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8.1-inch Acer W3 leaked early, visits FCC

Two weeks ago Acer had an event in New York City where they showed off some upcoming Windows 8 hardware. That same day, another upcoming Acer tablet, the W3-810, was leaked early by a premature listing on Amazon. Now we’ve got more images and info about the upcoming little tablet.

The Acer W3 recently went through the FCC. Topping it all off, the device has been leaked a tad early on the Finland Acer website. Between the FCC filling and premature exposure on the Acer Finland site we have a complete picture of the little device. Let’s take a look at the specs on this particular model of the W3 from the Finland site:

  • Windows 8 Pro
  • Intel Atom Z2760 processor
  • 8 inch WXGA 
  • Multi touch LCD
  • 2GB RAM
  • 64GB SSD
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3650
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2MP Front facing camera
  • Micro HDMI
  • Micro USB 2.0 port
  • 8 hours of battery

Acer W3 1

Acer W3 2

Acer W3 3

Topping off all those specs? A killer keyboard you can attach to the device, while it looks funny, you can’t beat that kind of productivity when you’re running Windows 8 Pro on a little device like that. Does that keyboard include a battery? It’s hard to say. The diagrams from the FCC filing don’t really show any connector pins on the bottom edge of the W3 to indicate that ability. Which would be a real shame since the battery life would be unreal if that was the case. The keyboard does have the cool ability to snap to the back of the tablet, allowing you to transport them together with ease. The keyboard itself is full-size.

Acer W3 FCC

A lot of people seem to want a Windows 8 machine with the same 4:3 ratio found in the iPad. You won’t find that here with the 16:10 ratio you get with the W3.

What do you guys think of the W3 so far? Something you’d be interested in? Or are you waiting for the rumored Xbox/Surface tablet in that size range?

Source: Acer Finland, FCC Via: Liliputing


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8.1-inch Acer W3 leaked early, visits FCC


MS has got the 10" Acer for $399 in the Store right now, so here's hoping that'll become more normal for pricing for the larger tabs.  If they could hit $299 with the keyboard, that'd be a good deal for Intel hardware. 

Price will be a big deal on these size devices.  It better be no more than $300 with specs listed and without keyboard.

Doubt it. It has twice the RAM and Storage of comparable Android devices. Not to mention faster CPU and more ports. If it were RT, they could have priced it for under $300.

Considering the fact I own a 2.2GHz 4GB(ram) 250GB Ultraportable with Windows 8 pro, which as of February was around $250, I could easily see this at $300. Notice that with arm devices, they get more expensive as they get smaller ($600 iPhone vs $500 iPad, $600 Galaxy Phone vs $500 Galaxy Tablet)

That's not because they are getting smaller but because they are adding cell radios, chipsets, faster CPU, more RAM, etc.

Comparing tablets to laptops is Apples and Oranges. No SSD, touch screen and smaller form factor. This device could eventually drop to $299 but to expect it to launch at $299 is not likely at all.

That was my thought too, trying to run too much in desktop mode on an 8in device is a killer.

Why? You don't have to use the desktop if you don't want to. ATOM gets pretty much the same battery life as ARM and is a lot faster. GPU is the only slower thing.

Better battery time which is the most important attribute on such a portable device. Also cost less to manufacture which results in a lower price.

WTF, Windows 8 Pro on this small device? That's all kinds of awesome! I wonder what they are gonna price this piece of want...

If Acer (or some 3rd party vendor) were to develop something like Microsoft's type or touch covers for this instead of that giant keyboard dock and this device was less than $500... it'd be a very tempting buy.

Yeah, the 16:10 ratio is kind of problematic, specially on an 8" tablet. I personally find 8" tablets better to be used in portrait mode and unfortunately W8 is not very good to be used on that orientation. Almost everything was firstly thought to be used in landscape which I think is one of the cons of the OS. It should be good to be used both in landscape and portrait, like the iPad. Apart from that, it's nice to see W8 coming to new form factors.

