5 Differences, a classic game for all ages

5 Differences

Do you pay attention to detail really well? Find out in this classic game called 5 Differences for Windows Phone. All you need to do is find the five differences in two near identical images in less than 60 seconds. It’s suitable for all ages. Head past the beak to watch our gameplay video on a Nokia Lumia Icon.


  • 100 Beautiful handpicked images available for play
  • More images available through in-app purchases
  • Addictive gameplay that is fun for all ages
  • Images are categorized based on difficulty levels
  • Catchy sound effects

When you open 5 Differences, there are two options to start playing: Quick Play and Play. Quick Play brings you directly to the game. The set of images in this mode is hand drawings. The Play option lets you select from the episode list. There are 20 images in each episode. The difficulty also varies. For example, Hand Drawings are easy, while Food is Medium.

5 Differences

After selecting an episode, two nearly identical images are displayed next to each other. Tap on specific areas of the images that look different from the other side. If you are correct, a round shape highlights the area you clicked on. If you are wrong, a red mark quickly appears with a buzzing sound.

The top left corner displays how many differences you have found and the time left. You have only 60 seconds to find all of them.

5 Differences

5 Differences is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Only 40 images are playable, though, and there’s an ad on the top right corner while you’re playing. You can unlock more images through in-app purchases. Image packs cost 99 cents each and include 20 images. The Super Pack unlocks all episodes and removes the ad for $2.99.

5 Differences

Is 5 Differences a keeper? Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Reader comments

5 Differences, a classic game for all ages


1. The Samsung is thinner

2. The Nokia has a better camera

3. The Samsung is lighter

4. The Nokia has more OEM apps

5. The Samsung has an SD slot

6. The Samsung: drops on the floor, 5cm of distance: you can play tangram with the display (if the glass pieces aren't too little)
The Nokia:
•old Nokia: drops from the 10th floor: you have to pay for the floor, then knock at the 6th floor because the phone bounced and passed throught the window
•Lumia: drops on the floor, 1.5m distance: no traces of the fall

Is there no such thing as copyright infringement anymore? Selling apps that contain copyrighted and personal images has become quite the norm. Although I used to work at a sign shop and did stuff like that all the time. Damn, guess I'm a hypocrite.

Phone dialer is a required permission for most ad revenue apps. I can't speak for this particular app, but many will not load the code for that particular permission if you use the IAP for no ads.

Want to know how to cheat? Remember those cross view images where you cried your eyes and they become 3d? Do that and you'll have a version of the image in the middle in focus but the differences will be blurry!