Accord Windows Phone 8 device from HTC appears?

Accord Windows Phone 8 device from HTC appears

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The usual warnings of rumour caution apply here but this looks like this could have some weight. In what appears to have been discovered from a HTC ROM, a new HTC device sports a mind-bending shade of purple. We have already reported on the leaked specifications of HTCs future Windows Phone 8 wares, and this colour usage certainly receives our attention.

We have to point out the obvious here and say, its running Windows Phone 7.5. Granted its not sporting a standard colour scheme so could just be HTC experimenting with getting those shades right.  The body design is certainly not what we normally see from HTC, perhaps this signals some exciting things coming from one of our favourite device makers?

Accord Windows Phone 8 device from HTC appears blue too!

The specifications of the Accord are:-


  • Dual Core Snapdragon (MSM8260A)
  • 4.3 Super LCD2 720p
  • HSPA+ 42Mbps
  • 8MP Camera 1080p HD video capable
  • NFC
  • 1GB Memory

Rather odd that any render of a device meant for Windows Phone 8 stardom would get produced with WP7.5 running on it. For the time being, we’re going to wait and see. With Samsung already out in the open with its new devices and Nokia just about to tell us something is about to change next week, when will HTC spill the beans? 

Questions? Comments? We always love to hear your take, get in there and let us know!

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Reader comments

Accord Windows Phone 8 device from HTC appears?


Second on the colors, I'd probably just get the handset on that alone...been dying for that option to happen. Sport the green tiles and I finally get my Joker Theme! =P

I hate to beat a dead horse, but the closer they get to a Zune HD look alike, the more excited I get! Just wish HTC would show the support that Nokia has been giving its devices.

I'll "second" the support comment. If HTC doesn't fix their mic problems (like found on most Titans and Titan 2's), I'll have to consider a different OEM when WP8 devices are released which is too bad cuz just about everything else I like about the phone. Step up and support your phones (and your *CUSTOMERS*) with some updates HTC!

I have owned a HTC HD2 and now the Titan. The HD2 didn't have proper video drivers, the Titan have microphone and some other little issues. When did HTC care about fixing anything? If Nokia has a big-screen phone, I'm getting it. Just sayin'.

why no amoled screen on any htc device already for a darn while?!
although black color would be cool, but this seems good too.

I cant recall HTC ever done that kind of design before. All their phone does usually have some kind of unique, different characteristic. This one is a bit Nokia-ish or Lumia-ish. Cant decide whether its good or bad.

Sounds like an experimental device. But if they decided to go out with it, then it's handsets colors age.

I thought every phone coning out mandatory will be lte? I never believe these specs because of that point right there

Agreed. And if I wasn't so sold on the 4.5-4.7 size range id be sold on this. HTC all the way though. Their phones are built impressively well. They just need gorilla glass 2 (my titan has a crack)

Odd specs aside I'm not a fan of the wasted space where the earpiece is. It's always been a big detraction for me from certain phones, like the Lumia 900 or even every iPhone. Just a personal thing.

Nice looking phone, judging from the specs looks like it's headed to T-Mobile. They usually get the low and mid range offerings, wish they offered high end windows phones, I love my 710 but really want them to offer better phones like they do for Android.

I love how mobile phones gain some color again and that HTC is bold enough to hop on the wagon. All the gray-, black- and white phones really bored me off.

I love that design. HTC would definitely be in the race if they put this out...Sprint and HTC have always had a good relationship as well.

If it looks like that, in a variety of colors and with smokin' hardware then I'll seriously consider it.  I dig it.

I'm a little confused as to whether I like them or not, hmmm, different, not bad different, just different :)

I just had a badass idea for windows phone8 u know the 3 white light up buttons well with a small color change AMOLED they could match the light to the tiles :D

I'm going to predict that if this is real, it'd just be a WP8 dev phone in the same vein as the Mazaa and not a retail device. Still, those are nice colors, but I'd only give it a look if it was 4.7.

Just a small observation... the screen shows a little of a fifth row of tiles, so at least it looks like it should when running on a 16:9 display rather than on WVGA.

It's possible. The original Dell Venue Pro leak had the Zune HD interface in place, and besides the GUI, that leak was 100% accurate. I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Kinda seems like they're trying to follow Nokia's "colorful phone" trail.