6tag gets another update, brings some new optimizations and tweaks

The unofficial Instagram client for Windows Phone, 6tag, has received yet another update today. Version 2.0.2 has arrived on the Store and it brings with it a handful of user-requested fixes or features.

As can be noted by the version number, it’s not a huge overhaul, so many of the changes are minor but for some users, significant. So what’s new? Head past the break to get the answer.

6tag version 2.0.2 changelog

  • Save picture without posting
  • Maintain default share options
  • Optimized map view
  • Improve manual blur
  • Bug fixes

The first feature, “save picture without posting” should be quite obvious. For some users, they want to use the 6tag app to snap a photo but not necessarily post the picture right away. Now you can do that.

The next addition is a user-requested feature: maintaining default share options. This addition allows the app to “remember” your social networks of choice. It’s a nice tweak that will make posting much easier.

Finally, optimized map view makes using the “around me” feature much faster and smoother. Indeed, images pop-up on the map very quickly now and scrolling is super smooth.

Facebook borked again

For those who post to Facebook, you may have trouble doing so with 6tag. The app itself has not broken anything, but according to developer Rudy Huyn, "Instagram has disabled a Facebook OAuth interaction".  This also means "find friends" on Facebook won't work either.

A fix for this has been submitted in version 2.0.3, which is due in a few days.

Pick up 6tag, version 2.0.2, here in the Store. Thanks, nsa74 via our forums, for the tip

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Reader comments

6tag gets another update, brings some new optimizations and tweaks


unfortunately, the news on that problem isnt good. I had the same problem until i created a new account and started again. There doesnt appear to be a clear concensus on exactly how to resolve the issue- although the problem is well documented. I believe in my case it was a security change (by Instagram some months back) that labled 3rd party apps on WP as 'suspicious' therefore flagging the accounts of thousands of users, mine included. At the time i was using Daniel Gary's app Instance. I was informed by 6tag's dev and others that it was something that Instance's dev had to sort , by way of an update or similar backend account fix, and basically, i had to wait it out. Well, sadly it turns out that app is seemingly no longer a priority of that dev so, with no solution in sight, i just created a new account. Not what i wanted to do, but i've had no problem with hash tag account use on 6tag since. 

Wait a minute.. You're telling me my account was flagged suspicious so I can't hashtag things? Does that mean when the official app is released I still can't hashtag?

I believe that may be the case yes. It's tied to whatever username and email you set your account up with. When i tried using or viewing hashtags on my gf's iphone, it was the same.

Dumb question. Does the live tile do anyting more than show the number of people commenting or liking your photos? As in, does it suppose to flip? 
Very nice app BTW. Top notch.

You can go to the home-icon section and pin it to the start screen so you can see any new uploads from the people you follow. You can also pin to start your own profile as ncxcstud said and you can pin any profile you like :)

Oh thank God, I've been waiting for the ability to save pics without posting. Sometimes I just want to fancy up a pic for a profile photo or something.

MAYBE YOU ALREADY took the picture and realize you have no connection, or system is down.
happened to me already, you save, and upload later...

Perhaps we should download Instagram just to show demand for it, but keeping using 6tag as Mr. HUYN will definitely support the app better than those who are releasing the official. I mean we get an update or 2 a week...
Who could ask for more!!

Does anyone know if Rudy is bringing the swipe-over-the-picture feature to get options back in future updates? Right now it only works if you tap the three dots. The swiping feature seemed cooler and sometimes I just fail taping the dots as they are very little and I'm very clumsy -.-

When on Polaroid theme, go to settings and uncheck "show messages in full screen" and then you have back the swipe-over-the-picture feature

The @mentions not being picked up on new posts is still a bug that REALLY needs fixing. The news feed does not pick up new mentions from people. It is strictly related to 6tag and accounts using 6tag.

My fb chat not working.showing can,t connect to see who's online...it was working fine.
....can any one help

Rudy's the man, all his apps are great with great support, BUT I seem to be having a slight issue it seems with the app, when ever I open and use the app, all my live tiles stop updating, and they won't update unless I uninstall the app, once I do that they update fine until the next time i open the app, I've tested this for several weeks and always comes back to 6tag, I have a L1020 on at&t, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue, its strange cause I'm not understanding the correlation between his app and my live tiles, but it never fails, open 6tag, live tiles stop, uninstall and reinstall without opening the app and live tiles work fine again, its like my phone doesn't like the app no matter how much I like it lol, any clues anyone?

That's not the app, that's Windows Phone's poorly implemented background tasks. How many background tasks do you have running? Try disabling some you don't need, in Settings, applications, background tasks.

Hmm, I'm not knowledgeable enough to mount an argument here, as far as background task go I currently allow 5, including 6tag, well beneath the max threshold, I have allowed up to 8, don't get me wrong I love Rudy's work, own most of his apps, but I can find no other correlation other than 6tag, if I open that app my live tiles will not update until I uninstall that app, I have gone as far as letting it go for two days, no automatic updates of tiles, uninstalled 6tag, and live tiles updated within an hour of uninstall, its weird I know, but that has been the pattern

Yes, all evidence suggests its the app, but i am betting not. Perhaps it is the act of installing any app with a live tile that does it. Have you tried a different app? It is just not within a developers power to affect other running tasks, nor should it be, even by nature of an app bug, that would also be a failing of the OS to allow that. All one can do is turn them on or off. I am not suggesting you do this, but were you too reset your phone and install Rudys app again,all would work without him changing a line of code. I realise on this forum Microsoft can do no wrong, but they have had 2+ years to fix this and other problems with background tasks and have not done. Sorry i cant help you with it.

hey Dean, i appreciate your input, i hope you dont think im disagreeing with you, and  like i said i love Rudys work, i'm not. blaming the app per se its just that its the only correlation i can find, when this first started i had downloaded 4 or 5 new apps, then noticed the live tile issue, my method of trying to correct it was to remove each app one by one, reboot the phone, wait to see if problem was resolved, it wasnt until i removed 6tag, then i reinstalled removed apps one by one, tested until problem reoccured, thats how i came to understand it was 6tag that appeared to be the issue, if I reinstall the app but not open it everything is fine, but once i open the app thats when the problem occurs, i even tried leaving the app "open" ( i never leave apps "open" just a pet peeve of mine lol ) but the result was the same, I also tried just rebooting the phone with out uninstall but that didnt work, problem still persisted, i also own instance and instagraph but they dont appear to cause any problems, but i much prefer 6tag, like i said, its weird, im not an expert on phones by any means but i am pretty savvy with most electronics, i definetly wont stop using the app i just know that when i do, this problem will occur and what to do about it, its a pain of course, i was hoping someone else had encountered a similar issue whether with this app or any other, or might point me in a direction to look at something else, i have tried the forums of course but nothing helpful, and hate it when people post off topic in comments ( kinda like this lol ), so when i saw a 6tag article i figured it couldnt hurt to ask lol. thanks for your input

6TAG is an amazing app.  Does anyone know of how to do offline video uploads with this app?  In the IOS version I am able to select a video on my iphone but I can't with 6TAG.  Also, I noticed that when you use 6TAG to publish to facebook the post does not show up on the needs feed in the microsoft facebook app.  Anyone having this problem?

Hi guys. I've been using 6tag lately coming from an Android phone and I've been loving the experience except for one thing: I can't leave comments. I've been reading around some of the other forums and saw that that might be because of Instagram flagging my account or something like that so I just wanted to confirm if that is true and if there's a solution to this problem/issue. Thanks.

Gettign an error when I try to connect an account to facebook - given url is not allowed by the application configuration. I am login multiple accounts through 6tag. Please help.