Accuweather for WP7 joins the crowd

It has been on heck of a week over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. From Angry Birds to Best Buy as well as Fox News and the New York Times, we've seen a lot of new apps hit the Marketplace.  Even Major League Baseball got into the act.

Closing the week out Accuweather for Windows Phone 7 has blown into the Marketplace. The popular weather website is now mobile bringing you a ton of weather related information.

Features include:

  • Accurate and localized forecasts for all global locations. Forecasts include hourly forecasts for the next twenty-four hours, plus day and night weather forecasts and information for the next ten days. All updated hourly.
  • Panoramic views with easy swiping between your stored locations (up to seven plus your current GPS location).
  • Current weather conditions include time, temperature, wind speed, wind gust speed, and wind direction; humidity, visibility, UV Index, cloud cover, pressure, and sunrise and sunset.
  • Severe Weather Alarms for all global locations and severe Weather Alerts for the U.S. – visible from all screens.
  • Special lifestyle forecasts, such as conditions for specific sports and other outdoor activities.

You also have animated radar, satellite maps, interactive Bing Maps, and weather videos. The day and night forecasts include precipitation amounts, wind data, and Accuweather's RealFeel temps. This takes various weather conditions such as wind, humidity and other factors to give you an idea how it feels outside.

We'll give Accuweather for WP7 a test drive over the holiday weekend and get a video review up shortly. In the meantime, you can download your free copy of Accuweather for WP7 here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Tahiti Bob for the tip!


Reader comments

Accuweather for WP7 joins the crowd


Installed it and gave it a fast try. Here are my short findings:- Looks good but scrolling could be a little better.- Very few settings. You can choose between metric and imperial. But they forgot to let you choose between 24h or AM/PM display. Here in Belgium we don't use that AM/PM thing.- You can choose a live tile but I don't see it alive?- The radar thing is also weird. At this time its fully clouthed here but I don't see it on it. Also the button for satelite is inactive? Maybe because I'm at Belgium and it only works for the US? I don't know.For the rest is looks good. Layout is simple.

As soon as it was installed, the live tile showed the correct info. It was sat on the start menu next to Weatherbug, whose live tile was showing hours old info - OK, I'd just been into the main Accuweather app, so it's hardly a fair comparison, but this'll be my weather app now until something convinces me otherwise.Great week...

I had being jumping from Weatherbug,Weatherduck and LG Time and Clock aplications. Weatherbug/Duck where alright and Weather Channel didn't even worked on my country. But LG Time and Clock was the no only the prettiest one but also gave the correct weather. I had weatherbug tile on one day and it said it was cloudy, when it was actually the first hail storm on my country in 30 years with a monster of a thunderstorm. Accuweather is the best of both worlds. Pretty Tile that works and deep reliable weather news. ( Also love the options like telling me if the climate is good for going to the beach etc... )