Latest 6tag update brings bug fixes and improved security

6tag update 2.2.4

6tag, the popular third-party Instagram application for Windows Phone has just received an update. Version 2.2.4 does not list a change log at the Windows Phone Store, but we have reached out to Rudy Huyn, the developer of 6tag.

According to Rudy, the update includes bug fixes and improved security.

Don’t want to wait for the Windows Phone Store live tile to notify you of the update? Force the update by clicking the link to the Windows Phone Store or by scanning the QR code below. 

QR: 6tag


Reader comments

Latest 6tag update brings bug fixes and improved security


Yes, I hate this so much! It constantly happens to me, still! I don't even have to leave my neighborhood for it to happen everyday, literally.

No update's sense the release middle of last month.instagram needs to step up or I'm going back to 6tag.

Yeah . But Instagram has the advantage because it's their API . They should know better .

I'm not letting go of 6tag, I have both, at least till the official gets video and tagging....smh they better hurry :|

Yep,Instagram doesn't even have the WP app posted on there webpage.I need to see major improvements and support for WP before I go back.Switched back to 6tag last night.

I think Rudy will not be adding new feature to 6tag because he want to allow official Instagram to add more feature in the upcoming update and he want official Instagram to update ASAP. But, where is official Instagram update. :/

I kept getting a "can't connect" error message every time (or 90% of the time, at least) I tried removing a comment from my post. I hope this update fixes that.

Its a big shame for the official Instagram BETA app. Its been 4 weeks now and not a single update has been made. Instagram being developed by a company, everyone expects updates to be rolled out fast.

6tag is so much better. Instagram needs to learn something from Rudy.

Prefer the 6tag app myself, but ironically none of my tags work when I use it. I have followed the steps to sign out and such, and wait a week, but the tags don't work. They work flawlessly on official app.

Btw these update articles are starting to be a bit like a broken record. Not sure if that is good or bad. Frequent tiny useless updates are not my style. Just a peeve of mine. Hoping the official app gets updated soon. 6tag wipes the floor with it.

Can we upload pictures here stretching the original photo into square? I hate that crop features in instagram. Is there anyway to bypass it?