Alleged images of the Lumia 830 leak ahead of announcement, shows removable back

Lumia 830

Ready for the clearest look at the Lumia 830 yet? Over at WPDang alleged photos of the upcoming Windows Phone have leaked. We're expecting to see the Lumia 830 in two days at IFA in Berlin, but for now you can check out some new images of the device.

Lumia 830

The Lumia 830 is expected to be the follow up to the Lumia 820 from 2012. You'll get a flagship designed smartphone in an affordable package. A 5-inch HD display and rumored 10 MP PureView camera are just some of the specs we're expecting. This should also be a fairly thin handset, despite the PureView camera tech.

The images from WPDang show off a neat trick in the Lumia 830. It looks like this device might have a removable back and swappable battery. Hit up the source link for more images of the Lumia 830.

Source: WPDang

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Alleged images of the Lumia 830 leak ahead of announcement, shows removable back



This phone just needs to come out now. The Lumia 820 easily topped the Icon and 1520 as my favorite, and I've nothing but confidence that the 830 will be just as balanced.

... unfortunately, they're not Apple, so I'm probably gonna be waiting some time...

From the screenshot on WPdang it says 'SOC 8926', which a seach shows as 'Snapdragon 400SoC, MSM8926'

there maybe some maybe disappointment

You really, really should stop worrying about processors.

Lumia 630 was a very smooth device, and with 512MB of RAM. If this has 1GB, it will be way smoooooother. #seemssmoother

It depends on the price. I don't care so much for the processor, as long as it has a good camera (with the possibility of taking good pics in different light conditions) and as long as I perceive it fast enough fot my day-by-day use.

Not with a pure-view camera and not regarding gaming. The S400 is just to damn slow for this.

If it really has an S400 it could not have larger MP than 13, that's all a S400 can process. Maybe the S400 with 10MP isn't the international version but e.g. T-mobile.

I don't want to rule out a S400, Nokia/MS have a very good track-record in doing a grain of salt in every device. But that would kill all potential the 830 may have.

If this one really comes with a S400 globally i'm done with WinPhone.

He asked for that information, and he got answer to read article, article don't say about battery. But someone may read somewere else about it, and knows how strong battery will be

You're right. The thing is: the kids that compose a good chunk of members in this website love to kiss the ass*es of the editors, no matter what. Pretty annoying.

Sorry, this new commenting system is a bit confusing. Who were you replying to? Me or the post below me? If that comment was directed at me I just want to clarify that I'm not just trying to defend the editors no matter what. Just pointing out that this article was about a new picture being posted. The new picture didn't come with any other new info like battery so up to this point we still don't know.

Not him; the others. I sided with him (Nenad). And yes, many of the members do this ("side with the editors with no reason", even when the editors come up with ignorant/disrespectful responses). And enough already with this subject.

Well actually, no, he DIDNT ask that information. He wasn't specific at all about what he wanted. He just said "what about the battery"

I'm pretty sure that when someone asks "what about the battery" he wants more info on the battery... Perfectly fair question to ask in this comment section and totally unnecessary for anyone - including the author - to give stupid answers.

If there were any new information about battery I'm pretty sure they would have included that in the article.

Yup I think everyone is expecting them to sell the same removable cover BUT with wireless charging for extra money :)

which I think is great. Both parties win. Cheaper standard model and whoever wants the wireless charging can buy the more expensive back cover.

That is of course assuming they offer this and not a snap on cover plus the regular removable cover -_-

it looks like it does based on the pictures from original article as you can see the connectors and coil!

not so keen on the camera module! looks a little shiney compared to 1020. not as classy!


Hmmm. The back of my 822 comes off.  How does one replace the battery, Sim card, SD, etc if the back doesnt come off?  Do you just have to throw it away and get a new phone?

SD and SIM have trays and frankly replacing batteries is overblown since modern ones last the two year life of most phones with little breakdown. It is a myth held over from earlier tech.

