Deal Alert - All Liquid Daffodil Windows Phone apps are free for 72 hours

glƏƏk! and Outsider from Liquid Daffodil

You may not recognize Liquid Daffodil but you may recognize some of the developer's Windows Phone apps. glƏƏk! and Outsider (formerly known as ... I'm a WP7) are likely the two biggies in their portfolio but there's more.

You have also have Add to Contacts which adds local search and Local Scout results directly to your contacts; Calendar Search which adds a keyword search with filters for your Windows Phone calendar; and Outsider Extras which adds a few additional features (add an image to your profile, get access to all the Today's Picks and Category Wallpapers, etc.) to your Outsider app.

All together these apps will cost just shy of $8 but for the next 72 hours, all of Liquid Daffodil's apps will be free. The free offer is to celebrate the developer availability of Windows 8 RTM and the availability of glƏƏk! on Windows 8.

Windows Phone Centrail is happy to team up with Liquid Daffodil to bring you this celebratory sale.

These are some great apps for your Windows Phone and all you need to do is follow the links below to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Remember, the free offer only lasts seventy-two hours and after that, these Windows Phone apps will return to their regular pricing points. So there's no need to stall to cash in on these savings. If the app is not yet marked free, give it some time...it will change over!

**Due to a late app update, glƏƏk! is running a day behind the rest of the apps. In the meantime, you can use the hashtag option:

  • Go to 'Support' in the app
  • Double-tap on the main glƏƏk! logo
  • Enter:  #modernisstillmetro

Reader comments

Deal Alert - All Liquid Daffodil Windows Phone apps are free for 72 hours


Give Marketplace a while to update or
for Gleek Try version and then use MagicHashTag to get for free
Add to Contacts, Calendar Search, Outsider&Extra no MagicHashTags for Free. So you have to wait for Marketplace to update
grabbed all of them last time they where free
gleek Is great twitter app, I use that one the most
outisder and outsider extra is nice for wallpapers most of where I get mine from
add to contacts is very useful

Hey fans, we have comfirmation of ALL FREE in most areas of the world, but you may need to give it a few hours for some of them...we submitted all five (5) at the same time, but you never know how the Marketplace will publish. :)
Anyway, this is why we're running it until through Sunday: to make sure all our fans have a chance to take advantage of the cool Windows 8 Celebration Special!
Out fans rock!

...and as a note, this is a great time to pick up glƏƏk! as the version awaiting approval (v1.12) includes Pocket support and a cool new Extra that lets you create "tweet clouds" from Timelines!

Add to Contacts and Calendar Search are things that should be built into the OS honestly. It's great that there's an app to make up for these. Picked these two up the last time they were free, must have apps definately.

Looks like I'll have to wait for these. None of them are showing up as free in the marketplace, double tapping on the Gleek logo does nothing, and I have no idea what MagicHashTag is or how to get/use it.

EDIT: Nevermind, I restarted the app and it started working.

EDIT 2: Is there a way to get rid of the Peeks section? It's really, really annoying because it gets in the way of me swiping over to the Timeline.

Thanks for the response. I must've missed that because of the upside-down letters (they throw me off just a tad). In any case, I'm really digging the app now! I don't use Twitter much, but this will be my go-to app from now on.

I've been looking for a new twitter app since carbon has been slacking. I love carbon though so it's hard to replace

Installed glƏƏk! but trial version as it was only showing with try in  the marketplace.
Tried double-tapping the icon in support but nothing happens!

Add to Contacts (and other apps) still show as try or buy, in the US market (for me). Online and in Marketplace App. 
With any luck, the 72 hours will be over, before we get any "free" apps. 

Folks, all 5 apps were made FREE at the same time. They all show free in the App Hub. Not sure when some aren't showing for everyone but it's out of our control. Rest assured we'll keep them free for at least 72 hours for every app.

Folks. Be patient. Remember, glƏƏk! can be downloaded as trial and gotten free with the Magic Hashtag as mentioned in this article.

It looks like Add to Contacts and Calendar Search finally show FREE worldwide...because we love our fans we'll extended the special on those through Monday. :) ...and remember, to use the Magic Hashtag on glƏƏk! you need to add at least one Twitter account first. :)

Can you please explain how the magic hashtag works? Excuse my ignorance, I just don't understand what it accomplishes or what I do after I have entered it in to secure the app on my phone. Obviously, my first time.

I followed the instructions: downloaded app trial, signed into my account. Double clicked icon, entered tag, and now I am a cheapskate on Twitter. Ha Is there a reason why Gleek isn't showing in my collection when in the marketplace, or is there another step I am missing.

Thanks Codesmith, I couldn't get the magic hashtag to work, I didn't add an account though. I added my twitter account and the magic hashtag works.