Amazon Mobile app for Windows Phone gets social in a new update


One of the top apps for Windows Phone which we always enjoy seeing updates for is Amazon Mobile. The official app for Amazon.com has been a staple on Windows Phone since its initial release. And much like the eBay app, it gets better and better with each update.

Version 1.7 just went live in the Windows Phone Marketplace and it while it's not a major overhaul, we like the select changes in this update which include:

  • Sharing: Send and share links to products you find on Amazon via e-mail, SMS, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Recommendations: Manage your recommendations by tapping “I own it” or “Not interested”
  • We hate bugs as much as you do (so we fixed a bunch)

The social-sharing part is obviously the big seller here and we approve of its addition, after all it's always fun to share your latest purchases via your Twitter or Facebook, right?

If you haven't received the update just yet, hit this link to grab the free app in the Marketplace. So go forth you guilty, late night 1-click shoppers with your Prime accounts and go shopping!

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Reader comments

Amazon Mobile app for Windows Phone gets social in a new update


Yep, where the fuck is the UK version? The gulf in apps, releases and features (exchange encryption support for me) is about to bring an end to my love affair with Windows Phone. My 2-year contract qualifies me for an upgrade this July, and unfortunately it's going to have to be an iPhone. As beautiful as she is, my Omnia 7 has no depth.

Agreed... It's not in Australia either :( MS still haven't unlocked all of the features for Bing Vision (we only have QR codes and MS tags) which is really stupid, especially not being able to translate text considering we speak the same language!

Getting incredibly pissed off at Amazon for not making this an international update. Do you have to be fucking american to buy stuff online?

Agree, and given the fact that on iOS you can download it worldwide, I just don't get the reasons for making it US only...

I actually looked this App up a couple of nights ago and was dumbfounded that it was still only available in the US! Not sure why this is the case so these updates are just a continued slap in the face to be honest.

Can't agree more with the comments on the lack of an "International" version.  Given they have the infrastructure to be able to have the Kindle App use amazon.co.uk and there are apps on iOS and (I think) Android, this just doesn't make sense!

Same here - I really don't get it why they don't release it in other markets. With the Kindle app one can at least download it here in Germany (I don't mind it being English) although when you visit amazon.de there is no mention of a WindowsPhone App (they mention nearly every OS but Windows Phone :-( )

Lucky you. I live in Sweden and we dont even have the Kindle app available.

Getting so sick of this. We over here are forced to get our e-books through other sources…

Guess amazon dont want my money…

Wtf Amazon, still region-blocked? I live in the US, but since my Live account is French (I live in both countries), I can't even download the app. This has dumbfounded from the start, very stupid decision from Amazon.

I'm on the same boat as everyone else on this one. It's a shame there isnt support for other countries like UK & Germany, but hopefully that's something we'll get in the future...

Was just about to comment that its still not available for UK users. You guys beat me to it! Sort it out amazon, very lazy of you!

Just seen the other comments. Might have to defect to a different smartphone once my contract is up... Getting fed up with the app situation and this just takes the piss...

Amazon you suck, there's been plenty of time to make an international app, this is the sort of things that gives WP a bad name.

Same for Brazil, not even the kindle app is available here. I'm very frustrated with this since i bought my wp7 last year....

Yes.. and partly it's fault of MicroSoft too.. for having various apps in various regions and they dont allow you to change the region too.. i created my live ID back in 2007 these things never even existed back then... & now i live in Singapore i can't change my country from US... to be frank i could never buy an app since i don't want to give a fake address from US to link my credit card..(anyways MS is loosing here) and now i asked them what can i do for changing my country they simply said create a new ID... why the hell do i need to create a new ID...>???

Lol. I agree with everyones comments here about the lack of a UK app. This and not being able to get a proper PayPal app are 2 reasons my next phone is going to be the new Samsung Galaxy S3! Just not prepared to not have these apps any longer!

Yeah if companies like amazon keep pulling this crap I may have to defect to a HTC Android device. I don't want to as I really love Windows Phone and hail it as the best OS ever for mobile but this is just taking the cake...

I've had a hd7 since launch in uk and seriously thinking of ditching WP for a different OS due to MS not chasing bigger companies for 1st party apps worldwide (amazon, sky go, PayPal)

Why would anyone ever want to share a recent purchase on Facebook?? It's just asking for someone to come nab your package from your doorstep.

dang.  stupid thing STILL does NOT support app-connect for Bing Vision.  Lame!  (esp. since every pre-release mango features review used/suggested Amazon for how it would work)

I'm wondering when they are going to introduce mobile streaming of Prime Video on Demand to the app.

I have this app on my Lumia 900 and I have to say, I hope Amazon gets a wild hair and build a Windows Phone 8. (Maybe the rumor will come true) This app is very well done and very fluid. It is well done.