The ability to replace a battery with a spare is not a myth. Spend the day at an amusement park, outdoor music festival, etc. where you can't recharge and still want your phone to work and it's worth it.

Sure they make portable chargers, but a battery is smaller and you dont have to leave it plugged in...it just works.

That could make my decision over the HTC One M8 much easier.


Seriously? Why would you assume a phone without a back cover would have a battery, SIM card and SD card behind a back cover?

The back of the iPhone doesn't come off either.... That's why you must take then in to an authorized repair shop if you need to replace the battery, etc.

If only the carriers didn't have incompatible networks this wouldn't be a problem. If the US developed to international GSM standards it would have been a better environment from the getgo.

Yea they are including the 920, 925, 930, 1020, 1520 just to mention a few, so easy to remove, Cortana even has an update, just say "remove back cover" and it pops open, tho this only works on the 1030

No, a lot of phones have an uni-body design, meaning you can't remove the back to change the battery with your hand (unless you use tools and disasamble the phone).

Removable backs especially from nokia are really flimsy and cheap. Hope this one is nice and sturdy so it doesn't have marks or creak.

I love my 820 BECAUSE it's memory expandable and instead of a mobile battery charger I simply swap out the battery and keep moving along my day. oh and the back cases aren't cheap. bought a light blue one for my phone last week and it looks and feels great. I don't know about you but this a good durable housing.

Since the back of the phone is removable, you're volume rocker, power button and camera button will have problems. My Lumia 1320 power button and volume down buttons are broken. I can still power it on by double tapping the screen and I power it off by using the lock screen app.

My moms 520 suffered from this! super easy to fix :D

Go replace the removable shell and that comes with the new rubberized buttons which push the plastic buttons on the device :) also you can try adjusting it yourself sometimes the rubber buttons fall off place.

Or let someone professional repair it because It's probably the piece of the button attatched to the board that has come off. That is what happened with two lumia 520 of mine.

With mine it helps to put the phone all the way into the button side of the cover first and then snap the other side down.  Otherwise I've noticed times when the buttons didn't work, probably because they weren't lined up with the little switches on the phone itself.

That's a crazy comment. Your saying ask phones with a removable back will have those problems? My wife's 822 has a removable back and she's had hers for over a year with no problems with the volume, power, and camera buttons.

Not necessarily. 2x almost 2 year old Lumia 820 and both have no problems whatsover.

Frankly, it's an advantage bcause in case of failure you just replace the cover. I love the option of a removable cover. Besides removable battery, you can change the cover for a diffirent colour and in case of scratches, dents just replace the cover. Love it!

Geez, a -14 rating for asking a legitimate question.  Good thing I didn't leave some unrelated smarky comment.

I never had any problem with my focus back as I had (have) it in a case. I still use my old Focus as a camera for my inspection business for dirty/dusty places such as under houses.

Motorola v220 not only the cover was weak the antenna had even popped off.
Nokia 6085 similar issue kind of wish I picked up a 6086 instead

Yeah that 400 has got me thinking maybe this isn't the phone to upgrade to.

The game playing ability is gonna be poor with Adreno 305

They put the samo SoC in like a Moto G.

Not only it's the same SoC that features the 635, but that will make the camera again damn slow.

If it real has a S400 i'm done - i could'nt stand it anymore WTF are they thinking.

Looking pretty good, the deficits of the 820 were low resolution compared to the 920 (now HD is fine for me), the 8GB on board (but this seems to be fixed), and no pureview camera (again fixed). Give a Qi back and we are good.

That back is promising for optional wireless charging and flip. Woah. May be my next WP! Oh man.

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The 1020 also doesn't have a removable back and the two pins are for wireless cases cause of the built in NFC. As with this there is no room for the NFC other than the case. So yes those two pins are important and does mean something. Do your research

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The back cover for both the LG and Samsung has the NFC attached to the removable cover. Because that's where is normally attached on noon removable backs. So the 830 back either has pins for a wireless charger or NFC but most likely this won't have both.

