You can now capture Snapchat screenshots with 6snap


We still don’t have an official Snapchat application on Windows Phone, but we do have 6snap. It’s the unofficial (but great) third-party client for Snapchat. The app has worked well since launch and gained impressive features that you can’t get with the official apps on iOS or Android. Though today’s update brings a feature you technically can get with the others. The ability to take screenshots is now supported.

We last had an update for 6snap in early February that introduced different brush sizes. Today we’re looking at something a lot of you have wanted. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll see version 2.9 of 6snap waiting for you. The update is notable for bringing two features to the mix:

  • Prevent user from sending snaps to everybody
  • Screenshots

That’s right. You can finally take screenshots with 6snap on Windows Phone. The developer behind the app, Rudy Huyn, originally did not want to give Snapchat any reason pulled 6snap from the Windows Phone Store. So earlier versions of 6snap did not allow any method for users to take screenshots. It’s always been possible on the official versions of Snapchat on Android and iOS, but Rudy did what he thought was best to keep 6snap available on Windows Phone.

To take a screenshot in the latest version of 6snap you’ll press the camera button when viewing a snap, not the regular Start/power button combo. Just be aware the sender will be notified that you took a screenshot. And they might be less inclined to send you some snaps in the future! 

Let us know what you think of the new update below in the comments.

In the meantime, download 6snap from the Windows Phone Store. It’s a free app with in-app purchases to remove ads.

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

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Reader comments

You can now capture Snapchat screenshots with 6snap


Okay. I've always been able to take screen shots using 6Snap on my 928..
Idk if this has been a glitch or not, but I've always assumed that this feature was already available because of that.

I already could too since the update where you don't need to hold your finger to view snaps. App says it doesn't work but i did the normal screenshot combo a few times and it did put one in my screenshots folder...so maybe a bug but it worked

I've never had a functionality change in that update. Still need to hold my finger to view. This latest change is a nice way to ensure that all screenshots are 'witnessed'.

My bad, I didn't realise there was a setting. If you are able to take screenshots with that setting, are you on GDR2 or GDR3? GDR3 should disable screenshots in the whole app because of a new SDK features, and presumably the option to not require your finger to be held should not show on GDR2.

I think this way, it can inform the other person that you have taken a screenshot, like it does when an iOS or Android user screenshots a snap.

Developers don't have the ability to know if a screenshot is taken on Windows Phone currently, but presumably, there is a way to know that Rudy's button combination is pressed so that it can notify the sender that a screenshot was taken.

Windows Phone lacks any APIs for screenshots to be detected.

Since Update 3: developers have been able to flag their apps as "protected content" and disable screenshots.

This is still the case: OS level screenshots are still disabled. Instead, pushing the button uses a custom thing by Rudy. That way: the app can detect it and notify the sender.

Only if running GDR2 or earlier on a device with a physical Start button (I.E: Samsung devices).

Anything running GDR3 will recognize the "protected content" flag and not allow screenshots. For devices running GDR2 or earlier: Rudy gas it set up so that a finger must be on-screen (press and hold) to view the image.

Because of the press and hold requirement: any device with capacitive buttons (any Lumia or HTC device) won't recognize the Start button being touched while a finger is onscreen.

Also, taking a screenshot with the normal configuration would be impossible if still long-pressing on the screen to view the snap. Yes, there is an option to just tap to view a snap but with the default settings you wouldn't be able to hold the screen AND press the home button for a screenshot.

Exactly my point. Capacitive buttons won't acknowledge touch when a touch is being registered on screen.

Also, the option to disable the default long press only appears for devices running Update 3. It's required for devices running GDR2 or earlier.

Rudy really thought all this out.

I'm assuming these screenshots are reported to the sender like they're supposed to be right?

Because the sender can see you took a screenshot with that key, (I think developpers have only access to the camera button.) Else It would have been impossible to report the captured screenshot

Lol you don't even need to press the start button...just the camera button for the screenshot while the image is open

Picture messaging app for just viewing pictures and then poof! Gone! and everybody screaming for screenshot option...
And if there's screenshot option?
Why not just send an mms?
Still not getting the point...

I literally just accidentally sent a snap to everyone on my list this weekend. Needless to say, it was terrible. This could not have come soon enough.

