2flicka becomes Flickr Booth with latest update, adds OneDrive and OneNote support

Flickr Booth

2flicka was a super popular Windows Phone app for those who enjoy using Flickr, the photo sharing social network by Yahoo! I say was a popular app as the developer has changed the branding of the app to Flickr Booth in version 1.9, along with adding a bunch of new features.

As noted above, the name change itself isn't the only highlight of this update. The developer has added support for Microsoft accounts, enabling users to save photos to OneDrive and as notes to OneNote. We also dig the new layout, bringing everything neatly together in a Modern experience.

Here's everything which is new in the latest release:

  • Name change from 2Flicka to Flickr Booth
  • Redesigned app layout to be more in line with WP guidelines
  • Added Microsoft account integration (save photos to OneDrive and save as notes to OneNote)
  • Added private favorites stored on your OneDrive account
  • Added two new layouts for photo stream, list and 4 columns grid
  • Added auto color theme which inherits from the OS theme

Flickr Booth

2flickr is dead. Long live Flickr Booth. You can download Flickr Booth from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: Flickr Booth


Reader comments

2flicka becomes Flickr Booth with latest update, adds OneDrive and OneNote support


Will try this first. I'm so busy that when I first got my WP a couple of years ago i just searched on Flickr and downloaded it and have never been happy with it. Fortunatly I was reading this blog today and happened across this article, downloaded the app and I really dig it esp the Onedrive/Onenote intergration since I use both on a daily basis. A huge thanks to the developer and the blog writer getting me to update to a better Flickr experience!

Commendable changes.. Like the new update.. Also the change in name... Nice competition to Flickr Central...

Flickr Central also got updated, in case you didn't notice.. Nice change in UI...

What you really want is a quick way to upload photos on Onedrive direct to Flickr. Sadly no app does that.