New version of 627.AM goes ad-free with Live Tile support

627.AM goes ad free for Windows Phones

627.AM is a popular daily assistant for your Windows Phone that helps you manage daily alarms, check in on the weather forecast and jot notes on daily tasks. Our initial impressions found 627.AM to be a simple, clever and gorgeous app. The original release had 627.AM being a free, ad supported app. If you liked the free version but didn't care for the banner ads, an updated, ad-free version hit the Marketplace recently.

Losing the ads will cost you a little but you will also get a few new features including a theme friendly Live Tile, refined navigation animations, and the alarm time on the main page will now pick up the right time format based on your Windows Phone settings.


The ad free version of 627.AM (version 1.2) also contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed a memory issue to allow weather icons to play smoothly
  • Fixed a bug to allow auto-copy to only happen once on the startup page
  • Fixed a bug to allow the weather page refresh to pull data from the web service and not the cache
  • Fixed date display on the weather page

For those who don't mind the ads there's no need to worry. The new features version 1.2 brings to the paid version of 627.AM will soon be released to the free version of 627.AM.

The paid, ad free version of 627.AM is currently running $1.49 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. The free, ad supported version of 627.AM can be snatched up here at the Marketplace.

Thanks, Justin, for the tip!

QR: 627.AM free                    QR: 627.AM paid version


Reader comments

New version of 627.AM goes ad-free with Live Tile support


This app is awesome!! (I tipped as well but whatever lol). Can you imagine MSFT making an app like this one the stock alarm app? It would be great!

I'd get this app, but it doesn't have all the alarm tones. More importantly, the main one I use in the stock one. Wakes me up instantly.

This app is literally awesome!  One of the best look apps available.  Only wish they would add some more functionality (priority, due date, details) to the notes ability, that way this app could replace not only my alarm and weather app, but also my note apps.  3 in 1 app! 

I love the design of this app as well. Its really visually appealing. I also like that it shows the weather in the live tile... great app!

YOU DID IT DANIEL!! Well, you wrote it should be ad free and maybe it helped. Anyway, I think this app is stunning in the way it uses the design language but I uninstalled it because I don't like freeloading advertizes. But with this, I can get it back. Good job.

This is one of my fav apps. Not just for the alarm functions but the to-do list. It's simplicity is less daunting (to me) than the more feature heavy apps & I've been much more productive. Plus it's replaced my weather app :)

Still shows the temperature for tomorrow rather than today unless you click the weather thing for the 5 day forecast which then shows you current conditions, sort of annoying.

Atm it shows today's/tomorrow's temperature based on your alarm time. Say if your alarm just passed within an hour, it will give you today's temperature and if it passed over an hour it will instead give you tomorrow's temperature.
Though I understand some of you might always want to see the current temperature. I will see if I can find somewhere to put it in in the next release. :)

Add an option to show tomorrow's weather only at night so the live tile can show the current weather most of the day. That's how I think you can tackle this request.
I don't like the black background (or transparent, for that matter) in the notes/back tile display. You could a few options to customize the tile. Having the gorgeous front tile design on the back with the notes would be awesome.
I just reset my phone and had tried your app before to see if it was worth buying. It is. Keep up the good work.

Nice UI that's all it. Nothing else awesome. I bought it though hoping I'll get updates with more features.

Yes, there will be more features coming. Please understand that this app is still quite new. 
I have noticed you rated my app 1 star... That just doesn't show any appreciation for all the effort I have put into this app. :(