Aluminum form of Nokia 41MP EOS reportedly leaks—prototype or a version 2?

Ever since the Nokia EOS aka their expected 41MP Windows Phone started having its own picture leaked all over the internet in the last few weeks, a second, less understood rumor had surfaced in conjunction: there are actually two versions of the device.

Personally, Windows Phone Central has no knowledge of a second version of an EOS-line of the Lumia 9xx series, though much like the Lumia 925 with its aluminum body to counter the polycarbonate 920, we suppose a metal-version of the upcoming EOS (or ‘Elvis’ if on AT&T) is hardly out of the question.

EOS Lens cap

Now, images of this purported device have surfaced from IC Tech on Weibo, hailing out of Asia. It’s more than clear to us that this is a metal (most likely aluminum) Nokia EOS prototype, as only the shell is revealed. What is not clear is the intention by Nokia—was this one of presumably numerous experimental designs they were kicking around? Or will there be a metal counterpart to the polycarbonate version that we know is close to release?

It’s too early to tell and we’re hoping Nokia sheds some light on the matter in July. All we do know is the folks in Finland sure seem to be having fun playing around with designs of our next-gen Windows Phone.

Source: ictech; Via:CNBeta.com; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!


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Aluminum form of Nokia 41MP EOS reportedly leaks—prototype or a version 2?


I agree. The lens cover looks similar to the leaked polycarbonate EOS images in his hand. If this fits onto the bump of the aluminum body we are looking at approx. 5" IMHO

I think the image is fake.. We should forget this ever happened.. I mean look at the shadowing around the camera hump.. It doesn't look very natural does it?

I hope it is bigger than 4.5.  Despite the attraction of EOS, my next phone will be 5+ inches.  Hopefully Nokia will come through. 

looks like it, maybe 5" with 1080p and quad core, will release in nokia world with windows phone 8.1 or gdr 3.

What if the phone is designed to have an easily changeable case and they are making lots of options for us

I hope it's T-Mobiles version. Since T-Mobile got a aluminum version of the 920 the 925. This very well could be coming to T-Mobile.

Daniel you might now stop saying "expected" 41 MP that lens cover in the second pic clearly says 41 MP. On an another note RIP Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Could also be a design prototype for the Lumia 925, seeing as the flash slot is too small to fit in anything bigger than a dual LED flash.. 

This is definitely a different device to the previously leaked polycarb EOS.
Firstly there is the size - either this device is bigger or they've shrunk the camera hump. If you look at the polycarb leak, you can see that the edges of the camera hump come a lot closer to the sides of the device (the hump is nearly the whole width of the polycarb lumia). The diameter of this new hump is only about half the width of the device.
Secondly there is this photo leaked alongside the one above: http://wmpoweruser.com/nokia-lumia-eos-aluminum-engineering-prototype-images-leaked-41-megapixels-confirmed/ . It shows that there is also a metal 'cap' for the mound and it actually has 41MP on it. Really hoping this means it is getting close to release, the fact it has a number on it suggests it is either a production sample or a fake. Lets hope for the former!
EDIT: Actually that aluminium looks really badly machined - probably not production then, could be a really elaborate fake or just an early experiment.

The people over on MNB think it's either a prototype for the 925 housing (due to the nonexistent xenon and smaller sensor)  or it is fake or another version. 

BUT what a Nokia fan may realize, a true Nokia cameraphone will have a xenon flash...this clearly looks to house a duel LED.

The 41MP lens cap has a different Zeiss branding.  The prototype pictures we saw last week said "Carl Zeiss PureView"  This one just says "Zeiss"  -which if you go to the Carl Zeiss website, it looks that they rebranded to just "Zeiss" now.

Wayback Machine has the company called Zeiss since 2011 (didn't bother going further.)
Anyhow, good observation. Theres no way that lens cover goes on that body. It'd be a 8+ inch phone if that were tha case.

That would be definitely smart of them. Waiting for a phone for 6 months when it is already available on one carrier makes them loose business. That why my girl ended up getting a HTC 8X instead of the 928. She did not want to wait that long. I guess they are learning!!!!

But, maybe they should wait for that time to bring it with all the toys! 1080p and quad cores, and maybe with 8.1!

They didn't start 6 months late they waited 6 months because that's what the ATT exclusivity agreement said to release it. It was designed and tested before that 6 months hit

And yet the 8x did not even outsell the Lumia 822, not to mention the Lumia 920.

