A_C's S2U2 version 1.5d

I ran across an interesting application over the weekend while I watched it snow.  AC-S2.com offers a "slide to unlock" application, S2U2, that is feature rich and freeware.  The application does resemble iPhone's slider but S2U2 has a good amount of customization that includes the display of upcoming appointments, slide to answer feature, and customized wallpaper.  The S2U2 settings menu is located in your programs screen under the S2U2 folder and is touch scrollable. 

The AC-S2 website has a FAQ section as well as a downloadable description of each setting.It is freeware and a "use at your own risk" type application but I've had it installed for the past few days on an HTC Fuze with no problems. XDA Developer Forum member "A_C" created this application and website. 

If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional screen lock for your Windows Mobile phone, S2U2 is definitely worth consideration.

Follow Up: If you are using an HTC Fuze and choose to load the Test ROM you will need to disable S2U2's Caller ID/Slide to Answer feature.  It conflicts with the Test ROM's slide to answer feature and locks up the Fuze.


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A_C's S2U2 version 1.5d


I have this application installed on my Touch for over a year now. It's a real good application. I have not upgraged to the latest version yet, but I think I will this weekend. I'm running version 1.22.

Can people stop making Win Mo look like the iPhone. Goodness. I'm a Windows fanboy, not a mac fanboy.

Two minutes of customization (yes! customization! not on iPhone!) turns S2U2 into a lock screen which looks whatever way you like.
Apple did have the idea of the slide to unlock, and it's a very effective method.

I'm a big WM guy too, but it's hard to bash all of the iPhone' stuff.
Check out AC's S2P also. Music player similar to iPhone, a lot better than WMP.

slbailey1: Yes, update to this version as it allows for DirectDraw to be used (without issue) and it is much faster/smoother than the previous versions.

Anonymous: Sure this "looks" like the gateway to an iPhone, but you can not beat this application for an auto-lock; not to mention you can customize it (xda) to where it looks nothing like the iPhone counterpart --- sorry but Apple came up with a great method --- I am with you that I am a WM fanboy, but just like the comment from MS WM team earlier this week --- Apple really showed everybody what a "smartphone" can be (although I wouldn't consider the iPhone a smartphone until it gets a proper file manger).

I concur...v1.42 is MUCH smoother. I was thrilled with not only have the S2U aspect, but the Slide2Answer and being able to customize the look (both in Portrait and Landscape) with photos.

I tried a couple of other auto-locking utils on my Fuze, and while each has interesting features, neither worked as well as I'd hoped, especially when it came to unlocking to answer calls. I just installed S2U2 1.50d over the weekend and it works perfectly out of the gate and does everything I wanted in a phone lock app. The slick interface and loads of customizable options are just icing on the cake. It is also very easy to launch and stop with the ilock file which is handy.

More info on v1.52

Changes of v1.52
- added option to determine how often the password is required.
- added an unread icon to show the number of pending system notifications (e.g. alarm, reminder).
- added option to turn off the topmost curtain (above the top curtain) separately.
- fixed the v1.50 issue of starting S2P when Bluetooth headset was connected.
- fixed the v1.50 issue that S2P control might disappear after pressing any control key.
- fixed the v1.50 issue that Pocket Weather was not shown.
- fixed the v1.50 issue of occasionally high CPU usage during idle.
- save more power than the old version when the device is sleeping.
- some graphics changed.
- a few minor bugs fixed.