#2InstaWithLove gets a new filter, "Pureview"


Nokia has updated their filter list on #2InstaWithLove app with the "Pureview" filter.  Likely in honor of all the news coming out of London.

The app, exclusive to the Lumia Windows Phone lineup, allows you to take photos, apply one of a handful of creative filters and then automatically adds the hashtag #2InstaWithLove to the photo, for sharing on your favorite social network.

#2InstaWithLove Pureview Filter

#2InstaWithLove was developed to not only let Windows Phone users tap into their photographic creativity but also a way of showing Instagram how passionate the Windows Phone community is.  The Pureview filter is basically a black/white filter and brings the total number of filters available to six.

#2InstaWithLove is a free app that you can find here in the Nokia Collection.

Thanks, Er., for the tip!

QR: #2InstaWithLove


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#2InstaWithLove gets a new filter, "Pureview"


When are we going to stop getting comments like this from people who have more than likely never used Instagram/taken full advantage of it.

Instagram has very little to do with the filters. It has a great deal to do with the social network. It's all well and good saying "but just share a photo on Twitter"...but then why would Twitter users not be happy with a Facebook app and no Twitter app? After all, there's nothing you can do on Twitter you can't do on Facebook. It's because they focus on two different aspects. Instagram is a unique social network. Sure, you can then go on and share your photos on other social networks, but it is just as important as a stand alone network.

Getting so tired of reading this knee-jerk reaction from those who don't realise the difference between Instagram and any old app with a bunch of filters.

All the Instagram pictures I have seen have had these filters that I thought useless and weird, and I still don't get it.

I'm not trolling I love the Windows Phone Os. I'm just saying I don't get Instagram. I would love for Instagram to come to Windows Phone but there's no use for me.

Don't understand Instagram, no use for Instagram etc., yet you took the time to troll in an article about Instagram.

The filters used in Instagram are not weird. In fact, I as a photography student recognise a good few of them from my everyday work. However, the addition of filters to the photo or lack of filter is still not the main point of Instagram which a few of these apps on the WP store have missed. It's all about the community.

@George is someone going to cover Winstagram? it seems similar to Itsdagram so it would be good to see some coverage of it. Tweeted Dan but no reply as of yet :(

I have this feeling that one day they'll update the app with something like "congratulations, you can now upload to Instagram" or something similar.

It seems like a possibility. If instagram comes to wp8 I think it'll be a Nokia exclusive for a few months.

It weird when I read: The app, exclusive to the Lumia Windows Phone lineup while i have it on my HTC 8X....

I will not waste my time send pics using this app. Elop said that Oggl is for instalovers. Then Why they released this app to wp7x? Oggl will not be avaliable for wp7x. Then this app campaing is useless for me.

Hi, #2InstaWithLove is NOT exclusive to Lumia lines. In fact, I have it on my Samsung Focus. It was exclusive to Lumia on its first week of release but later on was made available to all Windows Phone unit if I am not mistaken.