3rd party Metro Browser lands in the Marketplace with video streaming

Metro Browser

It's been awhile since we've seen a contender for a browser-wrapper on Windows Phone. Here we mean an app that uses Internet Explorer 9 as the base but augments its functions. Metro Browser (no ties to the earlier Metro Browser) is a true full screen web browser with advanced video playback capabilities.:

"Metro Browser has custom made video decoders specifically build for Windows Phone with optimal performance for real-time streaming flash video. Due to the efficient design it is possible to even stream on 3G.

Metro Browser is optimized to handle large video files without the need for any free storage on the device, all streaming happens directly from the memory."

Indeed, as the photo above demonstrates, it is full screen and looks amazing on an HTC Titan. Video sites supported include MegaVideo, VideoZer, VideoBB and of course YouTube. Playback isn't perfect and the browser is a bit limited on version 1.0 but overall, it's a solid entry that we welcome with open arms.

The app fetches for $1.99 with a free trial, which translates into an ad-supported version here in the Marketplace. We think it's pretty cool, but it's crazy late here so we'll save the hands on for the morning Meanwhile, you give us your feedback in comments. Thanks, Binaer Jongleur, for the tip!


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3rd party Metro Browser lands in the Marketplace with video streaming


There are already 2 browers on the marketplace which work good and they are free. What advantage does this have over them?

There are several browsers available for free on the marketplace. Most of them have ads. Guess what, MetroBrowser is also available in an ad supported version. so what? The good thing about MetroBrowser what sets it apart from all other available browsers is that it supports streaming for loads of sites. Which works pretty fine in this early version. I show respect and support to the guys who developed it by purchasing it for these $2. Honestly.. People complaining about spending $2 for an app for their couple-of-hundred-dollar devices is beyond ridiculous.

I am not saying they shouldnt charge for it but I tried it out and it doesnt workj as advertised.. as I have already said I tried it on two seprate devices but the video future feature doesnt work as advertised.. in case there is the IE9 and Baidu all which are ad free and free too so if you going to charge fo something it should atleast have an edge.

I'm not defending the app at all - I haven't even tried it (happy with the built in one) - I'm just saying that $2 isn't the end of the world. And from the write-up it didn't seem terrible.

Thing could a scam.. videozer, videobb and megavideo don't work . I tried couple of videos on two devices and it gave "could not reach server" error.. dont wast your $2 on this until its atleast sorted out.. 
PS.. and guys could you fix this great website somehow?..  I think you dont get lot of comments due to the commenting system.. hook in disqus or something which everone has already !

@dKp1977 The list of video's never loads for me on the homepage of MV. Maybe it's my connection, but PC works fine.
I like the logo.
EDIT: yeah, it may be something broken my side...on PC it lists the videos but I get a Internal Server Error when trying to play.

Vevo , youtube and the standalone megavideo app all work (so it couldnt be the connecton) but this doest work. I tried with videozer and videobb..  on two devices still doesnt work. can you try videoxer or videbb and let me know if it works?

Sure, got a link that I could test? 
Nevermind. Found a videozer on iload.. Works as well as megavideo.

Both refuse to work. I get the exact same error like you did. The videozer stream I found on iLoad worked though. Same goes for Megavideo. 

Dear all,
I am the developer of this app. I am happy to see it generated much interest amongst all of you.
If something does not work, feel free to contact me and let me know. I've indeed noticed the issues with VideoBB. Im working on a fix now, and will also include tabbed browsing. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Great start and I love your icon too.. maybe next time you could get a few people to try it oput for yo first  but good start.. looking up to lot more great up from you !

Do you have a website/blog for contacting, or does this work?  ;)
I'd love to see support for blip.tv as a lot of webisode type stuff ends up there.

Check the thread on XDA (In WP7 Software&Development), you can contact me there trough PM (Marvin_S) or post in the thread.

It says "your browser does not recognize this video format" when trying to play embedded Youtube videos. Also, when I went to Youtube it just uses the mobile site, then switched to the WP7 video viewer when I tried to watch one.

We have had over 50 beta testers :) non of them ever report an issue. And it worked a couple of days ago still. VideoBB and VideoZer changed their logic, we noted the issue and try and see if we can find a way around it. Sorry for any false promises.

Working sites are: Megavideo, NovaMov, MovShare, PutLocker, VideoWeed, SockShare...