Why would anyone use Snapchat knowing that there are about 1,000,000 ways to save the chats for later viewing. Isn't the point of the app to send a picture/message that can only be viewed once (like a naked picture, etc.)? Why would anyone actually use this, given how easy it is to cheat the system?

Hahaha yup but some people would rather save some pics cuz it's an embarrassing face to troll their friends by using it in a collage. It isn't always so direct as in nudes! Beside it notifies the person so if your dumb enough to send nudes your dumb enough to get caught! And what other ways are there to cheat the system, take another phone or camera and take a picture, that's just doing to much and being thirsty! Just because the feature doesn't make sense yo you doesn't mean there isn't a population that wants it.....i wont use it but I can understand why some would...

I was more wondering why anyone would be stupid enough to send an embarrassing/inappropriate picture using Snapchat when most of the world should know by now that just about anyone can save a copy and repost it. Or are people really still that naive? 

And if you do know and don't care, why not just send it through MMS or email, or any of a dozen other apps that don't supposedly protect you from someone doing just that? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Because it's novel and some people don't save incoming snaps (yes, there are ways around this, but I'm assuming the average laymen doesn't) and really do use it for shits and giggles.

I use it because on my phone I have every picture automatically backed up to OneDrive. With SnapChat, I can take a dumb picture, and not have it take up memory space, and then have to go find it on OneDrive and delete it. Plus my sisters use it so it's a fun thing to do. 


So, I mostly use it for the fact I can send pictures and not use any storage space.

Now if he can optimize the app (or whatever the terminology is) so that when I want to make a video it doesn't take almost 5 seconds to start (no exaggeration there)

Then he should move out to a coffee shop and setup a tent to use free WiFi so he can deliver software to you for free, while giving up his current residence for lack of ability to pay

you can already take a screenshot... it's a little bit tricky and anonymous :) 

1- when you have the finger on the picture... press power.

2- open the phone with power again ... but don't open the start screen.

3- long press search Button. it will open bing :P

4- now you can long press on the back button and you will see the picture in multitalk. You can take a screenshot there ... or click on 6gram ... and when the app open you can take a screenshot at the last second before the app is resume, so the picture will be bigger.

with the picture in the multitask if you resize it with any app you want ... it's about the same quality than if you take the picture at the last seconde before the resume

See this is what I'm talking about its doing to much, that's why I like the feature there because those who must take a screenshot can without seeming desperate

Or if you have a Lumia with the Black update, use Nokia Beamer to mirror your screen and screenshot on the other device.

which part ??? if it's the bing part, in setting in the search section (at the right) you have the option to be able to use the search button when the screen is locked.

If anyone else knows this, you can just beam it to another phone via Nokia Beamer and that person takes a Screenshot for you and nobody gets to know.
Huehuehue. 3:)

Lol I was replying the same thing to someone else. Then I click refresh and see your comment beat mine by three minutes.

HEY RUDY! Awesome app!!!


I noticed though that the feature where I could share pictures saved on my phone through 6snap is now gone. IS there anyway we can get that back? My android and iphone friends were so jealous that we could share saved pics when their phones only allow them to share pics snapped by the camera.


Nevermind. I see it is still there. Just not an option on the screen shot photos. Thanks!

I often go very artistic with my Snapchats, I think the option for a second bar with color brightness would be much easier than this. To be honest I still dont get it.

Yeah but we always love your apps for having more features :D So why not a little button "advanced controls" with a full colorpicker with RGB and Brightness, opacity, ... For us little Snapchat artistst :D

Ever since Snapchat brought in the ability to replay Snapchats and not delete the item off their servers it kinda half defeated the purpose of not being able to take a screenshot anyway.

I've never been able to use 6snap because the SMS confirmation feature doesn't work, and I cant add contacts.
I wish Rudy came out with a fix for this.

The only thing I want is to be able to delete snaps. Its either I haven't figured it out or there isn't a way to do it. I'm on a "Windows Nokia Lumia 521 T-Mobile Version" please install and update for that it would be great for so many people. Another great thing to put in to fix it would be to be able to make your chats as long as you want and still be able to send it. I have to split it in half to send it otherwise it says can't connect cause the paragraphs to long. That's the two things that would be great for the next update. Please and thank you Rudy

wow, pretty useful app for me, before I changed my Windows phone to Samsung, I had searched the way to screenshot snapchat on it, but failed. Luckily, later I find the SaveMySnaps and save the Snapchat screenshots succefully.