Acer Iconia W3 Windows Tablet shows up on Staples and Amazon.com for pre-order

The world’s first 8 inch Windows 8 tablet, the Acer Iconia W3, is now up for preorder at Staples and Amazon.com. The office supply chain, Staples, states that the new tablet will ship between June 15th and June 17th for those who reserve the unit; it will arrive no earlier than June 16th.

Both retailers list the Acer Iconia W3 32 GB tablet for $379.99. At this time, only Amazon.com lists a 64 GB model with a purchase price of $429.99.

The unit is specified as having an 8.1 inch 1280 x 800 resolution display (10-point multitouch), an Intel Atom Dual-Core 1.5 GHz CPU that overclocks to 1.8 GHz when needed, 2 GB of 800 MHz RAM and a 2MP front facing and rear facing camera.

Ports on the unit include micro USB, micro HDMI, a headphone jack, an AC adapter jack, and a MicroSD card slot supporting up to 32 GB of expandable memory. The battery on the unit is listed as lasting up to eight hours.

You can preorder the tablet on Amazon.com by clicking here or at Staples by clicking here.

Is the Acer Iconia W3 the Windows 8 tablet you have been waiting for or are you still holding out?

Thanks, Phil, for the tip!


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Acer Iconia W3 Windows Tablet shows up on Staples and Amazon.com for pre-order


You probably will be waiting a very long time. Haswell is iunlikely to ever show up in the small orm factors, It is an i processor that will still generate heat - not as much as Ivy Bidge but certainly not cool. The only thing one is ever llkely to see in small form factors are ARM, Atom, and other SoC options.

Waiting for a small win8 pro tablet that has a full usb3 port, why would I buy a Win8 tablet without a full USB port and then have issues connecting all my devices, just stupid.

It should be free.  No, they should pay me to take it and deliver it to me by means of a princess riding a rainbow unicorn.

I am with you. It should have been cheaper $299 or $279
Microsoft or OEMs can't afford to act like iPad at this stage. But you are still getting windows 8 vs RT,iOS or android.so, comparatively not too bad.

Bro iPad already has a ready market and iSheeps to pounce upon it with their life. I bet half of the WP users might be having an iPad. The thing is Windows tablets are in starting stage and it has to create market for itself so I think pricing must be aggressive.

It's cheaper than the Galaxy Note 8.0, and it only has 16GB.  Of course, that's about the easiest benchmark to beat that there is, but still...

Well as per a recent Microsoft announcement they are planning to give away MS Office 2013 with these kind of devices (small W8 tablets with 8" or less) so that should tip the balance in this favor..

Wasn't it announced that the new cheaper smaller tablets wouldn't be able to use the snap feature to multitask? Is that the case with this tablet?

Windows 8.1 will allow machines to snap multiple apps on a single screen at once, in a variety of ratios.
Smaller screens will be limited to less apps (ie: two) and specific ratios (ie: 50/50).

That is a reverse argument... If they had specs on a phone that didn't exist on a tablet, then you can ask why it exists on a phone and not a tablet... The way you asked it is ludicrous. Its like saying why can't I have a 128gb ssd with an i7 and 4gb of ram on my phone (because tablets have those stats)... So basically your comment/question is kinda dumb... Also they do have 1280x800 with 2gb ram in phones, including mini HDMI... So I'm lost on the intent of your comment.

First of all I don't understand your comment... I'm assuming English isn't your first language which explains alot, not to say your dumb, but that your unable to communicate your point or ask questions effectively, so I won't fault you for that... I'll try and answer what I think your asking... No windows phone (outside of concepts and future phones) have 2gb that I know of... But WP operates faster on 1gb than iOS and Android do with 2gb, so its not important... Not saying it wouldn't help, but the requirements just isn't there yet. Hell the phones work with 256mb which android barely runs on and iOS will NOT run on... And as for resolution, Lumia 920 runs on 768x1280 which is practically the same as 800x1280... So then consider the smaller screen size of the 920 vs the larger tablet and then you have a MUCH higher DPI, so it looks pretty sweet on the phone... Did I answer your question Ok?

The contraction of "you are" is you're, not your. I could also point out that ending a sentence or independent clause with on or of or other preposition is incorrect. This doesn't even touch ending every other sentence with an ellipsis when an ellipsis doesn't even apply. Oh, the word is also okay, not Ok. If you intend to point out that someone may not have a complete mastery of English, you might want to check your own.