If there is a device that you really want, you'll wait for it or just purchase it.

Amen brother MDak........ Hopefully Nokia seen how good their phones are selling on other carriers besides att. ( I think I read Verizon has sold more W8 phones than att) They need to get a variant of EOS on as many carries ASAP.

What's always stumped me is why is it not uranum, calcum, potassum? What is so special about aluminium that makes it OK to cripple it like this in American English? ;)

I am waiting to see what Nokia have for Sprint. I will leave ATT for the unlimited data in a heart bit. I hate to be limited with limited data plan.

I'll repeat again: There will be Nokia device on Sprint. You get HTC and Samsung (neither of which will be "heroed" by the carrier), that's it for the foreseeable future, sorry.

LOL. Rishicash, good one, Rishicash! In the immortal words of Spinal Tap, Tonight We're Gonna Rock You Tonite!

I hope Daniel knows this is not at his expense. He seems like he has good, if not ascerbic like mine, sense of humor. 

T-Mobile has unlimited data at a reasonable price. Just check your area for coverage. In my area Tmo is excellent but not everyone is as lucky.

I'm enjoying clear calls and good data speeds as well as support for the OS I prefer.
Aside from them offering me a free phone and plan as well as special favors from sprint reps of choice on call.... I'd never go back.

Tsk Jay, ever see early prototypes of your work? :P  Clearly if this is real, it's an early machine build. Also: everyone called our Lumia 925 prototype images "ugly" too, just saying.

Nice one Dan, nice one. This is clearly a prototype, so any opinions about the looks at this stage makes no sense.

Oh I'm very aware it's a prototype, the aluminium looks fairly poorly machined as well. Is it just me or does it look like this wouldn't even be the final colour? I don't know how exactly they'd colour it but perhaps there's some awesome capability to dye the aluminium into our favourite Lumia colours?

And yes, prototypes of my work have historically been ugly, function first, design second is a favoured approach ;)

Edit: I'm still not a fan of the 925 with the grey polycarb back to be honest, it looks infintely better just with that backing being white. Personal preference though is definitely the full black model, looks incredibly sleek and still has the illusion of being a single piece design.

Machining these would be too costly. They probably will be pressed and formed. There are numerous color variations of anodic coatings for aluminum, including yellow. Anodized aluminum, or otherwise, is not scratch resistant. The coating will also fade if, for instance, you keep it in your pants pocket (to show off your great bulge).

It only take a pound of Al and less than an hour on the six axis. It had been fairly cheaper nowadays if you are not looking for precise craft.

Why don't they just give us a highly polished aluminum casing? That way we could polish it ourselves if it ever got scratched.. Cool!

I like the idea of this, but can we read anything into the fact this says 41mp, instead of simply XX?

That it is for the final product rather than prototype. Although it would be somewhat strange for Nokia to go back for a metal plate after they discarded them for being so prone to scratching and went with ceramic buttons and plates instead.

Yeah, maybe it won't be as shinny as the previous camera plates. Don't know if it would be possible to make a ceramic phone, if so it would be very cool.

Maybe it will be a ceramic plate instead of the plastic cap on the prototype devices. We'll see soon enough fortunately.

With the recent statement saying that Microsoft and Nokia are working even closer together, perhaps this is VaporMg?

There is also the possibility that none of the leaked photos was polycarbonate. If you remember well, the body of the black version had a bit of texture to it in the closeups, and it was mentioned in the article that there could be a possibility it was aluminum...
Anyway, that's my guess.

Awesome engineering looks like a tank without turret and the turret gonna be very powerfull 41mp gun. Nokia beware shamedung building a factory jus behind you.

I think this is fake, the camera cover hole does not mach the hole on the body at the first photo... If not fake, i think nokia made miracle to small the size as in the photos...

Exactly my thought, about the holes that don't match up. It doesn't necessarily have to be fake, rather two pieces from two different phones.

It looks larger than 4.5 in.. Which is what I want.. This phone need's to launch in multiple versions, on multiple carriers, to really make a impact.

Nokia 1020 With a 41 Mpx camera, Polycarbonate Body, And the same day Nokia 1025 with aluminium body and 21 Mpx Camera. thinner and lighter

OK, HERE NOKIA starts to be annoying, I'm gonna stick with my 920 until 2014 becuase at the moment there's 925, EOS and/or this plus if Microsoft will soon ad Quad-core and 1080p support Nokia will have to release another flagship, so the safest way is to just buy one FIRST flagship of each Lumia generation, so I had 800 before, now 920 and will wait for 950 or whatever comes with WP 8.1 I think that's how everybody should follow to not to get too confused.

