6tag v1.4

New 6tag update allows you to pin your favorite Instagram peeps to your Start screen and more

Earlier this week we shared with you details on the 6tag 1.4 update coming from Rudy Huyn. And guess what? It’s here tonight.

Version 1.4 brings with it a few new features, including image rotation, which is found in the official iOS and Android apps. Now you can align and move around your photo before submitting, ensuring that your images are straight as a board. In addition, there is now a light and dark theme for the Modern UI, which should give the app a little more pizazz.

Finally, there is something new we weren’t expecting: you can now pin your favorite user sto the Start Screen as a Live Tile. That’s a fantastic example of making use of the Windows Phone UI and abilities, as not even the official app on iOS or Android can do such a thing.

Pin your favorite Instagram people to the Start screen

To pin a user to your Start screen, simply head into their profile, hit the three menu dots near the bottom and select ‘Pin to Start’. This will create a medium wide tile that flips with their latest post. You can also make it small or go for the doublewide if you’re so inclined. It’s certainly a fantastic feature, if you ask us.

Head to the Windows Phone Store now to get 6tag, version 1.4. It just went live, so you may have to wait and refresh before you see it.

Thanks, Jaimin C., for the tip!

QR: 6tag


Reader comments

New 6tag update allows you to pin your favorite Instagram peeps to your Start screen and more


There's actually a very good reason for that when you think about it.

But I doubt Rudy would be able to do things on the scale that those same muli million dollar companies do.

Way better than IOS and android version! And I've had ad-supported for awhile, but since you rock Rudy, I'm upgrading to no ads. :)

I'm running into the hashtag issue with 6tag. I posted an image a over 10 days ago - http://instagram.com/p/eLRO8fvdsT/ and it didn't appear in any of the hashtag results. I even added a hashtag "#testingsuspicioustags" and upon clicking it, no photos showed up. This was the first photo I posted after the v1.2 update. All my previous posts worked fine and showed up in hashtag searches. After running into this issue, I logged out of 6tag, waited for a whole week, and then signed back in and uploaded another photo - http://instagram.com/p/elMrnkPdpU/. Same result again, the photo doesn't show up in any of the hashtag searches.

This is already my second account and I've not used any other app with this account (first account got tagged suspicious while beta-testing 6tag when it didn't have the security check workaround implemented - ie, prior to beta version 13). I am nervous about creating a third account - there's really no way to tell if that account will or will not suffer from the same problem.

Is anybody else facing hashtag issues while *using only 6tag* as their IG client? FWIW, I've already tried contacting Rudy via Twitter and haven't heard back from him.

Hey Rudy, if you ever (and i hope you do someday) start a class to teach coding for any OS, please let me know, i will certainly attend and hopefully make us both even more money and make more people happy in the future. Regards Jordan........ek :P

Congrats from Spain, can you take a look to Tuenti's app and make one better? Look at android's app too and you will see how bad is WP's app... :(

Why doesn't the live tile just update with the feed from your instagram rather than a specific friend or hashtag? And would love to see lock screen which updates with latest instagram update from your stream...

I think Rudy said it wasn't possible due to the APIs involved.  Not sure of the exact details.

It should be clear by now, but if not, I'll sum it up: Rudy obviously has a road map on builds where he's adding new features. Just because something isn't here in v1.4 doesn't mean 1.5 or 1.6, etc. won't get it. Patience.

fwaits Is right, it Is a Windows phone limitation. I explain :

6tag uses a tile template named Iconic, it is similar to the email or calendar tiles.
It has beautiful animation (when counter change) but have a limitation : can't use a background.

To use background, we need to use a tile template named "Flip", it is the standard Windows phone tile. The problem with it, is that I don't like the design of the counter (like 90% of users), I can make like TVShow, a counter directly in the background image. But it disabled the lockscreen notification, a popular feature on 6tag (we must use the native counter for that)

So 2 choices :
Iconic: beautiful counter, animations, lockscreen notification
Flip: background image but crappy counter, no lockscreen notification...

