According to Microsoft, 'Mango' is Windows Phone 7.5

During the MIX11 sessions, we came across a slide that referred to the next update of Windows Phone i.e. 'Mango' as version 7.5. At the same time, the presenter played it off as a 'mistake' even though the slides are vetted before presentation.

Now, on the Microsoft Partner Network, we can see a new section trumpeting the new version of Windows Phone which they are clearly referring to as "Windows Phone OS 7.5". (Note: latest builds of the OS pin it at version 7.1, which means MS is still a bit off from having a completed Mango build--this makes sense being six months out).

Why is this interesting? Microsoft has been in a flux over what to call Windows Phone. For the last few years, it was Windows Mobile with the version number after it. Then came the general "Windows Phone" and we were told personally that they were moving away from the version number thing. Then came "Windows Phone 7 Series", later amended by removing "Series".

Now it looks like Microsoft is going down the road of 0.5 upgrades and labeling, calling Windows Phone 7 'Mango' version 7.5, which we guess is less odd than saying 'Mango' all the time. We'll see how this pans out by the fall as we wouldn't be shocked if they change it yet again.

Update: Brandon Watson is sticking with the "no version number has officially been announced" line.

Source: Microsoft Partner Network; Thanks, @Avi_Franchise, for the heads up


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According to Microsoft, 'Mango' is Windows Phone 7.5


While it is 'just a name', I can take one potential thing from it that I really like. If Mango is 7.5, would it be reasonable to expect WP8 in late 2012, with advancements similar to this or more?

This is what I've always expected. One big 0.5 updating a year after release (that means I expect Mango and new devices in the Oct-Nov timeframe) and then maybe one or two smaller updates in the first half of 2012 till we get WP8 in another year or so.If the updates are big enough then the delay between them is OK imo and justifide. On the other hand MS could've done smaller updates and more of them but then with the way the carriers are about updating and taking so damn long I think it's best to just get one big update and have to wait an extra 4-6 months. But who knows, maybe we'll get a 7.6 or 7.8 before the big 8.0 release.

At the end of the day its just Windows Phone. And provided we all get updated promptly after release of Mango no one will need to be concerned about what version they are running. Right? Unlike another very popular OS which will be forever fragmented.

Ya, in the end all the consumer focused marketing will just call it Windows Phone. They might bang the drum next year with v8 for a bit but in the end it's just "Windows Phone".

Mango sounds exciting for this platform. Definitely eager to learn more. Hopefully this version won't have the issues the very minor NoDo had. BTW, since NoDo (however messy my upgrade was) and the installation of the AT&T/SanDisk/WP7 Cert SDD card - I'm enjoying my phone even more. People often ask which phone I'm using and admit it looks nice, fast and easy. But they hear Windows/Microsoft and on principal alone (i.e. "damn, too bad I'm a linux engineer") turn the other way. /shrug What can you do?

People just love to hate Microsoft for no reason. They love their products individually xbox, hotmail, MSN, office etc... but the second you say windows they go eww which doesn't make any sense Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 desktop are two of the best products Microsoft has ever made (in my opinion). The more people get to use it and see it in person the more they will come around. I have had the same experience, when I show them Zune on WP7 they always say how amazing it looks and works.

hey, look closely, i think that device is the nokia concept one, though it looks like focus, but not :Dawesome?