Amazon Mobile for Windows Phone updated, now supporting more countries

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Now supporting Japan, China and Australia

One of our top apps for Windows Phone is definitely Amazon Mobile because we’re Prime junkies, forever ordering things online for that sweet, sweet next-day delivery.

But not everyone can share our joy, which is why we’re always glad to see Amazon update their app to support more countries. Such is the case with version 1.9 that just went live today on the Marketplace.

The app now supports China, Japan and we hear Australia too, amongst others (hit us up in comments if you have others). That’s on top of the UK and Germany, which were added in the last update.

In addition, version 1.9 allows you to “Add items to any of your existing wish lists” and you’re general purpose “Bug fixes and performance improvements”.

Not bad at all and it’s great to see this app continue to develop. What does Amazon Mobile have in plan for version 2.0? Perhaps a Windows Phone 8 edition? We hope so…

Pick up Amazon Mobile v1.9 for Windows Phone here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Simon B., for the tip

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Reader comments

Amazon Mobile for Windows Phone updated, now supporting more countries


They haven't managed to get the voice recognition system to understand Canadian yet.
"Aboot" instead of "About" Very weird dialect ;)

Just a shout out to the Canadians. I visited a couple of years ago. Super clean, nice people I'd have no problems moving there.

Doggone it - would somebody please explain App Connect to Amazon?!!!  I trust they will never implement it now.  Imagine using Bing Vision to recognize a book, then having a quick link to Amazon Mobile (not Kindle).  Seriously... That is EXACTLY what every Mango preview explaining the feature wrote.  :(