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Yup. Follow the source WPDang and the legit screenshot shows SoC 8926 which is indeed the quad core 400.

I am very disappointed :/ now the upgrade isn't so justifiable from my 925. Ill see tomorrow what is announced. But that screenshot is as legit as it gets.

I need a 925 successor!!! Aluminium frame, slim, 5 inch, 32gb wid sd card slot, 1.5-2gb ram, 10-20mp pureview camera... Come on Nokia... U can do it

This sounds like your phone then. It has a 5"display, aluminium frame, 10MP PureView camera and SD card slot.

I love that they're bringing back the removeable cover and battery like the older Nokia devices. And there seems to be a logo there near the battery. Could that be a sign that there's an microSD slot underneath the battery?

Snapdragon 805 has proven to be only slightly better than 800 in Android, why bother for the cost upcharge to chase meaningless spec.

According to the wpdang article, it is a snapdragon 400 series. If so then I might be skipping this generation as well. Shall see when performance numbers come out. I have no plans of downgrading.


Unbelievable they slapped it with the sam cpu/gpu as the 630

On top of that it has a higher resoultion screen. So the GPU gonna struggle even more than it did with th 820s Areno 225.

Piss poor specs if this is true

Looks like i'll be getting a 930 come upgrade time

BUDGET MARKET PEOPLE. B-U-D-G-E-T. Budget market is where WP can shine at the moment. MS doing high en Lumias only would run it to the ground. Directly fighting at this stage against apple,samsung and google is suicidal, so they're trying to cater those who have less buck in their pockets, such as students and eurasian countries. Also remember WP is sold as a business-centered OS, so why would they make costly phones with uneeded specs that companies would shy away from.

Some of us would not mind upgrading our 8xx series phone to the new 8xx series phone. It looks like it would be a downgrade in cpu/gpu so why bother. I am wanting a phone that can at least web browse nicely, play games, and shoot decent photos. The only upgrade could be the photos and the others might be a big downgrade.

Budget is nice but that is covered via 5/6/7xx series. Normally you want to allow your current customers an upgrade path so they keep paying you.

No, just no. Microsoft is living in the low-margin sector with these devices. They will maybe gain marketshare, but not revenue. These "emerging markets" are places where high-end tech (where the real money is made) doesn't sell well, likely won't for a long time (if ever). So, you can say Microsoft is goign for the low-end, but that jsut means that they're opting to minimize potential profits.


Also, go check out businesses, it's not uncommon to see most carrying high-end iOS or Android devices, even if it means doing so as a personal device (to pair with the mid-range work device).

Budget market at $350-450? This is a high end mid range, it is FAR from the budget market. And a snapdragon 400 is pathetic on a phone at that cost. Absolutely pathetic.
That said, i have a feeling its going to have an 800/801 processor. Also just google a few existing phones at that price, almost all of them have full HD screens and camera resolution that is just as good. If they want to cater to the budget market, there are countless Android phones out there that offer much higher specs at WAY lower costs.

Budget budget budget. Not every one wants a dag on budget phone. Especially when you want to upgrade from a phone that is already better than what's coming out. Relax on the budget mantra. We get it. Windows Phone is for the cheap people. Is that the message we want to send?

Windows Phone isn't Android. You also don't know that the price difference is significant. So you used an unproved hypothetical and an inequal comparison, in the name of calling something a "meaningless spec."

The fact of the matter is, there isn't a meaningful upgrade to the 920. The 1020 is the same thing with a facy camera. the 925 is the same thing with a different casing and less storage. The 1520 is too big for many users. The Icon/920 isn't available widely in the U.S. So, what we have as an "upgrade" to my 920 would be losing wireless charging, possibly losing glance (we don't know the display tech in this), and raising the pixel count and moerately raising the SoC a generation.

You're right that the SoC isn't a big leap, but when we're talking about a 2-year investment, then throwing in the fact I won't get to keep wireless charging (because AT&T sucks), hearing things like the use of an older SoC and the halving of the camera resolution is not pleasant.

