Non-special Accuweather app heads to Nokia Collection for Windows Phone


We’re not sure where Nokia is headed with this one but there is now a second Accuweather app in the Windows Phone Store, but this latest one is for Nokia Lumias only.

Now before every non-Nokia owner out there throws a fit, there is no difference between this version and the open one for all Windows Phone users. In fact, it’s slightly older being at version 2.1 whereas the common app is at version 2.2. This is similar to the Nokia SoundTracker app, where as far as we know there are no differences either.

So why does Nokia have a special version (that’s not really that special)? We can think of two possible reasons: this app may be now available in more regions where Nokia sells Lumias or, at some point Nokia will update this app to have more features like Nokia's Weather.com app with augmented reality.

At this point though for most of our users, you’ll want to stay on your current version of the app as this one doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Whether or not it does in the future remains to be seen and we’ll keep you posted.

For those who do want to check it out, you can grab it using this link from the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Sanil T., for the link!

QR: Accuweather Nokia


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Non-special Accuweather app heads to Nokia Collection for Windows Phone


Does anyone know what's special about TuneIn Radio, GroupOn, Weather Channel, and Sky News in the Nokia apps list? AFAIK, they're just the norm, but listed with the exclusives....

Hey is it just me or are new Nokia Collection apps no longer appearing in the Windows Phone Store? I am only able to get at the new Nokia apps via the separate Nokia "App Highlights" app. Apps like Bloomberg, Nokia Music and City Lens do not appear in my Nokia Collection section.

I should mention I'm on AT&T and using a Lumia 900.
I have 21 apps in the Nokia collection.
I have 24 apps in the Nokia exclusives of App Highlights.
The missing apps in Nokia Collection include:

  • Nokia Music
  • Nokia City Lens
  • Style Saint
  • entrance by Aol
  • Soundtracker
  • Bloomberg

The missing apps in App Highlights include:

  • App Highlights (for obvious reasons)
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Sesame St. 100th Day of School
  • Univision

Well, technically all the OEMs have a Tango app because it's optimized for their FF camera hardware. At least that's the reason we're told. Actual functions and features are of course the same.

How is Nokia or the Lumia 900 the official phone of communist china? That makes no sense to me at all. Maybe some of these apps are being added to Nokia so Nokia can clkerp them polished. The actual dev may no longer have the interest in maintaining that app and Nokia, being as dedicated as they are to WP, is taking over to keep some apps on life support? Just a thought.

I was back on my HD2 and WM. Since then, I been wondering why they keep them self aroun WP7 since its many times worse, at least in Sweden. They where great once.

Hi Daniel, your first hypothesis seems accurate. When I saw this app in the Nokia Collection (yesterday), I checked immediately whether the Weather.com app from Nokia was still there or not. And unfortunately, the Weather.com app is no more available in the French Marketplace (glad I downloaded it weeks ago). On another subject, I tweeted you a few days ago about Huffington Post and the fact that the official app disappeared from the Marketplace... if you want to investigate!

So many apps for Nokia lumia no love for the rest good thing I have a developer unlocked device time to side load.

I've searched for this app before and couldn't find it. Now I can, so the "available in more regions" theory seems right. I'm from Portugal btw

im annoyed with exclusive apps no one should touch marketplace apps
it should be 1 full location for everyone

Me too. Exclusive or only at one region. Good thing we have more apps than iOS & Android oh wait MS is working on that.