Alleged poster template for Nokia and Windows Phone 8 appears

Windows Phone 8 poster template?

Even though the Lumia 900 is barely out the door it doesn't mean we can't start the rumor mongering and passing of faked images for Windows Phone 8, does it? Phone Arena were sent the above image described as a "non final poster template" that allegedly came out of Nokia's headquarters.

The poster reveals a "Windows Phone 8" name, a designation that has not been officially given for the updated OS, expected in late 2012. Nicknamed 'Apollo', little is known about the successor to the current Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango' although an earlier leak from a video was purported to divulge some details including dual-core support, higher display resolutions and removable SD cards.

Same design?

Besides the neon-glow of those three Nokia phones, which vaguely looks like Nokia's newly granted design-patent, we get the Nokia slogan of "Breaking the limits since 1865" which as pointed out in comments, references Nokia's origins  as a "ground wood pulp paper mill in Tampere, Finland". Odd, yet we kind of like it -- how many tech companies can claim that much of a legacy?

Then again, this could easily be spoofed as that "Windows Phone 8" font may be a little off and there's no redesigned Windows 8 logo present, which we would expect. Plus lets be honest, there's just really nothing in this image that's too informative.

It's fun to wonder but for now, we're going to remain skeptical.

Source: Phone Arena


Reader comments

Alleged poster template for Nokia and Windows Phone 8 appears


is it just me, or are there no buttons on that thing? I always though windows phone 8 would take more swiping elements, like windows 8. Plus Nokia has more involvment using more N9 elements aka swiping UI.

Looks like there is a thin physical strip for buttons... maybe. It could also be a thin, capacitive strip for buttons.
Not sure why there would be no buttons though :/

Don't really liek the design... Hope they stick to the polycarbonate shell their using in the current gen 800 and 900.

+1, I perfer the looks of the 800/900s and if these models had the colours on this template, its awesome.

I hope Nokia keeps with the flashy colors,,, thats the differentiating point right there! Big colorful live tiles surrounded by electric colored devices. It really makes the iPhone, and Android look, well, bland... And that's what I think the message to the public should be. Also, "color" is one thing that can change public perceptions of "tired, old boring companies"...... Hey, it worked for Converse back in the late 1980's when the introduced colored, and textured Chuck Taylor's.. Loltired

Remember though that business people want to use these phones too. I don't think I could take a lawyer (or anyone one in a business suit for that matter) serious if he or she came into the room with a neon yellow phone. Some color is OK though. The Lumia Blue color is as far as I would go personally.

It depends on the individual, not the job/position, if one has enough charisma he one can and will have no problem in being himself. You know it, when you see it...

I agree. But that is why Nokia also makes black phones. I really dig the variety and options. Since you used a "lawyer" as an example, then he/she would have enough money to have a black one for work, then swap SIM cards for a bold colored phone on the evening!

Agree.  Seems like whoever created this would at least go to the extent of using the "Amazing Everyday" solgan.

Whats wrong with people liking individuality? why would anyone take serious or not take serious someone with a bright yellow phone that does not determine their skill set or anything for that matter in whatever they do that just means they like a little color in this black and white tech world we live in jeez people. They have the right to express themselves however they want you dont like designs fine but would you seriously judge people because they do? my goodness what happened when individual expression meant something to people? Guess that died with the ishit....

Would you go to work in yellow pants? Phone have become more than just a tool, theyre part of the costume now. :)

Probably I wouldn't, but I'm definitely sure I wouldn't go with a boring beige jacket or stripped tie. Anyways, it's all about good taste, and what suits a persons charisma or lack of.

While I agree in principle, you can never be too careful in how you are presented. Obviously in everyday life, its silly to judge someone based on the color of their phone. But you hear so many stories, reports and studies on some of the silliest reasons why a person is judged, based on the most arbitrary things.

While I get your points ultimately a phone is a phone and pants are pants most black and white phones are usually covered by bright cases that reflect your personality anyway what's the difference between a yellow case and a yellow phone considering that a case is on your phone most of the time anyway

This does NOT look like a flagship phone. It definetely looks like a lumia 610 upgrade of some sort. The curves and colors are very playful and seem to target a more young demographic.

well, lets hope the final product is better looking.  I pre-ordered the Lumia 900 last monday though, and I am sure it will be upgradable to Windows Phone 8.

As a graphic designer the poster looks fake and not well balanced. Nokia has better design than that (posters and all).
Two taglines on the same poster really?
Smells fishy to me