I prefer the Iconic solution (it is not technically possible to enable user to change the live tile template)


I can create an secondary tile, like for profiles or hashtags, showing feed pictures and it is already planned ;-)

to sum up
You will be able to have a live time with the counter AND a live tile with images (without counter) ^^

Obviously it isn't clear if people are asking. Not everybody here is an 'insider' or spends their life on Windows Phone World. No need to be aggressive, all it achieves is making you look more arrogant.

I gave my wife her anniversary present, a yellow 1020, a few months early because if I got asked when 6tag/Instance was coming to 7.8 one more time...

Rudy you better be careful sir! When your version of the app surpasses even that of the official app, they may change their minds and block the api's. You sir, are making them look bad...and I love it!!!

LOL 6tag has already surpassed the official Instagram App long ago. Actually, if you look at Instagrams latest update...it's to put the profile pictures inside a circle. Something Rudy has done since 6sec

Great app and love the regular updates. Just to be picky though, I wish the dark theme was a little darker. Once you scroll below the top of the screen where the header is black, it basically looks the same as the light theme

Damn lol those developer is in overdrive lol. Take note Microsoft please take notes. Man you deserve a prize from Microsoft.

I like that he added the choice of using the accent color to match the theme color of the phone setting (a couple updates back) which then makes the pinned app icon color match your theme color...but I wonder if he could make it so the whole app (i.e. home page, status dots, top screen menu, etc..) match the set phone accent theme color.

All this app needs now is a better live tile. What about pictures rotation like the pictures wide tile does Rudy?? Or may be pictures and words floating like the Xbox music app does while playing music! I would pay for that feature alone.

Let's see if the bug in the latest version is fixed. The number on the tile and in the app wouldn't go away. For notifications. Even after clicking on a picture with a notification, etc.

The tile number Is updates, the bubble in the app doesn't change but it us what we expected (user requests)

But are the BUGS fixed? We don't need new features until the bugs are fixed. I mean not being able to refresh your feed is insane. C'mon.

Uh...all you need to do to refresh the feed is to pull down on the screen, just like Twitter and Facebook...

There's also a refresh button at the bottom of the modern ui feed. And if you drag up the menu in the polaroid theme, there's "refresh."

Not the main feed, your Likes/Mentions/Followers feed. It doesn't work if you refresh that feed. It also misses mentions of you on some pics. There are plenty of bugs reported on the bug forum that just aren't even acknowledged. 

Is anybody having trouble to upload videos??
I can't do it, it says its complete but the videos are not posted

You can hit the search icon, find yourself and the hit the 3 dots and pin to start to pin yourself to the start screen. Pretty neat trick.

You can the open up the your live tile, hit the 3 dots and hit home to go to main home page.

I still do not get why instagram didn't build this app....can someone explain?? Not enough users??? They have billions of dollars...and I am sure 6tag developed this in a much smaller budget then what instragam can pay for....what business sense does that make....why didn't they just pay Rudy to do it if they couldn't do it themselves....i think there is an inside story involved with apple or google telling them not to make WP an app...something smells fishy....at this point 6tag is just as good if not better so what was there point of not making the app and using the instragam brand..

Rudy, if you're reading this, you should totally add a favorites page like WPGram has. On it, you can favorite people and hashtags and see the tiles all on one page. They're live and tell you how many new items each favorite has.

That's it! Pinning people to the start screen added the fifth stat for me. Uninstalled Instance - 6tag is the best Instagram client if them all!

Awesome. But i was hoping the dark theme would effect more than the upper bar. Like the background. More black and grey to the people please. :)

We tested a lot of solution with my designer, and it doesn't render well. This is exactly why Facebook and Twitter Apps aren't full dark

Combine 6tag, 6sec, a Facebook app, and twitter app. And Flickr app, all together!!! That would be THE BEST!!!

I do not use Instagram (or Facebook but use Twitter and LinkedIn in a limited way) and yet I bought the no-ads IAP in 6Tag to support Rudy!  
Come on developers, get on Windows Phone train. There is a lot more of us who are actually willing to spend money buying apps on Windows Phone than there are on Android!