Windows Phone Central Poll Results: Lumia 810 or 820 and Lumia 920 color choices

WP Central You decided between the Lumia 810 v 820 and told us what colour Lumia

We recently ran a few polls to help us gauge what you thought of the Lumia 810 v the 820 and what Lumia 920 colour you’d be going for.

We have all had much to digest in the last month or so, new models, specs, colours and even variations on a theme. If these polls are anything to go by it looks like your choices  aren’t easy to predict. Read on to see how it breaks down.

In our first poll we asked the simple question “Which Lumia 920 colour will you likely purchase”?

Out of a total of 9,781 votes the clear winner turns out to be what many are calling Nokia’s signature colour, Cyan which grabbed 27% of the votes. Running almost neck and neck in second place are yellow and black, at around 18%, quite the surprise to see yellow featuring so strongly against the work-a-day black? Grey doesn’t look to be doing too badly either, knocking in at third place. Its just red and white that come in last, it seems lipstick red and glossy white just aren’t your bag.

WP Central 920 Colours

Our second poll asked, “Which looks better, the Lumia 810 or the 820?”

Seems that the new kid on the block, the Lumia 810 stole this one. Out of the 4,000 votes, the 810 scored a whopping 52% approval rating. The 820 isn’t too far behind at 37% so it’s not out of the game quite yet.

WP Central 810 v 820

For the most part, we now know all the options, we got Cyan back for the Lumia 920. As we barrel towards general availability we’re sure the pondering over what to get will only intensify. We’d love to know what you think of the results, shocked, predictable. Why is white and red so unpopular? If you have something you want to share with us, please do so below.


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Windows Phone Central Poll Results: Lumia 810 or 820 and Lumia 920 color choices


I like Cyan, Yellow and Red all the same but I am getting red or yellow so it doesn't look like a Lumia 900.

Before AT&T's announcment of their Lumia 920 exclusivity, I was determined to get it in white.  Since I'm with T-Mobile, the Lumia 810 is my only choice for now.  It does look better than the Lumia 820.  I would get a white cover for it.  I just hope Nokia releases some version of the 920 for the T-Mobile.  I want PureView!!!

I am so excited for the 810 on tmo. The 710 was my first Windows phone and I loved it. Not so much my radar, its a great phone but Nokia nailed it once again.

It's nice!  I really wish that Nokia would change the press shot of the Lumia 810 to show the back cover - the 'profile' view really doesn't do the device justice!

Wonder if the camera is centered like the 900 series or is vertical centered like the 820!  I like the 900 hortizontally centered.

Not surprised at all :)  Cyan is certainly pleasing; admittedly, I really want the Grey Lumia 920, and will wait a bit to see if it will be offered as a Limited Edition option before I make a final decision.  Nonetheless, my purchase will be a Lumia 920.

I have a white 900. Will probably get a white 920. It has enough pop to stand out but still look professional in the office place.

Wanted gray but doesn't seem to be available to ATT. Have a black 900 now so a change would be nice so might give cyan a try!

I am ATT and wanted gray really bad. Disappointed. Torn btw cyan and white. Can't deal w another drab black phone.

Probably just due to the gloss on the white and red (even though the white looks brilliant I think). Matte finish on a phone just looks a little better to me so I am probably going to go with cyan (or anything that is not black). The final call, though, will depend on how the device looks and feels in that particular color in person.

the 810 deffinately is a nice looking phone (imho) better than the 820 and that black finish goes perfect with the magenta tone. (im not prejudice to color and im a guy)

It surprised me that the 810 won. The 810 looks more drab and unoriginal in my opinion. The 820 says "fun before work" while the 810 seems to say, "work first." But, each to their own :)

810 shape resembles the iPhone 4 look; which most people love!  It nice to hold too!  Wish the screen resolution was HD instead of WVGA however!

Hm, I thought white would be more popular. Nice to be less common though, now give me my Stormtrooper L920!!!

I have a Lumia 710, so Lumia 810 would be a perfect upgrade for me - better looking, thinner, better camera, microSD, FFC, better battrey, better screen type - if only it had resolution bump! overall I am happy with 810.

Does anyone know how the glossy white holds up against the visibility of dirt, fingerprints, and scratches?

because its glossy it does not hold finger prints or dirt and easily wipes of anything on it.
I have the glossy white lumia 800 and coming from the black version this one is awesome

I'm using a cyan 800 right now. I love the color but over the last 9 month it got some places where the matte finish did wear off and is shiny now. It's also easily collecting smudges. So, glossy maybe is not bad after all. Does anyone know whether the grey is glossy or matte? Its hard to tell from the pictures..

Grey is matte, I believe. I've seen it referred to as "matte" and "grey" interchangeably, and I haven't seen anyone do the same with the other colors.

I, for some reason, just love the yellow. I have a white Android phone (HTC One X - daily driver) and a black Windows Phone (Lumia 900 - used for development purposes) and just see the yellow as such a stark contrast to both of them. I think I'm just tired of grayscale colors for the majority of smartphones and I'm ready for something so radically different.

I'm on AT&T, but I would be willing to give up 2/3 of the color choices if the 920 could be brought to Verizon and tmobile. I want WP to dominate on all carriers. I didn't say sprint because I don't even think they want a WP.

I'm not sure about the white one. I fear the color could "change" due to aging, sweat and sunlight. does anyone have a white lumia here? please tell me if my fears could come true if I choose a white one. thanks a lot :-)

i use a cyan 900 but a friend of mines has had his white one since launch no case or screen protector and it still looks brand new. i could take a pic of it and pm you if you want to see it.

Gray looks good in all colors tiles. I choose gray. Yellow and red - too bright. Black and white - boring.

IS ANYONE FROM BOSTON? i need windows phone evangelists lol people in boston we need to get together and organize a movement :D

Im surprised how many people want black. I guess people dont really care about standing out or blending in they just want the phone.

One reason for going with black could be that you can get accessories that look right more easily (and quite possibly, cheaper), or that you just don't like the other colors. I didn't care for the particular shade of cyan we got with the 900 at launch (I would have gone for many a blue, and would have absolutely loved red), so I went for a black 900. I'd be buying a red 920 in a heartbeat if I could afford to buy off contract.

Anyone who says the 810 is better looking than the 820 should have their eyes checked. I really wish I could get the 820 running on T-Mobile easily.

810 looks awesome!  Just resembles the iPhone 4 and 5!  You cannot ask for a better design since it sold over 150 million in 3 years time!  Hopefully, the 810 will be that successful too! 

I would like to know if the grey is even coming out, I heard no official announcement about it yet we still talk about it like its guaranteed.. That's the colour I want! Does anyone know if it was confirmed?

I think it really boiled down to carrier availabilty.  I didn't vote since the phone I want (920) has not been announced for Verizon yet.  Since I'm not willing to go with AT&T and didn't want the 800ish phone, there was no point in me voting.

I'm going to get the white. I like the colorful red, yellow and cyan but I know I'll dislike them after a while. I'm not one for showing off/standing out too much and black is boring now. I just bought a new white car with black features and red stitching/lights in the interior so glossy white with the black screen and red tiles will go nicely :D