Acer rumored to be working on Windows Phone 8 QWERTY slider


Over at Russian forum Acer-Club, a rumor has surfaced that Acer is working on a Windows Phone  8 device with sliding QWERTY keyboard.  Despite a dearth of evidence or details, the phone will reportedly be called the W11 and will be a lower-end offering. The post says that the W11 is slotted for an October 2012 release, with an official announcement coming in September. 

If true, the W11 join the Dell Venue Pro, the LG Quantum (aka, Optimus 7Q and C900) and the HTC Arrive (Sprint's only Windows Phone offering) as one of the few Windows Phone sliders out there.  Acer once manufactured the M900, a Windows Mobile phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, so it would fit their M.O and they currently have the Allegro on the market. 

The timing of an October release would also fall in line with the expected release of Windows Phone 8, commonly referred to as Apollo.  And although it's already been said, please be sure to take this as nothing more than a rumor at this point.  We will be sure to keep you posted as we catch word of more details. 

So what do you think?  With the slim and sleek Lumias and iPhones of the world, is there still a strong demand for QWERTY sliders?

Source: Acer-Club; Via: Neowin, WMPU


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Acer rumored to be working on Windows Phone 8 QWERTY slider


I don't care much for Qwerty keyboard. I like the on screen better because it doens't get worn out.

There definitely isn't the strongest demand, but there IS a demand...  I love the keyboard on my Arrive, and I love having the full screen visible while typing.  I've just about given up hope that my next phone will also have a keyboard, but this rumour gives me a LITTLE bit of hope...

As someone who made the switch from a qwerty keyboard to a touchscreen 6 months ago, do whatever you can to have a qwerty.  Touchscreen keyboards are the worst.

I used to love physical keyboards, now I think they are a giant waste, just inefficient, clunky, don't serve much of a purpose anymore now that correcting and highlighting text is so simple. It is the reason I think RIM is slipping, all their devices look old, and 25% of iPhone owners are over 50, so I don't think it is an impediment to business.

If it's a portrait QWERTY, I'd be interested.  I know there's not many physical keyboard users, but I'm one of them.  Sure, virtual keyboards are better than they used to be, but I'm so much more accurate on a physical keyboard, I can type faster on a physical keyboard, and I can type without looking at the keyboard on a physical keyboard.

At least wait until we have more info before you write it off. The more manufacturers and variety, the better

Recently I've been tempted to buy a Nokia E7, a device I tested on behalf of Nokia a year ago. Fantastic QWERTY, I'd love to see it reborn as a WP7/8 handset.
I enjoy seeing the full screen while typing long messages or emails and having the on screen board when needing a quick response.

Dream phone = up-spec'd E7 running WP8 - maybe 4.3" Clearblack, 1.5Ghz dual core, 1gb RAM, 16gb internal + SD xpandable storage, 12 mp camera w/autofocus, 2000mAh battery, but same design, same aluminum chasis, same keyboard...
I would buy that phone without hesitation, as I'm sure many would. The world NEEDS a good well rounded device that has a physical landscape QWERTY... I would have gotten the Arrive but 1) CDMA, 2) I'm in Canada, so no Sprint, 3) Lackluster specs... I had a TP2 before, and if it had better specs and a glass (not plastic) screen (and a charging port that didn't break) I would still be happily using it today.

The specs are not lackluster by any means. All WP phones perform better than equal and even higher spec android phones

Nope. If I had to use the space for something I would rather it be for a larger battery. Can live without a qwerty, but not without juice.

I won't buy a phone WITHOUT a physical keyboard, so this is welcome news, even if a low end offering. Trying to type on a bouncing bus with a virtual keyboard is near impossible.

My dream phone is still an E7 with WP7.

As an owner of an HD7, I call bullshit.  Doesn't come close the the ease and simplicity of a qwerty keyboard.

After all, I have to agree with the "hubs" way to group apps toggeter. It make sence :) and it's more innovative

Oh pete's sake! FINALLY a new qwerty keyboard device but its low end (so probably 3.7" screen) and from Acer. Why can't LG put out a Quantum 2? Where's the HTC 7 Pro 2? Can't Samsung create a Focus Slide? More and more it seems like the Titan II will be my next and FIRST non-qwerty device.

What confuses me is OEMs complain about not being able to differentiate, but they all make slab phones! Make a slider, make a clamshell, make something that doesn't look like the other phones and you'll at least get a little more attention.

hopefully this won't be the only one coming up, but its good to see at least one thing appear. since I got my Quantum I got pretty accustomed to doing some heavy work in Office, and I've worked with devices without physical keyboards and typing without the tacticle feedback just too difficult for me for that level of work. I would love to switch to something newer 

I have personal experience that there is no shortage of old fogey dinosaurs that feel lost without "something to click on. Wah, I can't type on a screen...boo hoo!" :'(

And I have personal experience that there is no end to young whipersnappers who send a second text that says, "Sorry, stupid autocorrect"

Yes, I want a keyboard. The thinness of the phone is not important to me. Accurate messaging is important to me.

Yes, yes yes. Every time I try a phone without a querty keyboard, i find myself completely spastic. Everyone I know who has such a phone has resorted to two and three word responses to emails. Bring back the querty!

nokia needs to release a portrait kb too.  I LOVE MY DVP.  i need the whole screen when I'm using Office to do homework.

I personally don't like them because they make the phone larger. I would be curious to see of there was a significant difference im power consumption though between using the qwerty and the on screen.

You better wait for Nokia to release a QWERTY Windows Phone... it's gonna be this year... and  it's it's gonna be such a luxury as on E7 (really great keyboard) I think I'll find my love :)

I can honestly say having a WP changed my thinking on touchscreen keyboards.. before that I was a diehard keyboard enthusiast.. got the LG Quantum, and... almost NEVER used the slide out keyboard.. Now with the L900, the bigger screen allows me better accuracy, and the autocorrect picks up on at least 80%+ mistakes for me.  Loving it so far.