AdDuplex CEO offers more evidence of LG's return to Windows Phone

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A new message from AdDuplex CEO Alan Mendelevich offers some more concrete evidence that LG may be returning to the Windows Phone front in the near future with a new device.

AdDuplex is getting ready to release its monthly report on the Windows Phone hardware ecosystem, based on stats collected from their ad service. As a teaser ahead of the full report's release, Mendelevich posted a message on his Twitter feed today: "AdDuplex Stats Teaser: LG D635 WP8.1 720p 5" spotted."

In February during the World Mobile Congress trade show, LG was revealed as a hardware partner for Windows Phone, after previously releasing products for the older WP7 OS. Earlier this year, a render of an alleged upcoming LG Windows Phone product was posted by "evleaks" but later he suggested the render was in fact a hoax.

What do you think of LG's possible return to the Windows Phone fold?

Source: Alan Mendelevich on Twitter


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AdDuplex CEO offers more evidence of LG's return to Windows Phone


It is always good to hear about new Win Phones coming to market. Hope they bring some high-end and budget phones to market.

I also think it's a mid-range phone but still 720p is not very bad but it would have good if it was 1080p atleast

Nevermind! Good thing is LG is returning (who knows they might make a 1080p device thereafter?). We need more companies to fill the gap right now. More hardware partners means more choices! :)

Yeah bro but all of them are making mid-range phones and only MS-Mobile is making high-end WPs.....At least LG should have announced a high-end phone but it's still better than nothing.

That's true we need more high-end devices, MS phones may not be sufficient for users' choices if we compare with Android devices. I guess, its about time. WP really got a lot of attraction after MS made WP license fee free (with some exceptions like limitation of screen size etc) and after announcement of 8.1 (thats why we saw companies like MMX, XOLO etc instantly jumping in). I suspect some companies might also afraid to invest on making a device with low market share. But with emerging competition, they finally come out of their shells. Lets hope for the best! I really want SONY to join in *_* and hope we'll see some high-end devices too.

My exact doubt. (I knew someone will ask this)
But lets have some hope.. Lets think about it, now that the games hub has been separated from the system core apps, it's quite possible MSFT may make a deal with SONY such that those phones won't have the hub but they'll still be able to download non-xbox games listed in the app list. MSFT may as well agree to include some SONY exclusive features on those phones.

Or there's one more chance for SONY concentrating on WPs if the WP OS gets at least 30% market share. That would be enough for SONY to consider manufacturing WPs.........I know 30% or any big number for WP market share feels like a dream but lets have hope that InShaAllah one day WP will get a very good marketshare

When I checked the WP India website, it was showing just one Samsung WP and that too it had WP7.5 so no Samsung option for WP lovers in India.

Fantastic news! Don't get me wrong, the smaller guys like Prestigio and Yezz are awesome, but we need more well-known OEMs as opposed to just Microsoft and kinda Samsung....

I hope it's a flagship (probably not) and that it will create a market for Windows Phone in South Korea. It has potential because obviously Koreans love LG, everyone uses Windows (I still haven't seen a Mac there) and it would be the only Windows Phone sold in the country.

Since it's 720p for 5' , i imagine it's a mid range phone , probably snapdragon 600 with 1 gb ram and 8 or 13 mp , but it could be good because there isn't any win 8.1 mid range phone currently , you get either to choose from a limits 635 for 150$ or the icon/930 for 550$ , it would be nice to see a good phone to fill the gap.

Yes! So excited! Looking forward for a beautiful high end WP from LG :D

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Yeah but it's mentioned in the article that it's just 720p device that means it's not at all a high-end phone.

That really hasn't worked out too well.  We need more OEMs, not less.  It looks like that is happening!

I sort of agree as well. I like a Lumia only windows phone world as the hardware is usually the best but if it helps us grow overall then the others are fine I guess.

I feel like every company that manufacturers a phone should make phones by keeping WP as their primary OS

OEMs are always welcome, but in case of the wide range of Lumia exclusive apps and build quality of phones Nokia is BEST and always will be :)

If WPs get more user attention then most of the OEMs would make their own exclusive apps to differentiate themselves from others.
The best thing about Nokia (I mean MS-Mobiles) phones is their build quality that other OEMs can't match.

That's always welcome. But I don't know what happened to Yezz Billy 4.7. It was supposed to be available by end of June. Same thing with Micromax they launched W121 but its not yet available for consumers to buy. Not sure about Prestigo. Hopefully when LG launches their phone they should start selling immediately (15-20 days from launch). Earlier I could understand that WP8.1 was not ready so could be cause for delay for YEzz billy. But now WP8.1 since June 24th is officially out so no reasons for delay.

There is a forum post saying the Billy is launching August 1st, I. Sent Yezz a question about the launch date and didn't hear back...

I sent a lot of tweets to Micromax asking about their new that when it's going for sale but they didn't replied any of my tweets. I don't know why they take so much time to start the sale after announcing their phones.

yea. i really wanted the Yezz phone,  but  these  delays.  They are probably by microsoft.  They knew thier products in the 8.1 family were lacking.  so they proabably  put out a quasai-trade embargo. Most OEM devices were set to be relased months ago.  

If the only difference is 720p vs 1080p, it won't matter to me. As long as the specs are top notch & they bring over their version of OIS, they can take my money.

A flagship without 1080p...that won't be happening unfortunately.
You may just have to wait a while longer for your dream device (personally, the 930 eclipses the G3 in all the areas I care about....camera, video recording, music via MixRadio and design)

If more cmpany will came. Windows definitly grows up rapidly so more apps and games will available on windows platform... Waiting for LG & SONY

The LG phones I owned pre smartphone days were among my favorites ever. Incredible call quality and great keyboards. Look forward to seeing what they offer...

Absolutely agree my LG CU500 was a great phone with excellent call quality and nice camera,also very well built.

720p (and I assume 5 inches?) probably means its a midrange phone since anything high end should be 1080p.

Which I really don't get. Personally I'd be happy with 480p on a 5" phone of it meant I'd get better battery life. I mean we have lesser resolutions on laptops with 6x the screen surface of the phones!

I have 480p on a Lumia 820. There is a VERY noticeable difference when viewed alongside my 1020...
I don't want 480p screens to come back! 720p is all good with me though

I will stick with Lumia. LG is good to see back but they already said f u once so I am not putting much stock In them. They will probably be like Samsung and release it with little marketing or mention and like HTC with pretty much no specific apps for their device.

No manufacture other than MS wil bring flagship because it just not selling well unfortunately compared to Android base. Even with Samsung dominating that space all these manufacturer keep bringing out high ends for androids.

Before they had to pay for the OS and now its free, so you should see more OEM joining the group. I like to Sony, Panasonic, Fujitsu too. They have some awesome tech that can be utilized well on WP8.1.

It's like they throw out low end windows device and waiting to see if WP take off before going for high end approach

LG and Sony should make devices running Windows phone. Also, Windows phone should provide all needed software features for their hardwares.

Well, now that Nokia is temporarily out of the phone business, LG would be an OEM I would seriously consider. Their G3 is a great phone, although I would rather have it with 1080p and a smaller screen. So if this one comes with a 5" tops, I'll definitely look into it.


Now, if only Sony would move their bloody arses and release a WP flagship already...!

Had the lg e900 as my first WP handset and loved it, i for one would be glad to welcome them back to WP

It's probably a mid range phone, 5' 720p , snapsragon 600 , 1 GB ram , 8mp flash cam , 8gb + sd , probably a front facing camera and the price should be 300$ or something like that

I'm thinking, what will I miss if I get an LG WP phone and not a Lumia? Are there still app exclusives to Lumia?