Add-ons for Fhotoroom for Windows 8 free for a limited time

Fhotoroom for Windows 8/RT

Fhotoroom is a very popular Windows Phone and Windows 8 photography app.  It combines a healthy photo editor, a decent camera app and a photo-sharing network into a well designed app.

While Fhotoroom is a free app for both Windows Phone and Windows 8, add-on packs are available for in-app purchase with the Windows 8 version that added editing filters and brushes as well as removing the ads in the gallery.  The charge was minimal and helped cover the server costs.

However, in the spirit of the Holidays, for the next two weeks these add-on packs will be free for the Windows 8 and RT versions of Fhotoroom.  Those already enjoying Fhotoroom on their Windows 8 or RT device, but haven't purchased the add-on packs, should see the unlocked features automatically (or at least that was the case with my copy of Fhotoroom).

You can find Fhotoroom for Windows 8/RT here in the Windows Store.  The Windows Phone version is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices, is a free app as well and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store or by scanning the QR Code below.

QR: Fhotoroom


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Add-ons for Fhotoroom for Windows 8 free for a limited time


nope, the free promotion is for a limited time period but once purchased at $0.00 they will be available for all future updates .No strings attached no loop holes just making the in app purchase free.

Hmmm... I'm not finding any option to "purchase at $0.00" anywhere, just the abilty use use the formerly paid features.

Where is this option to 'purchase for $0.00"?

if already installed goto editor, click the settings button (bottom right hand corner) then click upgrade. there you will be asked to purchase with the price of free.

Thanks... It appears that I'd already bought the 'Pro' featrures on my account - LOL!

I still went ahead and installed/upgraded the 2 Surfaces, 2 Yogas and other Windows 8.1 devices in my house (not under my MS App account) to the 'Pro' version.

Great App!

ty and i keep telling ppl we are just getting started, some of our future updates will leave every other editor in the dust. Also know you can choose your startup screen as well so if you want to go straight to the editor you can very easily.

Damned you Red Baron!

Fhotoroom vs. Photoroom and failing or Phlailing eyesight.

In any case, don't download Photoroom as it keeps dying and not loading on my RT.

I actually find apps of this type of limited use. What we need are more robust, feature rich photo and graphic editors.

Mark Fhotoroom touch for the Surface my have some limitations compared to desktop apps but that is also because it a new product on a new platform. If you compare how mature Fhotoroom is terms of editing to other apps in the store you can see we are trying to push what a tablet can do. If you are having an issue on your Surface RT please email me with any information and i will try to get a fix out right away. Let me add i test this app on my Win81 surface RT every single day and i know many others who use it on RT as well so give us a chance to at least fix these issues.

Lastly we have pushed out more updates for Fhotoroom Touch than pretty much any other app in the Photo Category in the Windows Store in under a year (+30) so this is not a lack of trying to make the best app we can for Windows8.

I would also like to add, try using Photoshop on a 8 inch device.