Alleged new Lumia smartphone leaked that's 'not 620' but could be 530

lumia 530 leak

The latest image leak of an alleged new Lumia Windows Phone device has made its way to the Internet and it could be the much rumored Lumia 530, the long awaited follow up to the popular Lumia 520.

lumia 530 leak

The two images show a rather thick, and very orange, case design for the phone. They were posted on a Chinese Weibo account owned by "iokeyboy", with the user saying only that the device was "not 620". The photos don't match up to anything from the current Lumia lineup of phones. One of the images also shows the virtual navigation buttons that are included in Windows Phone 8.1.


A few days ago, the FCC posted up documents showing a new device from Microsoft that could also represent proof of the Lumia 530's existence. That doesn't mean these new photos are not fake, but it certainly does seem something new is coming from the former Nokia smartphone team.

Thanks to hengxiang32401 for the tip

Source: Weibo


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Alleged new Lumia smartphone leaked that's 'not 620' but could be 530


A smaller screen version of 630 with the same specs..Obviously it can't be better than 630 otherwise it will kill it's sales if it's got either flash,,secondary camera or even 1 GB of RAM!! Same strategy like Samsung's who release their phones with the same specs but with either a little smaller or a little larger screen!!
OR MAYBE Microsoft did release 630 so early as they knew a more feature-locked lower version of 530 is gonna kill 630's sales!! So get as much profits from it till it goes down!!

Cheaper screen, cheaper battery, slower RAM, snapdragon 200, cheaper anteanna, cheaper camera, less storage etc. There are more components in a phone than fucking RAM. You seem to value a phone by two numbers.

Seeing the previous Lumia line-up the Snapdragon 200 ain't coming back..Storage is gonna be 8 GB internal..And making materials are most probably be the same as that of 630..Yeah a lower power battery but not a cheaper one..It's a budget phone and you expect material quality to be the same as that of 930/1520??

I thought getting rid of the capacitive buttons would translate to a thinner bezel....unfortunately not

Well obviously Microsoft is lowering the price of Lumias as much as possible. Look at the 630... They made it a LOT cheaper than the 620.

Could be one of those trendy fakes like the iphone with android software. Still, if it is really a fake, it would be nice to see that lumias are trendy lol

Cheap is one thing. Incredibly bad design and pure ugly is another. Please don't release such garbage. 630 is doing enough damage already. Nokia lost it completely.

it's merely a '620 clone' with the name dubbed 530, but with Windows Phone 8.1 and Virtual Buttons.

Looks like a downgrade from the 520. Why is the X line better than the Lumia line (flash,ffc) while being cheaper? Is MS trying to kill WP and go full Android AOSP?

I think a quad core processor costs more than a vga ffc, flash and a dual core processor altogether.
In most cases if someone goes for 630 he'll be 1st time windows phone buyer, so it should perform well.

Look, 630 is basically the next gen of 520, similar price at the beginning of sales, 530 is going to be even cheaper.. They made this to make a difference between classes a little more noticeable

So ugly. One thing is sure, the nem lumia series (x30) design is a downgrade from the old one (x20)

I agree. I'm not the biggest fan of the new Orange and green colors they have now. Where's Cyan man? The Cyan 920 was beautiful. Shame they killed off that color with the 1020. Now Red and yellow aren't there with the x30 series

As the image suggests No FFCamera nor a led flash. And all these omissions in the year 2014. What does Microsoft wants to sell? Thumbs down..

You're. Right , plus , what's the point of Lumia 930?? , cuz its the same as icon ? And no LED flash for Lumia 630, 635 , 636 ,638 , and this 530 , what wrong with them

You're right, they should rename the 930 to the 530 and give us an auto sustainable spaceship for the Lumia 1530. /s
Think about why this is cheap, or don't comment senseless things at all.

530 will be the successor of the Lumia 4xx line, a line that never existed.
The Lumia 630 is the Lumia 5xx successor...
And so on... Nokia downgraded some lines to make them more differentiated from themselves, what is a good thing.

This. People don't get that Nokia/Microsoft are trying to refine their range to allow lower priced phones to replace 'feature phones'.

The phone looks stupid. I mean who would buy that chubby phone? It might be fake. Anyway fake or not 520/525 is more cool than that. And I guess they will not be providing 1gig of ram or any flash with the 530.