Holy shit batman... I didn't know I was in English class... Least of which is to say, nothing you said makes any sense to to guy who barely speaks or can remotely communicate in the written form. I love my "..." I use it improperly, but it makes sense as a context of a pause. I'm not an English major, but I speak it gud LOL. If my comments grammar bothers you, you might want to just give up on reading comments on the internet all together. While I'm not a pro in the English department, I'm leaps and bounds better at communicating than the average person you'll come across. So good day sir... I say good day sir!

Mate, if you're going to bitch about someone else's English, then don't get all pissy when someone else points out that your own English is terrible!

Did you read the comment he was referring to? It was a lot less legible and harder to understand than his comment. He may have used improper English, but it was understandable more so than the guy he was referring to. He wasn't even being an a-hole about it, either.

I didn't even bitch about his English, I was trying to answer his question as best I could, while pointing out that I didn't fully understand it. I think a few of you read my comment completely out of context, as if I am an asshole. I find that when people read a comment and take it to the negative connotation, that they themselves must be inherently asswhole-ish. Re-read what I wrote, while assuming I am trying to be helpful, and see what you come up with.

Yes, there is a weird bug in the comments where if its long, it automatically adds an paragraph to it, even when you didn't do it. Read other long posts and you will see it happens to everyone.

Yes, but it also runs unnoticeably just as smooth with half that. Sure we will get there this winter I bet, but adding 2gb ram because you can just sucks more power

Problem is, Acer is already the least expensive out of allt he OEMs.  This is kind of worrisome.  I though Microsoft discounted their W8 licensing fees.

Agreed. MS or OEMs shouldn't have to lower their price to please anyone. For those who thinks its too expensive, go buy an iPad or some Android tablet. And if you think you've got your monies worth then you can sleep good at night.

but wait an ipad is more expensive and a semi decent andriod tablet is also more expensive and neither can do what a full windows 8(8.1) tablet can do.

Here is the problem Whodaboss, people WILL go buy an iPad or Android tablet instead.

The price has to be low for it to gain widespread market interest. I think a $299 pricepoint would have been best for this product.

To your point Michael. If it's market share we espouse for Windows Tablets, then yes, a lower price point is most likely necessary. But if its just screaming for a lower price point when Windows Tablets brings more to the table (other than apps) then its people who aren't really invested in getting a superb device. They just want a cheap device (lower price) for cheap sake at MS and OEMs expense. And that's not right IMO.

No, here is the problem. Selling at a loss does not generate profit in either the short or long term. Market share based on per unit loss or break even is not sustainable for a hardware company that makes its money off those units for the simple fact that you are stuck in a cycle of low to no profit to keep the market. Google makes its money off your data and Amazon simply loses money with the assumption it will eventually make it back off retail from tablet buyers at its sites. In any other era since the Great Depression, their predatory practices and product dumping would be under investigation for violations of various federal statutes. In the current era, they will both continue their practices until revenues and stock prices take a hit. Hardware companies do not have that option. If you can't afford your toys then don't buy them. Expecting someone will choose to not make a profit so you can have your toys is ridiculous.

Last I checked, both companies are selling at or just slightly above cost. Sure, when you factor in R&D, marketing, etc you will be at a loss, however, they seem to market the device at the same time as other services (Google apps, Amazon Prime) and are not exactly sticking newly developed parts into their systems. Thus, I doubt R&D is as high as the Surface developing new materials or Apple with so much focus on size, weight, etc. So Apple sells for nearly 200% of BOM. It also positions itself as a luxury good. No reason Acer, a brand not typically associated with luxury should be selling for much higher than their BOM. Pricing has multiple factors, one of which is customer perception of quality, exclusivity of ownership (aka luxury). No one brags about owning a Coby knock off. Do you really think that is sold at a net loss? Highly doubtful.

U still didn't get it. Selling it in loss won't generate profit??????
Lol. U need to spread your brand and sell your brand first , establish it and then gain the momentum.
At this point of the tablet game... It has to be about getting more device in people's hand.
It would be really nice if more people understood economics. But sad....no.

Windows / Intel tablets use more expensive hardware. This tablet has 4 times the ram of the Mac mini and twice the storage amount, Intel cpu is more expensive, higher res screen, more ports etc.
While we all want super cheap x86 tablets, you have to look at the reality of the cost of parts.
OEMs also have to launch at higher price to allow for eventual cost cutting sales.