The question is: will the 920 successor also feature the 41 Mpx shooter and I would guess no. What would be annoying if you switched now to the Eos and the Eos 2 would arrive with GDR3 and a significant hardware upgrade in fall instead of next summer.

I am very confused about what you are confused about.  You are complaining about not getting another phone until the next generation of phones is released?  I mean... do you have any other opitons?
The Lumia 925 is not a new flagship phone, it is a variant of the Lumia 920 running nearly identical hardware, and after the next round of updates they will have almost identical software as well.  Same stuff, just in a different case and available on different networks with minor/superficial upgrades.
EOS and the next gen Lumia (I'll go with Lumia 940 as they seem to go up by 20 each gen) will come out towards the end of this year and will have either GDR3 or WP8.1.  They will very likely both sport quad core processors and 1080p displays, and may have more ram and storage.  My bet is that the two lines will be extremely similar in the way of hardware, but with the Lumia being more of a traditional smart phone line, while the EOS will have the obvious focus on a better camera.  But even then it will be apples and oranges.  It will not be a question of which device is 'better' just as it is not a question of the L920 and L925 being 'better' because they are mostly the same.  It is more a question of what carrier you are on, and what specific features you are specifically interested in having.
What happens next month is not a product launch, but a fancy press conference.  They will have a product announcement full of pretty pictures, and demos that are still using beta software.  The hardware itself will not be released until Fall/winter for specific carriers, with a more general release for other carriers in 2014.  Hopefully they will have a single unified product line across service providers this time rather than being forced to fragment their manufacturing for each individual carrier, but I am not sure that Nokia has enough of a following (yet) to be able to do that.  If they can manage a unified product line then I am sure they can save all sorts of money pushing out much larger batches of hardware which will translate to lower prices to consumers, more income to Nokia, and better 3rd party accessories.

The body pictures and the round camera cover are clearly from two different devices. The camera cover is similar to the leaked EOS, but the new aluminium device has a much smaller camera hump. Compare the fingers in those pictures, EOS's  camera hump has a diameter of three fingers, but the new device has a diameter of only two fingers.
I'd guess the EOS has 41 megapixels and the prototype is for a lighter aluminium device with a smaller camera hump and smaller sensor.

And I could be wrong, but the aluminium prototype seems to have a hole for a led flash, not xenon. That would further suggest that the prototype doesn't have the same kind of pureview 41mpx camera as EOS does(?)

This might sound like a stupid question, but why don't they make phones from titanium? Its not because titanium is expensive, you can check the prices at alibaba.com, a sheet of 1mm thick titanium costs some 20-40$ per kilo. Is it because titanium is maybe so hard to mill or why?

You should perhaps check for comparison what Aluminium costs. Aside from that: yes, it's harder to work with and we don't know if it's physical properties would inhibit reception, etc.

It's price.
You can't just look at the price of Ti sheet. You have to compare the price of Ti bar stock to Al stock. Then you have to add to it because a block of Ti weighs more than the same size block of Al. Then you have to remember that most of that block is going to be milled away and recycled as scrap. Which nets a fraction of the original value by weight.
Add to that the fact that it is harder to machine than Al, and that the additional strength isn't really necessary in the kind of applications you're talking about, it's just not worth the money.

Why? I've got a Ti watch and some jewelry, even a knife, I like the look of Ti better than steel or Al, but I wouldn't want the extra cost or weight in a phone I only plan to use for a year or two.

Would be nice to see Nokia use a three-pronged approach to releases, with unique devices across AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Will definitely solve the exclusivity annoyance for consumers. This may be a prototype for a version on another carrier...

So it always seemed to me that it would be logical to release the EOS with updated hardware once Microsoft allowed it, maybe this is that update and they decided to throw in the metal, if so I will have to wait, dream phone..

Does the last picture mean the camera hump lid on the polycarb EOS will be aluminium ? This could look really nice. 

Could be actually. Looks as if the camera lid is actually bigger than the space on the first picture, and about the right size as the polycabonate one.

No way...is the AT&T version seriously going to be called Elvis?
Who's the asshole in marketing at AT&T that thought that would be a great name to use? Jesus fucking christ, just leave the name of the phone alone!