Yeah the 830 for many of us was the desperate upgrade path to "high end" coming from our 920s and 925s.

Everything was there man! And they go and shove a snapdragon 400. I mean c'mon. Look up the SoC 8926 then compare it to our 8960. Besides the new bells and whistles, raw power just isn't enough of a jump.

Yeah that sucks big time

Its gaming performance will be lower than the 820

Adreno 305 is a big step down from 225


Oh well looks like its a lumia 930 come upgrade time

The one photo on WPDang, unless it is a ridiculously-well photoshoped hoax a day before the official announcement (and really, who do you think would do that for a Lumia 830), seems to confirm:

1. 720p screen resolution and

2. Snapdragon 400 processor

The 800 or the 801 would be nice for the device. It would become a best seller cuz the 5" 720p screen is a sweet spot for many people. I just hope its an AMOLED screen.

I don't think we can have 801 with this device but 800 is possible. I guess the 801 or 805 is reserved for the successor of 1520 or 1020.
If this device will have at least 800, this phone wil fly since it only have HD resolution, the only thing will bottleneck this is the RAM.

Sorry, I should have been more explicit. They have a 920 and 630 in there for comparison. The 810 and 82x series phones had the same processor as the 920. The 830 shares the same processor as the 630.

You can notice that it is a major downgrade for web browsing if you compare the 920 vs the 630.

Sorry to burst your bubble mate lol but that SoC 400 is in no way going to outperform your snapdragon 8960 in raw power. Even the GPU lacks, and that is why i will be staying with my 925 if this holds true.

You can clearly see the MicroSD logo on the upper left slot. The location of the SIM logo, top of battery right side, means the battery is removable. The contacts above the battery on the right are probably Qi charging contacts.

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but it really looks like the phone supports wireless charging.  You can see the two prongs on the phone and the back has a big black rectangle that could be the adhesive holding the charging coil on the back. Very exciting!

On my 822 the NFC uses the two prongs. The wireless charging has four prongs.. While this should have wireless charging, the two prongs the black rectangle on the cover is the NFC.

Interesting. Been waiting a long time to replace my 820, but Nokia has always left something out in subsequent handsets that's held me back.

Despite it's pitfalls, the 820's swappable Shells/Battery, SD Card, and Wireless Charging are hard to give up. 

I can see Microsoft screwing this up. They need to make this available on day on, no waiting and on all carriers, but they won't and and will screw this one up again. 

When will they learn.

How many times do we have to say this - it's not MS' call to have phones on all carriers.  If you want to bitch about availablity, blame the carriers.

Definitely click the link for more pics. This looks like a suitable successor to the 925, as it has an aluminum surround (only the third Lumia ever to sport such a feature), and judging from the relative thickness of the headphone jack and charging port, this will be a thin phone if the back side doesn't pillow out too much. If it truly has a 5" screen, hopefully glance is now in the picture. Most importantly though, for the sake of Windows Phone, let's pray that Microsoft has seen the light to guide them free of carrier-exclusive phones.

Original article mentions SD400. I hope it was talking about 730 and not 830. Anyway, this is one nice looking phone. Price it at $300 unlocked and this is my next phone.
Edit: Yup SD400 Confirmed. SoC is 8926 which is SD400.
Tbh, Not surprising. Atleast, it shouldn't be too expensive now. $300 should be enough for a phone with these specs.

Nah, even though this device isn't for me, l can see this device doing well. This isn't niche device and has plenty for the average user: 10MP camera, Nokia Camera Apps, expandable memory, 720 screen, sufficient processor, size, weight, etc. No way it's EOL'd that soon even if you're being sarcastic. I think more people will opt for this over the 730.

Yup the SD 400 is pretty much confirmed by the legit screenshot on the info page.

I'm pretty fuxking mad -_- there is no way im replacing my lumia925 chip with a SD 400 lol