Activate Scout & Bing Vision in Mango for Canada, others? [How to]

We've seen the improvement coming in "Mango" to Bing, which are nothing short of impressive: Vision, Scout, Music, info cards, images, etc. But (and it's a big but) some of those services won't work everywhere in the same fashion. We're talking of course about Scout and Bing Vision. Specifically on the latter, we know it won't do movie posters, books, CDs, barcodes etc only MS Tags and QR codes outside of the US. That's a huge bummer for many as Bing Vision works quite well.

Reader Leon Y. writes in to let us know that these services are not available in Canada--at least on the Mango 7712 ROM. It's actually very simple:

"I currently have the dev build 7712 and I don't know if it works in the RTM build. Also I think this works because I speak English and not another language.

Here's how to do it: Go into the Region+languages in the settings and change the browser & search language to English (United States) and hit the back button to save the changes. The local scout works like a charm and the Bing vision is amazing. I think this will work in other English speaking countries. I don't see a reason for Microsoft disabling this feature for other countries other that the US. I just wanted to share this discovery with everyone"

Anyone else want to confirm and share their experience? It's odd that Local Scout will actually pull info down in countries where it's not available in the OS. We hope for a least a handful of you this will enable these awesome features and that other countries will soon get these services as well.

Update: Works in Germany according to reader @Cyrus1989


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Activate Scout & Bing Vision in Mango for Canada, others? [How to]


Yes, found this out recently too.I am in South Africa so there are no results for scout.However this does bring back turn by turn navigation and directions in Maps.

I done this when i first got my WP7 to enable speech options in bing. But alas it still doesn't enable Bing Vision properly, just MS Tags and QR codes being available in the UK (Actually some barcodes work now).By the way, if you have Local Scout enabled just hit the map section at the top and drag it to any city in the world you like, then zoom in and hit the Local Scout icon for the details for that area.

Yeah i can confirm it works. I've had my "region+language" settings in english us for some time now and Scout is working perfectly, even tough i'm in France with a french carrier. cool feature

Also works in 7720, but unfortunately there aren't any results for Scout in Austria. Vision works fine.It's a pity that this doesn't work with Bing Music if there is no Zune music store in the country. Any workarounds for that?

Works like a charm for me running the leaked Mango RTM on an LG Quantum and the Local Scout has a LOT of data for my area.The Bing Vision shopping links to US online retailers but no big deal

That's always how you got features to work.Scout doesn't have any data for Austria (poor, Google has tons :/ ) but vision works fine. I'll put it back on Austria or Germany though because I don't like getting US search results.The funny, or sad, thing is, that it even finds books and movies with their german titles, but then can't show them in shops because of course it doesn't find those in US shops.

It works for me too...but also no results in the scout (i live in Belgium). Hope MS wil expand it further to other countries :)

I'm in Mexico using Telcel. I previously had a Focus and now I am using the LG Optimus. I have always prefered my software/gadgets in english. Since the very beginning I configured the WP7 with _FULL_ US regional settings. I have always had turn by turn and with mango I have vision, sound and scout. But scout doesn't work in Mexico (I had used it in the US) and I am guessing that has more to do with MSFT's lame US centric services (no Bing content for Mex).So if you don't mind having the language, reg settings, etc in english, try it that way. You can always add another regional keyboard for your typing.The only thing that doesn't work is voice related services since you need to speak 'mexican' in english. Imagine this: 'search cuauhtemoc' :)ps. I do the same with my desktop software (using a US live ID). So I have full access to the marketplace and bing services. The downside is that I need to buy MSFT points cards and prepaid Zune Pass cards.

This has been the case since the release of Windows Phone 7 last year: Many features work only if region+language are set to US/English.I live in France and my phone is set to US/English in order to enjoy all of the functionalities.On the other hand, this doesn't work for all countries. For example, I have been recently in Belgium, and the local scout doesn't work there regardless of the language, simply because no data is available for Belgium.

Done this. Bing Vision works like a charm but Local Scout works poorly here. It does not recognize many locations. So far, i've only seen it recognize two buildings. MS should really improve on this. Cause it sucks to know that you dont get what others get in the US.

**Orange UK HTC MOZART updated to 7720 RTM**Changing the regional settings to US also allow it to work in the UK, problem with scanning items is that its showing prices in US dollar. Dont know about you lot of WP7'ers but I am finding it REALLY REALLY boring the way Microsoft continue to geofence things which dont make any sense, if Bing Vision is using Amazon for prices etc then we have that here.Maybe WindowsPhone Central should do a nice big article and put some voting buttons up and get people to vote on what is missing, what they would like, try and bring some attention to this?

I have already noticed that for France! Bing Vision here is working but only for QR and Microsoft tags. When I changed language setting I could scan also barcodes, books, DVDs... and even french items!What is really strange is that instead of local scoot WP7 is using "pages jaunes" (French yellow pages), it working fine but we have only rates, no reviews... But when I changed the setting I got reviews too (and french reviews!!)

working perfect in Spain, with all the features and with the local scout finding many places even where I live, that is a very small town.Omnia 7 - 7712

I already did this a long time ago. Didn't know no one had figured that out yet. :pI'm also in Belgium. What's bad if you set it in English (USA), is that if you search something in Bing (just a word) it shows the English results and not in Dutch. So it won't search your countrie's sites first anymore... Too bad. Although Bing Vision is worth it ! Hope they add Bing Audio too soon, but I don't think that will be happening soon.

I'm in Dublin, Ireland. I changed the browser & search language to English (United States) but still got nothing in Local Search. Strange as Microsoft has 1,200 employees here. Their primary data centre for Europe is here and Google's European HQ and a large number of other big name tech companies