4castr updated with new radar source and more


One of our favorite weather apps, 4castr, has just picked up a massive update. You'll find version 1.7 of the app sitting in the Windows Phone Store right now. A new radar source has been added and plenty of bug fixes. Full changelog after the break.

Here's what you get with version 1.7 of 4castr:

  • Added OpenWeatherMap as radar source
  • Fixed bug causing end zero to be removed in sunrise/sunset minutes
  • Fixed bug that caused medium tile style #11 to crash background agent
  • Fixed bug that caused app to crash when WU provided an empty value for observation time
  • Fixed bugs related to incomplete weather data
  • Stability improvements for locations without complete data
  • Added warning message for users selecting locations with incomplete data
  • Restored trial service
  • Changed time API to avoid future outages
  • Major improvements to error handling
  • General stability improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements

By far the biggest change is having OpenWeatherMap as a worldwide radar source. If you're a 'pro' user inside 4castr you'll be able to switch back to the Weather Underground animated radar. This update also includes a ton of bug fixes to make things more stable.

Grab the update with the link below and let us know what you think of the changes!

QR: 4castr


Reader comments

4castr updated with new radar source and more


Sam, i know that it is OFFTOPIC, but it's something I want to share them. Not is if it was already known but I thought it was useful. When you're writing a message and shadows the word or phrase, and then press the key on the keyboard shift Wordflow this makes the function key "Aa" in Office that allows you to switch between uppercase, first word capitalized or all lowercase.

Wow this app actually has Alert Toast Notifications? I use Amazing Weather HD as my primary paid weather app, but that's the one feature it's lacking. Looks like this app still needs lock screen support. Might have to try it out and compare.

All this app needs is 4casting for multiple locations. The non-animated weather doesn't do anything for me, as I live in Tampa, where it rains everyday, and you need the animation to see how quick and what direction the storm is moving.

Curious, what weather app does everyone use? I am not super impressed with Bing and Weather Channel.

I have Weather Channel, 4castr, accuweather, Blue skies - yes weather overload but after living in Tornado Alley for 4 years I want to know what is going on and what is coming 

I have bought every weather app in the windows store. 4castr is my favorite by far. The app is amazing, especially the toast notifications!

Weather radar tile by Tregware & Weatherbug. All I need for Kansas weather. Haven't found anything else comparable

I agree, I operate a golf course, need the best weather radar, Weatherbug is the best, most accurate radar i have found, also Spark is a real nice feature.

Same here, central Ks, but I use Vieather and My Radar. I do have Weatherbug and Weather Radar installed as well.

After trying many of the weather apps available I have settled on Weather to go (paid version). It seems to have everything I need from a weather app.

All I had a light blue screen. I tried switching to the weather underground feed and got the same screen. Rebooted my L1520 8.1 preview and still the same. Also when swiping down to get to the radar it seems super touchy as I try to only touch the dots on the right side of the screen. The touchy issue may be my L1520 being finicky as alot of other people seem to have issues with the L1520 screen being super sensitive. I uninstalled 4caster to reinstall to see if that helps. I'll let you know.

Okay, is the light blue screen just on the map or is it the whole screen? If possible, please send me a screenshot.

After the reinstall, the blue screen is gone. I have compared 4Castr's use of the weather underground feed and the openweather feed with my Amazing Weather HD app that uses weather underground. The openweather seems to be way off. My location is Indianapolis Indiana

Yes, it's not as precise as Weather Underground's radar service, but it does work worldwide. If you'd rather use WU, you can switch it in the settings (as long as you've upgraded to pro).

I've used pretty much all the weather apps and yet I still end up using Bing Weather. Something just feels lacking in the others. Don't know why...

One city option is all? No transparent tile either? Not finding anywhere to add a city. Tried this app before and dumped it for those reasons. Was hoping this update would be different. Other than that l like it, but I need more cities.
Edit: Sorry but this is not going to work. The accuracy is off by 6 degrees on the temp reading. I need an app that's accurate. Going to stick with blue sky's. I did pay for the app previously so dev, youv e got my support and i may try it again after another update.

I'm listening to user feedback and am working on multiple location support. As for the live tile, it has been transparent since mid-May. Please keep in mind that WP8.1 isn't out for everyone yet and most developers weren't aware of a transparent requirement until Microsoft made the announcement. It's also not an easy fix for dynamic tiles, and involves using third party extensions. This is why is was not available at the same time WP8.1 Preview launched.

I love this app it just needs lock screen support like amazing weather btw I use this amazing weather HD and myrader ad free with weather alerts from the NWS

The font on the live tile is too thick to my taste. And backside with 5-days forecast shows today. I think it should show the next 5 days begining from tomorrow not today.