It is not a premium price. it is a price that draws a profit. If you cannot afford to buy something then do not buy it. Do not, however, assume that everyone will take the Google and Amazon and sell at a loss to give you toys....

until the amd ones come out dont hold your breath intel is high amd is lower priced and in case with atom faster and better i belive just like now amd is gonna save the day for win 8 tablets, and of course haswell on the higher side

People have bought into the Google/Amazon fantasy that you can get something for nothing. No one building Windows devices can take that approach, nor should they be expected to do so. The price is reasonable for any company expecting to make a profit.

This might be a crazy question, but how much functionality do windows 8 tablets have without a physical keyboard?  Do they have virtual keyboards?  Can the apps be used in both portrait and landscape like iPads and Android tablets?

You seem grossly uninformed. As someone suggested, the answers to your question(?) can easily be gleaned from countless videos, reviews, and other articles online.

In short, Yes - just like the idevices and android devices, apps can be used in both landscape and portrait modes if the developer has developed the app to do that. What a shock!

I bought the acer w510 without the dock and it works just fine with the on-screen keyboard.  There are 2 keyboard configurations and great pen input if you want to write instead of type.  Windows tablets can detect if you're holding it in portrait or landscape and most apps are coded so that they can use both.  Some though are locked to just one, don't know why but it depends on the app developer.    I did buy a cheapo $20 bluetooth keyboard and a $1 capacitive pen for those long word documents.

Nice. Would be cool if they included NFC chip, and GPS for offline maps and who knows wireless charging? Other than that this is pretty dang good for the price.

Pretty sure this tablet is gonna be useless until 8.1 is officially released. The current screen resolution can't snap multiple applications

I really do not get this price point and I do not get why they would put Windows 8.1 on an 8" tablet over RT.
I have a nexus 7 and running anything in a browser is painstaking at that size. I do not own a surface pro, but I want one badly, it seems to be a complete package and an awesome piece of tech. I have stayed away from looking into an RT because, well the windows store really doesn't have any worthwile apps.
If I was going to by another tablet at the 8" size apps are important to me. Apps have nothing to do with the product that Acer put out, I am sure it is great, but why put out a 8" tablet at that price point? I think Google and Amazon were brilliant in putting out an inexpensive 8" tablet, because it put it into the hands of a lot of people. The more people that own a tablet the more developers will make apps for it. I cannot imagine using the desktop often on such a small tablet, and the windows store offers little selection when it comes to apps. If you were able to by apps from the windows phone marketplace for this tablet, that might change my thinking. I have almost every app I feel is important on my lumia 920. At this price point, it competes along the lines with the iPad mini, which has every app ever made. I love Windows 8 and look forward to 8.1, I just dont see the need for it on a tablet this size. Who knows, after 8.1 is out, maybe app developers will start writing for the windows platform. I really wish the windows tablet could buy apps from the phone marketplace.

Well, here's a real-life example.   I lent mom my w510 while she's visiting my brother in the U.S. because all my brother has are macs and ipads and she has never touched those.  The w510 is perfect for me but she says she has difficulty reading e-books for long periods of time but other than that she's all smiles about the tablet.  I was thinking of buying her this since she wants something similar to my w510 but smaller and my brother will not consider RT for her.  The reason I'm also considering this is because you can plug this to a LED tv and use a bluetooth keyboard and tadah you have a desktop of sorts that my mom and dad can use.  I'm also thinking if I can stick this on a fridge, fire up the calendar app and sync all my family's sched on it.  I would love to mod my car with this but I'll wait for someone to do it first to see if it looks good.  I can think of lots of things that my family can use.

I was thinking of modding this in my car. Its perfect because it runs full Windows 8 and I can run my data logging software on it and tune my car as well as it looks good compared to android or even iOS.

You can expect it to be much cheaper but you will certainly be disappointed. They will be sold at a price that generates a profit. Therefore, the prices will be more in line with Apple than the product dumpers.

I get it cant be much cheaper offering 8.1, I guess my point is why but 8.1 on an 8" tablet. As soon as it hits a retail store I wil definately give it a try at the store, but I just cannot imagine desktop being that valuable at that size. If they offered less it might be easier to lower cost and make it comepetitive The windows operating system is the best out there in my opinion, but tablets are bought because people use apps. It is useless to own a Ferrari if you dont have a road to use it on. Hopefully 8.1 gives us that road, because not having apps is the only thing keeping me from a 10" and 8" Windows tablet. I love my phone, the 920 is great. I just think this is the wrong product and the wrong time.

