Amazon rebrands its Windows Phone app, adding new functionality

Amazon App

Amazon, the popular online retailer, has updated its Windows Phone app. The company has somewhat neglected its offering for Windows Phone owners, with our most recent coverage dating back to mid-2013. So what's new in this latest release? As noted already, the new version introduces new branding to 'Amazon App'. That and the team have included some minor enhancements.

According to the store listing, version brings the following:

  • Explore and browse products by category with Shop by Department.
  • Enhanced search refinements including brand, author, price, Prime eligibility and more.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Should you be a frequent shopper with Amazon.com, it's strongly recommended you check this official app out. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Reader comments

Amazon rebrands its Windows Phone app, adding new functionality


Tax? Who cares. They employ lots of people. They get my goods to me fast.

And any tax collected goes to our Chavs to purchase Stella, Betting Slips and Biscuits. No tax, no problem. Besides, no politics please, this is a light hearted website. Carry on.

3% of Benefits goes to JSA. The vast majoirty of that are not "Chavs purchasing Stella"

46% goes to state pensions

The app has been updated multiple times since mid 2013, though most of those updates have been unspecified bug fixes.

Amazon App?


Are you kidding me? Come on Amazon, don't be dumb. I may have to uninstall it for that reason alone! :P


Saying they have neglected it is certainly an understatement.

I welcome the update but it worked well before. Its a good app but improvements are always on time.

This is a good thing. It could be Amazon is preparing to rollout newer Amazon apps and saw that rebranding the names would make sense. Perhaps Amazon Instant Video app is next for Windows phone? That would be awesome!

I would rather see the music app next. Their instant video service really kinda sucks. They need to make over the whole thing before rolling it out on multiple platforms.Don't get me wrong, I use amazon alot, nut the instant video is a unfinished work in progress.

Music app would also be welcomed. I use Amazon a lot! Having all of my Amazon content available on my WP would be perfect for me.

How about a Prime video app - thats what we all want.........not a crappy shopping app that we could easilly suplant with the mobile browser.

I was coming in to make the same comment. I am not a fan of apps that simply give us what we can get from a browser. I want a Prime video app and music player. I have actually decided to cancel my prime account. I love the 2 day shipping, but I don't think it is worth it anymore. I also have Netflix and it is avialble on a lot more devices. I am too limited on where I can access Amazon Prime video. 

Agreed, it sucks vs their other versions.

I emailed them a few times with suggestions but get no response!!

Amazon has neglected every platform other than iOS/Android. Their Xbox/Tivo/Windows RT/W8 and various tv apps are some of the worst around.

That is true.
Amazon on The Xbox One crashes on a regular.
My Amazon Prime subscription renews in mid December, so I'm watching for updates to the Kindle Reading App, Prime Video & even the MP3 Store hitting Windows Phone 8.1 or it's no longer worth it with me switching from the Kindle HD to the Surface.

The amazon app on TiVo will happily rent or sell you a movie you already own via their own service. Nice.

Big improvement - on the surface looks the same, but now you can do basic stuff like look at order history or track shipments.

Still waiting for amazon video+music apps though.

Don't know, but the previous app showed items in "Amazon Instant Video" as well when you searched, so I wouldn't read too much into it.

Oh, a good week. The official apps on windows phone are getting major update. Day by day, new app is updated. Good to see. ( spoiler : Update for path is coming soon, no words for instagram -we've already had 6tag, right? ) those beta apps, just eewww

The new app icon is MUCH better... the old one was HIDEOUS and so dated.

I really hope they make a universal app soon... the Windows 8.1 version is so lacking.

When are they going to update the IMDB app? can someone from WPcentral get in contact with them regarding this? Its shocking.