A&E, Lifetime and History come to Windows Phone

AE History Lifetime

It was just a few days ago that we learned A&E, Lifetime and History had made their television content available in apps for Windows 8.1. Not to be left, those apps are also now available for users on Windows Phone. Grab the download links below to catch your favorite shows like Pawn Stars, Duck Dynasty and others!

Just the like the Windows 8.1 apps, you can do the following on Windows Phone:

  • Watch full episodes and clips of your favorite series
  • Create a customized Watchlist of your favorite shows.
  • See exclusive clips and deleted scenes from shows, never before shown on television.

AE History Lifetime

The apps are listed as Universal Windows apps, which is an awesome trend we've been seeing more of since Build 2014.

Anyone looking forward to watching shows from these television channels on your Windows Phone? Sound off below with your favorite program.

Via: TechNet


QR: Lifetime

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Reader comments

A&E, Lifetime and History come to Windows Phone


Same. If I had to choose channels it wouldn't be any of these, but always good to see official apps. The more the merrier.

Must be the increase on market shares. Like a Website show me the traffic. And you can display our product. This is awesome.

Once the My Little Pony app was released, I knew WP was "there". Cash, I'm sure there was some behind the scenes "pushing" to get these apps done.

Agree. Something mystical is happening at WP with in the last two weeks. Plenty of official apps. Excellent,

Windows 8.1 format, how many devices are out there for it and how much its growing and is the future for windows (largest computer OS in the world) and how easy it is to make your app for one platform then make it for the other. So if they make a windows 8.1 app it is a lot more likely that a WP app will be made the it use to and it has to do with stream lining the process of the development tools and making the platforms similar.

Or, MS went strait to the developers, and pitched the idea of a universal app to them, then offered to fund the app development.

Would really like to see official apps for FedEx, USPS, UPS, to manage accounts, shipping times and deliveries. Also would like to see official team sports apps.

Sam, fix the History Channel link as it's showing Title not found in the WPCentral app and making it crash...(Jay can later thank you for the emails...lol)

I watched a small tid bit of some hillbillies cussing at each other and the world on the Great Lakes. So, at least those of us who have cut the cord can watch some ....crap like I described.

WTF is up with the iOS like WIndows tiles; lazy fcuks. Windows phones users need to stop accepting this shit.

Do I have to have these channels with my provider? Because I do not feel like subscribing to anything but Netflix and Hulu plus at this point.

Yes. They verify it by having you use your account login from your provides website to give access to full episodes.