Amazon Mobile app update offers better product displays and bug fixes


Amazon.com has just updated their beloved mobile app with some bug fixes, performance improvements and a couple new features. Version has added extended screen sizes and higher resolutions in order to display more product information on the screen and better product images. The update also allows you to refresh the Lightning Deals page at any time, to see the latest offerings.

Amazon Mobile was updated back in March to offer locale support for Canada, along with bug fixes and performance improvements. It's good to see such a popular retailer continue to support the platform. You can download it from the Windows Phone Store here for free.

Thanks, for the tip, Cesar!

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Amazon Mobile app update offers better product displays and bug fixes


The financial figures for amazon are just crazy. The outfit should be a junk status yet it seems volume counts more.

Amazon is focusing on building its customer base and the amount of people who depend on their services at the cost of profit right now.  As you probably already know, Kindle Fires are sold at near cost to get people into their ecosystem.  A lot of money is also going into new facilities.  Got to remember, company isn't exactly old and is growing at huge rates.  Plenty of people make the argument that profits right now aren't important for Amazon right now; growth for customer dependency is...

Question, how does auto update work? I see updates for apps that I have listed here all the time. How long does it take for them to automatically show up on my phone? I usually just use the links here, but it has me wondering how long would it take for them to show up without looking them up myself?

Does it support [Bing Vision] App connect???
The built-in abiltiy to scan a book or CD cover is so cool, it's a shame they have yet to tap into that feature of the OS by simply providing a link for App Connect once the product is identified by bing.

I wish Amazon would support WP8 with an Amazon Cloud Player app. I buy all my music through them and it would be awesome to be able to access it on my phone.

Nice to see an Amazon update but I would also love for then to bring Amazon Cloud Player app or at least the original Amazon MP3 app

You do know that WP has a universal zoom function in accessbility settings? Where you double tap and swipe your fingers up or down to zoom?
If you're issue is having photos unable to zoom using that systemwide zoom feature will offer the exact same functionality as the app itself allowing to zoom, obviously not as convenient as pinch to zoom but it at least offers you some ability to zoom.
Not having a go at you mate, just a friendly tip in case you didn't know :)