone near you


Windows phone already lacks lots of emojis doesn't it? The country flags for example

I think WP has already a lot of Emojis, but the more we have, the merrier ^°^

Can't wait to be able to flip the bird at people through my phone!

There are still a lot of Windows Phone emojis missing (comparing it to the ones found in iOS); that AND some emojis don't look the same in regards with emotion.

I have noticed a few missing from the menu that still appear in received messages. Notably the emoji of the two men holding hands and the one of the two ladies holding hands.

Ikr, I miss the homosexual emojis :( (im bi and use them with my bf when I had iPhone lolol)

And why is apple creating black people emojis???? Why not make them all MIXED?!

Oh yeah, we definitely need more ways to be intentionally rude in text. Constant misunderstandings just don't cut it anymore.

Sadly America won't have the backbone to incorporate the middle finger. People will whine and say it corrupts the kids minds. Pffft. I'm American and its these types of things that I don't get.

Hey - we have the poop symbol. I object to the Finger symbol because it's course and rude, not exactly things that are in short supply already.

I hate the way the are listed in WhatsApp. Hate swiping left and right. Listing on (standard) keyboard is much easier but for some reason i still go WAs list

Yeah WhatsApp should not use their emoji for WP8 phones.
It doesn't look as good.
It was useful for WP7 which didn't have inbuilt emoji.

Saw this news on the verge and all they talk about was Google and IOS, you would never know that it was universal.

I am surprised how Tom Warren has changed since he joined The Verge. It seems to me, that he is now almost Microsoft hater...

The verge takes pretty heavy payoffs to favor certain platforms. There's a reason they always report against t-mobile, legere and they had a pretty public spat about it on twitter

There is a bug in WP 8.1 with the emoji. There are two of the same smiley face, but the confused face is missing - it's the one that has the "S" shaped mouth.

Those two smiley faces actually have oh-so-slightly different eyes. Compare them side by side and you'll see one has a little notch in the bottom of each eye. You're right about the missing "S" smiley though.

Nevermind "reverse hand with middle finger extended." The Vulcan salute is included! #LLAP

I never used emoji until the 8.1 now that it auto gives u the option while using swipe I find myself using them a lot. Although I hate to admit it but the graphics of then are shit on the Windows phones compared to IOS they look circa win 95 barely VGA on Windows phone.

When it comes to emoji, there will never be an amount that is too much.
On a side note: how disappointing to not be able to put emoji in the comments of an emoji article!

Does anyone miss the emojicons from WP 7.5 I really loved those. They were so cool and minimalist. Now, they are cheesy and just icky.

oh yeah i remember those.. i remember nobody else outside windows phone would get them

if we had those back as an option i think they would be useless unless they matched standards on other device OS versions.. the whole point on emoji / emoticons is to convey an expression with an illustration, so if we fail to communicate across mobile ecosystems - having these icons is counterproductive.

Great, but with WP 8.1 when we select a emoticon automatically navegate us to keyboard. I don't like it because I never sent only one emoticon.... 

I don't use them on WP because I can't tell what most of them are supposed to be.

Also I don't know if the recipent will be able to see them if it's something else than a smily face. How many of them are universal? Wish they looked "normal"! :'(

Showcase more ethnicities other than bright yellow? Yeah, those purple and orange people should be pissed!

Can we take this as an opportunity to follow standards and be consistent ?

I don't care if they look different in windows versus iOS or Android BUT can we please be consistent? i dont want to send a "dancing man" to someone and have them receive a "dancing lady" ... or a "high five bald guy" and they receive a "pink blouse woman" ... all i ask is for consistency in gender so i dont look like an idiot with the emoticons i choose.. or viceversa, the emoticons i receive. sometimes i get texts and can't help but think "what the F did they mean?"

...I'm surprised nobody is complaining or has complained about this!