6snap updated with option to draw on videos and more


6snap, Rudy Huyn’s unofficial Snapchat client, has been picking up update after update since it first launched at the end of November. Not only does it have all the features of official Snapchat clients on other platforms, but a few extra tricks unique to Windows Phone. His latest version of 6snap brings even more features to the app. Let’s check them out.

The last update for 6snap came out in a handful of days ago. That was version 2.1 and it was notable for introducing big fonts in the video captions, supporting the new video encoding in Snapchat and more. Today we’re looking at version 2.2 in the Windows Phone Store with the following features:

  • Draw on videos!
  • Add multi-line texts on videos
  • Support add text on landscape videos
  • Remove "white space" when you click on friend
  • Remove ads just after payment, no need to restart the app
  • Fix problem with videos with text on stories (and when sent to friends+story)

The biggest new addition is the ability to draw on videos. You can make some pretty creative videos with drawing over them. You can also now add multi-lines of text on those videos or text in landscaped videos. Other changes revolve around refining the overall experience of 6snap. For example, ads are removed after payment with no need to restart the app.

Want 6snap for Windows Phone? Grab it for free in the Windows Phone Store today. 

Thanks for the tip Dustin L!

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Reader comments

6snap updated with option to draw on videos and more


I realize that it says video. I was pretty sure that the official app already had that ability. Maybe it doesn't, but I thought it did.

Sorry for the later reply, I never got an email notification. Anyway, doesn't need much it just needs to crash less

There's a bug in the remove whitespace fix. If you tap some different names quickly, every now and then, the bug reappears and the app sometimes even crashes.
[EDIT] More specific when you set the amount of friends to 5, tap to expand your own numbers and then click the name of someone else.

I'm on the fence about this app.  Am I correct in stating that an Official SnapChat isn't even being considered?  If it isn't I will buy this to hold me over.

Its supposedly in the works. 6snap is free with ads though so there's nothing wrong with using it like that.

Why do we need the official, this is more than better than the original and they would probably update twice a year while Rudy updates every couple of weeks....ijs

It was being considered but due to os limitations its been delayed for the foreseeable future. On ios and android it has the ability to notify a user if someone takes a screenshot. Rudy has cleverly made so you cannot take a screenshot at all bur that isn't the issue. Snapchat in general will let you screenshot but also lets the user know so i assume this is why they are holding back.

Rudy hasn't "cleverly" made it that way. You need to hold the screen to view snaps; when you are holding the screen down on your windows phone, the capacitive home button doesn't work (go on, try it). So you CANT take a screenshot. The official snapchat also makes you hold the screen but the iPhones buttons are physical, so people can still screenshot. Snapchat doesn't want people taking screenshots, they would block it if they could, but they just cant physically do it. So its nothing to do with any of what you said basically :P

But he did do something clever because he used his own slide method in coding. The normal slide down to refresh would allow for you to pull it while the picture is showing and then when you release, the picture would still be showing and you could screenshot it. All other snapchat apps in the past had that issue and he doesn't and most likely that is why snapchat has not said anything. They are willing to let the app pick up the wider user base as long as it doesn't hurt their brand by allowing screenshots without alert.

I think this update has also disabled the ability to replay snaps again and again. Now when trying to replay a snap a dialogue box comes up and states you can only replay one snap a day are you sure you want to relpay this snap" or something along those lines. I thought this was a pretty good feature so this is a shame, unless snapchat enforced it on rudy...