Amazing Spider-Man 2 swinging onto a device near you next week

Gameloft has released a new trailer and some new screenshots for their upcoming game The Amazing Spider-Man 2, coming next week. Spider-Man 2 was originally announced last month as an open world experience that would let you sling webs, crawl on walls, and fight villains in true Spider-Man style.

The game will take you through 8 detailed, open areas of Manhattan, including Times Square and Central Park, where you'll swing between buildings and fight enemies using combo-based combat. Gameloft says that the story of Spider-Man 2 is deeper, and features six boss fights and expanded side missions. There will also be a number of social events such as fights in Mysterio's Arena against waves of enemies.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices on April 17.


Reader comments

Amazing Spider-Man 2 swinging onto a device near you next week


So this game will be released along with iOS and Android, but Captain America couldn't be? Wtf, gameloft?!

Don't worry, if the Captain America game was anything like the movie...it would be over hyped rubbish

Why do say this? All the reviews said the movie is awesome, and it being either Marvel's best yet or 2nd only to the Avengers.

I know. Unlike the 1st one, this one was highly anticipated. I thought the game was cool, as well.

Unfortunately the latest movie was dull. I think the critics are corrupt or they write what they think the audience wants to hear. Like sheep. Personally I wanted to walk out after 15 minutes....

Shocked I tell you! The first one was good but this one blows it out of the water and is only equaled or surpassed by Avengers or maybe Ironman. Can't imagine why you didn't like it except the storyline was anti big brother govt. which is something I can get behind in light of all the snooping and intruding on personal privacy by the USA with the NSA...

+1020 Xbox live is cute and all but far from a deciding factor when purchasing a game, especially if without it the game comes out much faster.

Sweet! Loved the first one except the broken achivements. Don't know how many damn citizens i saved before i finally gave up. Completed the story though.

don't comment then...i dont care if you don't care. go tell gameloft but im pretty sure they don't care too so you see NO ONE CARES

You don't care if he doesn't care, yet you just told him not to comment if he doesn't care. I can't believe I need to point out the irony of that.

Anyway, lots of people care about Xbox games on WP. No Xbox, No Buy is a philosophy I support. #SaveXboxWP

Amazing Spiderman on pc was a total shit game.All previous ones were great.I expect this to be another amazing shit.