Acer updates the Aspire S7 with Haswell; introduces the Aspire S3

Acer’s Aspire S7 has been one of the most beautiful Windows 8 Ultrabooks we have seen to date; today, the company announced an update of the machine with Intel’s latest Haswell CPU.

The S7 was a near perfect machine (see our mini-review) and the latest revision updates the two biggest complaints with the notebook – low RAM and terrible battery life. The new Haswell microarchitecture features a new advanced power-saving system that should give the system a bit of a boost in the mobility department. In addition, Acer has increased the battery from 4,680 mAh to 6,280 mAh (an almost 35% boost). As far as the RAM is concern, it has been doubled from 4GB to 8GB – perfect for anyone needing to get some intense Photoshop work done.

Acer has learned not to mess with what it already got right and has left the same port options, 1080p touchscreen, SSB choices, and integrated graphics at a $1,399 price tag. An optional high resolution 2560 x 1440 display has been announced, but there is no word yet on pricing.

Aspire S7 Side shot

The company doesn't want you to feel left out if feather light and paper thin aren't your forte. Acer has also announced the new Aspire S3, a slightly thicker Ultrabook that takes the design praise of the S7 and combines it with a more powerful engine. The new Aspire S3 will feature an NVidia GeForce GT735M GPU, 1TB HDD, and (most likely) a more powerful i7 CPU variant.

The new machine comes in at .7 inches thin, but 25% heavier at 3.63 pounds. To my delight, the machines are also available in multiple colors including red and gold. There is no detail yet on the pricing or availability of either, the S7 or S3 models.

What do you think about Acer’s latest ventures – are they stepping up their game like never before?

Sources: Windows Experience Blog, The Verge


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Acer updates the Aspire S7 with Haswell; introduces the Aspire S3


"Acer has increased the battery from 4,680 mAh to 8,280 mAh (an almost 35% boost)."
I think there's a typo there. ha
Anyway, these laptops sound pretty sweet. I'm looking forward to getting a new one soon, but I'd like an optical drive in mine.

according to intel haswell increase battery life up to 50% so it will be around 80% boost overall afterall ;)

With respect to "according to Intel," they have been saying a version of that for all of their processors for at least the past several years (minimally since the arrival of the first generation i processor designation).  What makes anyone think it is any more true today than last year or the year before, etc., etc., I remain amazed at the extent to which people still buy that marketing BS from Intel.  It is still just marketing and i am sure when machines start to hit the streets Intel will quickly (as in the past) point out that improvements are under optimal conditions and that it is the hardware vendors fault that battery life is not as predicted.

I did a lot of research on the current S7 and then decided to get the Samsung series 7 instead for two reasons: you can end user upgrade the RAM and SSD on the series 7, and it doesn't have the reported fan noise problems that the S7 have. Now that the Haswell upgrade is announced for the S7, and addresses exactly the issues I noted, I'm definitely waiting for the Haswell and getting it, hands down over anything else out there. Waiting sucks though, wish it was out already, I'll be one of the first in line.

I can see the new S7 being my next machine--signature model from the Microsoft store. I like that it powers on when the lid is opened, even if the machine is shut down.