4th & Mayor v3.2 now with menu support & QR checkin

4th & Mayor v3.2

We like app updates, especially when they come so quickly after previous app updates. Jeff Wilcox is on a rampage with his Foursquare app 4th & Mayor which is just going live in the Marketplace with v3.2.  We just had an update to this a few days ago and now v3.2 adds even more features. One of those is "Menu support" for local restaurants in your area, a new addition introduced by Foursquare on January 18th. It's so new, Windows Phone is the first second mobile OS to support it (Android users beat us, ever so slightly).

  • Powered by Foursquare and Single Platform, many places now have a menu available - you’ll find it right under the mayor information when looking at a place
  • Available in major US cities, over 13 million menu items at 250,00 restaurants - with more on the way!

In addition, you can now scan in at some venues by using a QR code. Evidently, some establishments are using QR codes at the front which you can scan to do the checkin, giving users yet another method for racking up those points:

4th & Mayor v3.2

  • The Check-in page now has a new “QR code” check-in option
  • Simple scan the Foursquare Check-in QR Code - some businesses place these near their entrances
  • An optional “automatic check-in” will immediately check you in if you opt in to that!
  • Pin the “QR Check-in” experience right to Start

In addition there are the usual fixes to GPS locations, invalid venues, etc. making the app even better. Great to see Windows Phone users on the cutting edge of Foursquare support with this app, which of course can be picked up here in the Marketplace for free. Users should start to see v3.2 in the next few hours, if not already. (Oh and if you feel like tipping Jeff for his work, go ahead right here).

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Reader comments

4th & Mayor v3.2 now with menu support & QR checkin


Awesome!! Can't wait for the update. Hopefully, foursquare check ins and menu functions will be baked into the Windows Phone OS.

Wish all developers were as dedicated as Mr Wilcox, you here that Mr Bennett, just kidding, GREAT job on the update Jay makes an already fantastic app even better. Keep it up devs

4th & Mayor is one of the very few WP apps I actually gawk at when I see screens posted. Gorgeous, consistent layout with just the right about of white space to let the elements breathe, not surprising considering some of Jeff's posts on his blog.

Thanks for letting folks know about the update!
Small note: Android Foursquare users have received the restaurant menu feature - so this is the 2nd OS with that :-)

Sidewayz, WP7 has a built in QR scanner. Press the search button at the bottom of your phone then press the "vision" or eyeball feature at the bottom of the search screen.

haven't seen it yet in Marketplace or an update number in Marketplce  Hopefully by the morning.  Man it looks really sharp!