16:10 in portrait is perfect when using with handwriting input. You get the document in full or near full size even when the pen input area is on screen.

16:10 portrait I also find to be nice for full screen web browsing, believe it or not. Just zoom in so the ads on the left and right side of the page are off the sides of the screen and it works nicely!

I have a Surface Pro, and there is an iPad Mini in the family, and I have to agree that in the 8" size I prefer 4:3.

Until windows 8 pro tablets get double the specs (at least ram and graphics card) as the low end side and keep it affordable then I'll strongly consider it. But I'm just fine with my surface rt until then.

I'll wait for the Surface announcment in June.  If this Acer is priced over 300 it's fail.  Those aren't great specs by any means.   No stylus?   I love the size, but I'd rather have it RT if it means below the 300 level.  I think smaller tabs are perfect for RT.  

Try using a 4:3 formated tablet for a while and you will change your opinion.  It much easier to read stuff and surfing the internet then having to lay it horizontal and be paging down all the time.  Plus the webpages are design for a 8 1/2 X 11" size paper format - just like this webpage we are on.  

lol, productivity on an 8-inch tablet
For me the Surface would just be on the edge of what I'd consider productive, even then at the Pro level I still consider it a productivity device.  Cannae wait for the 2nd gen of Surfaces though.

Snazzy looking little device.  I'll keep my eye on this one.  Waiting to see if MS is cooking up a smaller/cheaper Surface.

Acer...this was the company bad mouthing Microsoft about releasing the Surface, right? Not that I ever found their equipment worthy of my dollars, but they were really unprofessional towards Microsoft, I'm my opinion.

The iPad has a 3:4 screen to be precice. It was designed for portrait mode first. Windows does run best in landscape mode. You can reach almost every command while you are holding a Windows tablet with your two hands.

I will wait to see what Microsoft has to offer with the next Surface. However if these 8" Windows tablets don't come with an Active Digitizer for inking, then they won't be much use to me. Onenote on an 8" Windows 8 tablet with digitizer pen input would be my ultimate business companion.

I admit it looks awesome, but I'm waiting for the far more powerful Bay Trail tablets which will be able to use real SSD and 4 gigs of ram... Not to mention lower power useage...

Would highly recommend everyone tap the brakes and wait for Bay Trail this Holiday Acer is rather low quality imo, but that is subjective. What is not subjective is that clover trail is subpar

Clover trail is based on tech from 2005 and best suited for netbooks on xp. Bay trail will narrow the gap between i3 and atom quite substantially in terms of computing and graphics horse power. So please be patient, I know it will be worth the wair. Asus, Lenovo and maybe even Sony will probably release some high quality sub 10" tabletd with bay trail-t.

Edit: 2008

The only problem with that is... Q1/2014

The dual core AMD Temash chip is also a good alternative to this clover trail, and it think that they are shipping now.

They expect bay trail to ne out Q4 2013. We don't know how power efficient the AMD chips will be although the rumor has it they'll have a more powerful GPU.

Waste of money. Bay trail give you significant performance increases (cpu,gpu, more memory and ssds that support msata) AND use less power than current gen atom.

Very cool device and would get one if priced comparably to other tablets in its size range. On a side note didn't anyone else chuckle a bit at the "Acer recommends Windows 8" ?

I'm not sure if I understand what your asking for, you want a full OS running tablet to be the same price as a mobile tablets? Too many ppl keep comparing mobile OS  with a full fledge OS. I never see anyone complain about the mini iPad or galaxy tab costing between  $350 - $500 for a mobile OS and no apps don't count. Why they don't count cause x86 programs out weigh mobile apps and no one installs all of this programs or apps in their device. So please explain to me why would want an x86 machine so cheap and went more options on it than the tablets that run a mobile OS the be the same price. If you think about it the iPad weather mini or not and the galaxy tab are over priced if you want an x86 tablet to cost in that price range. Please explains the reason for such a low price, im not basing you or trolling, i wouldn't mind the price but we have to be realistic

