Updated 6snap makes sure your fingers don’t block the view, and 6tag gets a bug fix

The Windows Phone app ecosystem is getting healthier and healthier with each passing week. A healthy platform has a good mix of official apps and strong, creative indie devs stepping their game up. Rudy Huyn and his apps are a great example of indie devs making some creative apps. His latest app to get updated is 6nsap, his Snapchat client. Let’s check out what’s new in version 2.4.

The last update we covered for 6snap was version 2.2 that came out earlier in the month. Version 2.2 brought the ability to draw on videos, add multi-line text to videos and much more. Today we have version 2.4 in the Windows Phone Store. Here’s what’s new:

  • View snaps without holding screen (You need GDR2 or above on your phone)
  • New Snapchat sign up security added (Captcha)
  • Better performance

The biggest change with this version of 6snap is the ability to view snaps without having your meat styli blocking the view. The ability to take screenshots is still not allowed, in order to respect the Snapchat philosophy. But it’s pretty cool that you can view snaps without having to press the entire time.

Also, if you use 6tag for Instagram, version 3.2.1 is now live too. That's a simple bug fix for the new 'Like or Not' feature that we detailed a few days ago.

Want to get the recent version of 6snap? Head to the Windows Phone Store

QR: 6snap

QR: 6tag


Reader comments

Updated 6snap makes sure your fingers don’t block the view, and 6tag gets a bug fix


Screenshots still won't happen. Rudy made sure of that. Plus, now you can enjoy the snap without having your meat sticks blocking the view. 

Furthermore, and I don't know if Rudy is using that, if you have GDR3, you can set a flag in your app that makes it impossible to take a screenshot. The OS will treat it as "protected content" and won't let you take a screenshot. GDR3 only though... 

That's actually very good, better than what iOS provides even (which is just detection, not prevention).

Am I right that it wouldn't stop screenshots of the app being taken from the Windows Phone multitask screen?

I'm not sure, but that's a workaround present on other platforms too. Snapchat is really just a false sense of security.

It does :) I filed that bug myself back in WP8. It uses the same mechanism utilized when viewing protected emails. The OS prevents you from taking a screenshot when view such an email. I then easily fooled it by taking a screenshot of the task switcher haha. Filed a bug and it was fixed. 

So yeah... no way to take a screenshot. 


Edit: Blog about the feature. You can see it showing how it stops a screenshot even in task switcher: http://allaboutwindowsphone.com/flow/item/19130_Developers_can_opt_to_di...


What happens if the app is next to the selected app in the task switcher, where you are able to see a third of the app?

It says you can't take screenshots because its against the snapchat philosophy but 6snap has a feature to use any photo stored on your phone which is also against the snapchat philosophy. That's why you cant use any photo in the official ios and android apps.

The point is that the receiver can't keep the photo! How many times does that have to be repeated!?

I saw an interview with the snapchat founder on bbc news a few days ago and he was saying how important it was that obviously it's important for the receiver to not save the photo, but also how it was important for it to be "in the moment". I think it was an article about him defending snapchat as being safe against sexting or something.

There is a very unusual bug after the latest 6snap update, in the settings area (under "comon" I think it is in english) the third option is written in some strange language but all the other text is still in Dutch (my native language)
I'm sure Rudy will iron it out in like half an hour though (as usual) ;)
EDIT: saying some unknown language is "strange" is pretty stupid
EDIT2: who's language is this? "Se snap uden at trykke pa din finger, tryk pa skaermen for at lukke den"

It's not yet fixed so I'm guessing that it takes time for your dynamic fix to reach me because it is impossible that you made a mistake :)

You have met the danish (Denmark) language I can tell. And it's not weird to say that the language is strange, because it is. They don't even understand them selves.

The lack of screenshot scares me, what else is protectable? What if the government can't spy on my other stuff!? I want out s/

I don't understand why the screenshot is against snapchat philosophy...the feature is available on ios and android (it just tells the sender)

check the FAQ I explain it well.


Snapchat searches all the possibility to prevent screenshot, it's the difference between snapchat and a MMS.

They currently search a way to prevent them on ios7 and some android phone. For the moment, prevent screenshot is the only way to keep it on the windows phone store

Appreciate the answer, I just must have missed this when it was explained earlier. Keep up the good work!

Who gives a shit about screenshots, snapchat is a fairytale anyway. If you wanna capture the image you just shoot a photo of the screen. Only fools would believe it's safe to send any shit. Snapchat is just not for me, I don't get it. To me its just very annoying that I can see a pic for only a few sec.

Can no longer tap on the screen to focus before taking a snap. Using a Lumia 928. Anyone else having this problem?

Email, MMS, Facebook or other services do that for you. Or you can just spend more time with your kid. It looks like you don't know the point of this app.

Yup. Same problem here too. Tried to create an account through Snapchat for Windows Phone and had the same message.

I have a problem. The snaps I receive are always dated a 1 day ago even if I just received them 2 min ago. Am I the only one with this problem?