Wait. Windows 8 has no apps? Darn it! What the heck have I been using this whole time? I've been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amock!

Since the only difference I can see between w3 and w510 is the size of the screen it would probably have the same free space as my w510 when I first got it.  However the storage issue isn't really much of an issue  and here's why.  I could have opted for the 64GB version but an additional 32Gb is not going to cut it.  I'm going to use this as a tablet and sorta laptop after all so I need more. Did they make a mistake with the design of the tablet?  That's the time I discovered why they included the micro SD card slot.  if you mount the SD card to an empty NT folder, it would appear as another folder in  your C: drive.  I then just manage my libraries so that the default save locations of my music, documents, etc folders go to their corresponding folders in the SD card thru the NT folder and that's the end of the free space issue.  You cannot redirect metro apps to save on the SD card though, they're always on the tablet but since they're typically 10 - 20 mb in size it doesnt really matter.

I like tech in general and i love Windows.I consider myself a PC guy. I didn't own any Apple products until last week. I just bought two Ipads mini. I don't like iPhones, for that I have my Lumia 920 but in terms of tablets Apple is ahead in hardware. The OS is old but in hardware they are king and there is no doubt. If they can make great hardware why all these manufactures can't?Until Microsoft releases something as good as an iPad or better Apple will still leader on that market. Is not about Apple being expensive is like they said they didn't build cheap.If you take the money of what an Apple computer costs and buy a PC with the same specs the price is similar.Difference is there are cheap PC's where there are not cheap MAC's because hardware differences. I stay faithful to my Windows PC and phone but until a good Windows tablet hits the market I think that I will keep buying Ipads. Is not about being a fanboy of any company is about reality and right now Windows tablets are not there yet. Hope Nokia changes that. I think they are the only ones that can do it.

@Highdefjunkie. Surface RT lacks the apps. Surface Pro lacks the battery life. When they enhance battery on the Pro then we are talking.Another problem is that the OS takes too much of your memory.

I can sit here and list all the things a IPAD lacks.  Sounds to me you just enjoy the IPAD more then the Surface.  Nothing wrong with that.  But to say one is better then the other is silly.  

At this moment you are correct. That's why i said i chose to buy ipads over Windows tablets. Then in my others comments i said why i chose ipads over Windows ( Windows tablets lack of battery life and OS takes too much memory). And i said the Ipad is king because sales confirm that. Don't get me wrong all my devices are windows except for those two ipads and two other android devices i have,but i think Surface Pro not RT is a great device but it lacks those two things.( battery life and OS takes a lot of space) other than that is great. Also we can't compare a full computer with a tablet.

Now waiting for just a bit better specs and I'm sold. Started dumping Apple hardware I own last week. From 7 to 3 devices i'm down now.
Gimme a tablet 7" or 8" on new Haswell (Atom) hardware (do not want RT) with a better screen, make the same on a 10" or 11" and a 15" convertible (best would be a screen I can detach!) and I'm down to no Apple hardware at all...

People who are complaining about the lack of a small windows 8 pro tablet, wouldn't you mind using windows 8 pro on such a small screen? I mean, for a normal tablet, it would be ok but we're talking about a computer here.

I suppose once again I am in the minority. I just don't see the utility of an 8" tablet. My surface RT is as small as I would want to go. Any smaller, it's a phone.

Hmmm... I wonder if Microsoft is allowing users in 8.1 to add folders in removable storage to libraries without having to do a bunch of fancy steps. Removable storage is almost stupid to use on Windows 8 right now because it refuses to index.

im truly amazed, this tablet is cheaper than any verision of Ipad even cheaper than ipad 2 while running full OS and ppl still want it cheaper. i rather those ppl say they want a MS tablet for free and then they will be satisfied. they rather pay premuim for a mobile OS @ $500-600 than a full OS @ $380-430 with 10x the functions. please explain to me why ppl dont want to spend money when it comes to MS.

Its because of its market share and popularity. U and I know what this tablet exactly is but majority of people don't know. Their idea of tablet is iPad and android. So we have to win them by a good price point. Then increase the number of devices in people's hand. When they see what it is..... They'll know..which will secure Microsoft and its tablet in the future.
We are not necessarily complaining for us. I personally own surface pro and absolutely love it. Paid more than I normally would have but wanted to support Microsoft tablet.
Besides, phone and tablet don't have the same market share and market strategies. Subsidy and all....lots of factors. If you had one choice which would you buy first? Phone or tablet?.

That's exactly why too.