Have a look at the other Android counterparts Let's take a look at Moto G. It's of around same price as Lumia 630 but has a FFCamera and a flash. If you are selling a distant 3rd software you should make the hardware more appealing and superior than competitors.

Sure you can. So the LTE Moto G is actually $220. The metroPCS 635 is $100. Unlock codes have gotten alot more expensive, maybe $40. So $140 vs. $220.

This looks like it will cost 10 dollars to produce but still will be sold by around 170 dollars henceforth flopping miserably

These comments are ridiculous. Too thick, no flash, no FFC. This is the 530 you morons. It is the most bare bones, affordable Lumia they can possibly offer. Want more? Spend more!

The Moto E is cheap and looks better than this. If MS wants to gain ground, instead of lose market share to Android, it will have to try harder

People praise Nokia but all they ever do is to produce fat heavy phones with no FFC, flash. This is one of the reasons WP is flopping. Had Samsung not discontinued the Ativ S it would slay the market, was already a top seller at Amazon.de before disappearing. Now where are the Sony, Huawei, LG, Samsung Windows Phones?

This phone should be selling for Asha price wtf ? If anything Lumia 530 should have 1GB 0f RAM and Cam Flash with 4.5 inch screen.

Edit : Microsoft should subsidies the phone seriously look at Moto G talk about aggressive pricing

  1. Design is inferior to 520 (too thick); and
  2. Not having 1GB of RAM is a mistake.

This device is a step backward.

this phone is too fat... ugly and unless unless it's battery can give you one week of moderate usage. than i'd consider it for my travel phone...

So the 630 has low end specs - this is going to be even lower specced? Is that possible? I'm guessing this is an emerging market only device

The 630 has an IPS ClearBlack display and Gorilla Glass. There is still room to lower the price

The software buttons on the 630 work OK. Buy on a smaller screen?

And no camera button again. That's sad. How do they want to compete with cheap Android phones if they aren't better?

The Androidization of WP by introducing these capacitive buttons and taking out dedicated camera buttons which were a hallmark of the previous gen WP handsets is appalling. I did not recommend anyone to go for these models but rather opt for the 520/525 as they are true Lumias in every sense. If MS is in fact making these devices, what's the relevancy of the whole X series if not to rub salt on the wound? Why cant they introduce their services to the next billion with these low end phones? Is WP too crippled to be even put to this use? /end rant.

Needs flash and 1gb ram. For some reason it looks even thicker then the L620, which is one of the thickest Lumias. I hope the pictures are fake.

Too ugly... I want to upgrade from a 520 without LED flash and front camera to a thinner and flatter 530 with LED flash and front facing camera... If this is gonna be the 530 then I might get a Micromax phone instead or any Huawei WP8.1 device..

Downgrade after downgrade, you will hate me for this probably, but I've been thinking of going to the dark ( or green) side, no good apps, no popular ones anyway, no support of any kind from developers, and the ram issue for most good apps,I might not continue with WP, I know I won't be missed, but I feel a relief just by saying this, I'm no one

There is literally nothing wrong with using android.. Its a phone not a religion or faction in a real war

Now Microsoft should stop making phones with 512mb ram and no flash! They should add new features, not remove and put it in low end list. They should start adding new features or better quality or make it faster.. I'm waiting for 'McLaren' to be released, it has something new. Microsoft low end phones resembles Samsung low end phones.

Probably the Lumia 630/635 is the sucessor of the 520 and the 530 is going to be even cheaper (sucessor of the 420?) since WP now supports even lower-end processors. The 620 and 520 are too similar in terms of the specs and MS is trying to change that in the X30 line.

Man, that thing looks like it's probably 2.5 Ativ S thick! I can't imagine trying to stuff that into a pocket.

I hope it has a gb of ram... as can see another batch load of "I cant run x games" ranting posts due to the ram.

In the words of Johnny Storm "Wide load coming through! Everybody move! His huge!", :P

This is looking more like a Moto E competitor. I imagine a Snapdragon 200, no 720p video recording, and no auto-focus camera. 

I'm getting their strategy. They trying to reach (x40) series fast. Maybe they got better plans then? Maybe more RAM, and LED flash for x40 serious with cheap price? Microsoft, I am supporting you, so fuck those haters! I am so getting my sister this phone :)