Because that is how the market works. We've just seen people buy cheap Android tablets and put off buying PCs for later, either when they really need it, or when it is cheap. Also, Microsoft needs to eat into the sales of the Android/iOS tablets in order to get developers to continue paying attention to Windows, be it in terms of Store apps, or even x86 applications. So pricing competitively matters, this isn't a competition between two x86 platforms, that ended, it is now between x86 and ARM/mobile

Anyone know the screen resolution?
That's the make or break for me. (and why I'm gonna end up getting a Surface Pro in the end probably)

What the 4:3 ratio screen since I am going to use the 8" table size for reading stuff and internet surfing.  I got a chance to use a Surface and it was not to my liking compare to my iPad 3.  
I definitely now change my mind on Windows tablet since their formfactor is going to be widescreen - 16:10 or even worse 16:9!
I not sure why Microsoft is so hardheaded; but I want the right proportion screen size as well as a retina quality screen.  Microsoft is only going be doing 1080P - 1920 X1280!
I have Microsoft stock and I hope they do good; but their tablets up to now; I cannot use!

I'm loving my w510, but sometimes I have to lend it to my daughter. this tiny w3 will be a great toy for her which I can borrow from time to time... :)

If only it had a Wacom stylus! Looks like a great device otherwise but I'm just going to have to wait and hope either the Surface mini or another OEM brings out a similar device with an active digitiser, then I can make it my sketchbook and notepad!
I am very tempted though, full Windows in such a small form factor... I'm assuming these devices will ship with the 8.1 preview pre-installed otherwise it'll be a difficult user experience, especially on the desktop.

Pretty cool form-factor and specs, but I think I'd hold off for now. Intel's lower-cost, higher-performance, better-battery-life "Haswell"-based systems are surely on the way.  When it does, though, this kind of device would be very nice to have (and I can retire my 1st-gen iPad!).
Hopefully the prices will be very competitve with Android and Apple, of course!

Seems like a worthy candidate to replace my Sony Vaio SB with! 8.1" sounds great for taking notes with the keyboard that is, and just overal mobility. I can see this working very well for my study. I also have the Nexus 7, but there's just too much of a hassle when everything (and everyone) else is Windows based. But these Haswell chips also trigger my interest. I'll just have to wait and see.

I think this paired with an 11 or 13 inch ultrabook (or convertible) will hit a sweet spot for me. I currently have the Acer iconia w500 and win8 runs ok on it; I'll welcome the increased battery life and better processor. This should meet most of my daily content consumption and note taking needs. It might end up replacing my nook as well (though I do prefer e-ink for longer reads).

Something like this would be great for Modern UI apps as a tablet and legacy applications when connected to a large display, keyboard and mouse.

Price on Amazon was $379 before they pulled the page. 
I do wonder about the 1280x800 resolution. If correct it's the 1st W8 device below min. resolution so you can't run metro apps side by side. Not sure why they couldn't add a little bit more resolution especially for the price.

I would love this.  There are a few apps I really want before I would pull the trigger on a W8 mini tablet:
Amazon Cloud Player
Amazon Instant Video
Showtime Anytime
Those are the ones I use on my Kindle Fire HD that I miss on my Surface Pro.  I know you can get these through the browser or desktop app, but they don't act nicely with touch. 

I'll buy one for my mom so she can read books, watch movies, and do facebook on it.  But I think windows 8 pro is wasted on the 8" screen.  You wouldn't be able to do regular laptop work on it unless you have superman's enhanced vision or plug an external monitor.  I tried a $50 7" android tablet months ago and it was TINY and was only good as a multimedia device.  They should just put RT on this thing instead of windows 8 pro so they can lower the price.
Why oh why couldn't they have put windows 8 pro on my w510 instead of just regular windows 8.  Why Acer , why?!?