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Amazing Weather HD updated, lockscreen support back on track

Amazing Weather HD

Amazing Weather HD is one of our favorite weather apps for Windows Phone. The app is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and was updated to version earlier today to add a few new features and fix a few bugs.

The most notable fix corrects the bug that caused lockscreen updates to not match the weather information. You also have Simplified Chines and Hungarian languages added and a optional usage data setting.

The optional data usage setting is found in Amazing Weather HD's settings under the "general" page. When turned on, the app will collect anonymous usage data that can be used by the developer to better fine tune the app. If you would prefer not to have your usage data collection, just turn this option off.

If you're looking for a healthy weather app for your Windows Phone with impressive Live Tile and lockscreen support, Amazing Weather HD is worth looking into. There is a free trial version available with the full version running $1.99.

You can find Amazing Weather HD here in the Windows Phone Store. Again, it is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Amazing Weather HD


Reader comments

Amazing Weather HD updated, lockscreen support back on track


I love amazing weather, just hate that it doesn't match my locations actual weather. I've changed to Bing weather. I'm going to give this a shot again and see if the weather updates better this time around. jejeje

Yeah, I wish the Bing Weather app had all of Amazing Weather HD's features: wide live tile with 5-day forecast, lockscreen with 5-hour forecast. Amazing Weather HD has terrible data: it's usually inaccurate, slow to update, and the name is really quite silly (Amazing Weather HD? It sounds like my 4-year-old niece named it). But, alas, I will continue to use it till Bing Weather gets up to beat.

so you have to have a static image in order to listen to music and use 'Amazing' weather HD? kinda removes the point of the 'amazing' part of the name if you have to do that :(

I don't often use it while listening to music, but if I have podcast paused and check the weather, the podcast is stopped and I have to go reopen it.

I'm running the free trial version now and your right it seems to keep up with the weather; I run it side by side with Acuraweather and they both show the same thing. I just might buy it but I'm going to test Amaseing Weather first also.

I bought this app a while back when it was on sale.  I like it, but it's a bit too big (58MB) for a weather app.  Bing seems to hit the right spot for me.

The authorities made you remove the radar? Wonder why..
Love the app even though sometimes the tile doesn't update for 5-6 hours.

I installed the update at 8:22 am EST and it the live tile and lock screen still shows that never updated hourly almost 12 hours later! That sucks. Was updating just fine before the update!

Still get different temps and times of update between the lock screen and the tile ... disappointing. Lockscreen temp is innacurate. Why does this stuff have to be so hard!?