Adobe adds Cloud support in their latest update for Reader

Adobe Reader

Back a few months ago, Adobe finally gave their Reader app a solid overhaul for Windows Phone 8. Today, they have pushed out another update to bring the app up to version and it reportedly brings along with it Adobe Cloud support.

Cloud and comment adding in Reader

By allowing you to login to your Acrobat.com account, users should now be able to create and distribute forms, electronically sign files, send & track large files, get personal file storage, and access team workspaces. That’s a pretty significant jump in productivity for a lot of people and knowing the ubiquity of Acrobat, it should give Windows Phone users a leg up in the office.

From the app description pertaining to cloud support:

  • Share files with anyone using Acrobat.com file sharing
  • Share files across all of your desktop and mobile devices with Acrobat.com
  • Automatically save changes back to the cloud
  • Synchronize where you are reading across multiple devices via Acrobat.com

The update also allows highlighting text and adding comments to your Acrobat files.

Not a bad update and it's great to see continued support for such a popular (and necessary) service for Windows Phone.

Pick up Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8, version 10.3 here in the Store.

Thanks, N_LaRUE and Uchendu N., for the tip and screenshots

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Reader comments

Adobe adds Cloud support in their latest update for Reader


Why not skydrive? I'm not going to sign up for another cloud service just to store .PDF files.
Wait a second... doesn't Skydrive already do this with the built in Reader app?

You can do this even without the Microsoft PDF reader.  I only have Adobe Reader installed on my phone.  Go to the Office Hub, navigate to your SkyDrive folder, find the PDF, press and hold the document, hit Share and then email the full PDF (not a link).

Acrobat.com is not just a cloud space, it has more services built into it than SkyDrive but it takes lot of time to load on PC and I am not sure how quick it will work in phone. When I click get started button the app crashes on my L720.

Sorry if this is off topic, but I just bought a Lumia 920. Been looking at cases, any suggestion's at cases I should look at, been leaning toward the ballistic model. Thanks

This is a nice feature, but I don't care to store my PDFs on Adobe's cloud service even though I really like the ability to synchronize my reading. There needs to be a standard for cloud usage and synchronization, so apps can be designed to allow me the consumer to pick where I store my cloud information.

Not to be the complainer on this one but how about updating to be able to read ALL PDF files? For some reason it has trouble opening some of my files, so did the MS one. The best one at the moment is the one you can purchase (PDF READER) as it can open everything (PDF wise)...