Accuweather gets bumped to v2.2, brings a little speed to the table

Accuweather updated to v2.2

If you use the Accuweather app on your Windows Phone, you'll notice an update being pushed through this morning. Version 2.2 doesn't bring any new features to the weather app but instead is more of a maintenance update to address a few bug fixes.

We have noticed that after updating, whatever fixes that are put in place seems to give Accuweather a little more zip. Pages load faster and navigation smoother.


If you haven't tried Accuweather, it's a nice weather app for your Windows Phone. It is a free app and you can grab it here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Shipwreck, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Accuweather gets bumped to v2.2, brings a little speed to the table


Not noticing any speed improvements. If it's one thing I hope multi core improves is how quickly apps open and resolve data.

It does seem to load up data a bit faster now, which is a bonus.  Still my favorite weather app on WP.

I've been away from WP for a while but will be making my return with the 8X. Accuweather used to be my favorite but I couldn't stand the advertisements. Have they released a paid version that gets rid of it yet?

The add banner was not showing yesterday after I updated it but its appeared back again today! I lowered my rating as the add banner looks crap and slows loading. If they released an add free version I'd pay and rate it higher. For now its back to amazing weather for me.

Not updating for me here in Colorado. Not showing on marketplace tile. When I go to marketplace via WP (on phone) it shows update, tap on it, it goes to download screen then bounces right back without updating..