Actually Solidstate, rumor I hear is they're leaning towards Jesus Fucking Christ or JFC (instead of EOS) over at Sprint for their version.
since one or the other has to show up sooner or later

one I think if this was true the holes could be for the connectors of the camera module to go thru so they dont have to line up, second elvis is just a code name  and if its a larger phone say 5 inch the module could be the same size as the other leak not smaller.

It has clearly been hand-made, whether it's an internally-developed prototype or, indeed, a hoax.  The port apertures are too rough to have been machine-pressed and the surface has, to my eyes anyway, clearly been wire-brushed with some sort of rotary tool.  I agree with one of the previous posters, though -- it's a biggie.  If that USB port is to size, then by my rough-and-ready calculations (based on the proportion of the phone's width occupied by the USB port), this will be about one centimetre wider than the 920.  Could this even be a 6-inch EOS phablet?

The polycarbonate may have been just the prototype for the testers and it may just be aluminum for the release.

if this is true it definitely looks bigger, a phablet, quadcore, 1080p, 2 gigs ram, and please have a sd card slot, the bottom piece is different maybe its plastic and removable to get to sd lot., was not gonna wait but if thats a 5 incher I'm gonna have to. I'd hate to buy the eos xx when I can have the eos pro 41 mp later this year. The second quadcore windows phone, ( you know htc will anounce theres first.) yea i have a 5 inch or so square pill try and when holding it it my hand like the guy does in picture it looks the same dimension finger spacing etc.

I think it is dofferrnt the size of the hump is smaller and by looking at edges no tapering on the aluminum much like the like the lumia 920. We could also expect 5 in display and an sd card slot

Looks fake, on the camera lens cover it says Pureview ZEiSS, whereas in the other leaks it says Pureview Carl Zeiss

Wait on the first picture on the left their is no xenon flash, I just looks like dual leds but on the last one of the actual module it has xenon flash

Aluminum is fine.  I just hope the final build is a little more polished.  Aluminum would also mean no wireless charging. Right? Why is Nokia going away from build in wireless charging?

This post confirms one issue, atleast. The already leaked polycarbonate EOS has indeed 41 MP. If you look closely the lense cover above cannot fit into the alluminium body. Its certainly for the previously leaked version... -:)

That aluminum body is most definetily not for the EOS. The holes are for a smaller senzor and a led flash, so that's either a prototype of the 925 of some sorts (probably nokia pondered with a wholly aluminum chasis among other designs), or a totally different phone which won't have the 41 MP camera with xenon.

I'm glad its full aluminum. The Lumia 925 is great too with the polycarbonate on the back but this looks good for a possible prototype. The device actually looks thinner too.

Just my 2 cents,
I think that the cover is a template for the new EOS, and it obviously does not fit the layout of the body pictured above.
The case at the top I think is going to be a Lumia, and not an EOS.
1) EOS has an off-center camera with a rodating lense/cover set, while this is obviously meant for a centered camera module with off-center flash.
2) This is not a huge phone!  Look at the cutouts for the SIM and USB ports.  Just eye-balling my L920 to scale with the USB cutout on this picture it would seem that this phone has the exact same height and width as my 920, and the exact same depth at the thickest part of the camera bump, but with ~1/3rd of the depth of the main body shaved off.  Maybe someone with more time on their hands could do a phtoshop comparison?
I am not saying that this is not a 5" phone. The L920 has a lot of bezel that it could stand to loose before becoming an issue.  As an example the HTC One has a 4.7" display and the body for that is no wider than the L920, and just a little taller on account of front facing speakers rather than screen size.

Looks fake. That aluminum is way too thick for any kind of reception. Probably some guy with good skills doing this at home.

My new theory, gdr3 will bring quadcore core support, and 1080p screens, in the qualcom web site the spec for there quadcores are there going over them, i notice a big hint as to whats coming, a. the quadcore 800 series supports camera upto 55 mp, b. the 800 has built in support for the same camera array that nokia has invested in, its square and would fit in that hole easily, also would be some whar smaller to, also all that would come with the gdr3 update due before year end, to be clear 1080p screens, larger than 5 inches, and quadcores, plus whatever else ms throws in as that chip will do some advanced stuff on its own. I think the platic one is the one that will come first but i dont think, i hope it is 41mp but not sure as current processor only go to 20mp, and the sliver metal one will be a quadcore beast featuring the camera array that nokia has invested in with qualcom.  But the eos platic one can also be 41 mp as it would use the 808's camera modified with new tech.