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Looking for a swiss army styled app for your Windows Phone? No, not one that comes with tweezers and a nail file but one that has a healthy collection of tools? If so, you need to check out All in 1 Toolbox.

All in 1 has nine tools in the box that include:

  • Flashlight: 4 different themes
  • Unit Converter: length, area, volume, weight, temperature, angle and time
  • Secure Notes: protects your notes with a password and encryption. Organizes your notes to categories.
  • Date Calculator: adds days, time and subtracts dates
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator: calculates BMI and shows BMI category
  • Tip Calculator: calculates the tip and splits the check
  • Counter: +/- buttons for counting, with save and load
  • Password Generator: generates a customizable password and saves it to the secure notes
  • Product Comparison: compares 2 products with price, quantity and discount.

The tools are launched from a "lazy susan" styled menu and are an interesting assortment of applications. I can see some coming in handy on a daily basis, while others may only be used once in a while.

The All in 1 Toolbox is running $1.99 and there is a free trial version available to let you give a whirl before buying. You can find All in 1 Toolbox here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace. 

Oh... there is a free, ad-supported version of All in 1 Toolbox.  Toolbox Free has the same nine tools and simply adds an ad banner into the mix.  You can find Toolbox Free here at the Marketplace.


Reader comments

All in 1 Toolbox - App Spotlight


Does this have a real flashlight using the camera flash or is it another one of those retarded white screen "flashlights"?

Real flashlight is impossible in WP7 as there is no API available to third-party developers (no idea if that was added in Mango, but I doubt it).

HTC has a flashlight app that you can download if you have an HTC device - it uses the camera flash LED and not the screen. I use it all the time.

I have a sideloaded app that works, but makes an annoying and loud sound whn you turn n the flashlight, it takes a while to start and stop and is quite ugly. Otherwise, it's quite functional and these are minor annoyances rather than full on complaints.