Amazon thrilled by unprecedented preorders for Microsoft's Xbox One

Yesterday, Amazon.com announced that they were blown away by a record breaking number of preorders for the Xbox One. The company noted that within four hours, they had sold through most of their Xbox One Day One Edition inventory.

John Love, Director of US Video Games and Software at Amazon.com, stated that:

“We were thrilled by the unprecedented demand we saw for Xbox One today. In the first four hours of preorder availability, we sold through most of our Xbox One Day One Edition inventory. Customers eager to get an Xbox One should visit our store at Amazon.com/xboxone to ensure they keep up-to-date on the latest information. We are excited to be working with Microsoft to deliver the next generation of games and entertainment”

Despite harsh criticism for Xbox One’s need to check in online, inability to trade used games, and always on Kinect policy – the system is selling like hotcakes.

Anyone, besides me, preorder an Xbox One yet?

Source: Xbox Wire


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Amazon thrilled by unprecedented preorders for Microsoft's Xbox One



PS4 is better almost in every way but I do like all those exclusive games on Xbox but no way I'm paying $100 for online for both Xbox and PS4...

Yes we are.. Its because our phones aren't properly respected, and we feel that we have to be extremely defensive.. I'm the main WP troll on here!! LOL.. Even my own guys have to set me straight, and tell me to calm down from time to time.. I don't know whether it's passion, or just pure competiveness, on our parts, but we have our reasons... Nevertheless, you're right, and I have personal watched myself become more closed minded over time, and I admit that its stupid.. I guess I'm what you would call a WSheep........ It kind of feels good though.. LOL!

I feel that way alot too. It use to be I was for all WPs and everybody switching to WP but now I see the OEMs don't give a shit about consumers except for Nokia and they push out so much for us its really all we need now unless Samsung wakes the hell up and do something different and HTC make more then just 2 phones and quit trying to focus on themselves on Android and LG needs to come back and make some phones and also Dell needs an alien ware phone and Asus should make a phone like ther gameing ROG laptops

Yeah... this comment section kinda looks like the Microsoft version of MacRumors, fanboys everywhere.

What does that have to do with the price of fish?  I come on here to read about WP8 stuff.  Not Microsoft in general.  I love my Windows Phone, but I also have a MacBook which I prefer to a PC.  I have a 360, but after this woeful product I'm switching to PS4.  Especially after Don Mattrick's awful attempt at a fix "If you don't have internet, buy a 360".  I'm not brand loyal, but apparently I'm not welcome here unless I am.

I'm sorry, but are you commenting to the right person... What you're saying doesn't make sense to me. Am I missing something?

Internet on a phone is not the same as a required high speed internet connection required for verification. ~60% of the world has no internet. And of the 40% that does have internet, the majority is unreliable. 

Now figure that in with the number of people that travel with their consoles and have no intenet then. And you have a nice picture of how useless the Xbone will be to ALOT of people.

I have never met anyone who travels with a console. Is this a real thing people do? This is a serious question.

I have three at my house, and a friend has two. Whenever he or I go out of town, we take one of them. It allows us another level of connection to our wives back at home, as we go live and chat or play games together.
So yes, some of us do take our xbox's out and about!

Im going to see how often people actually travel. I'd bet the number of days the average person travels is less than 10 per year. For the percentage of population that don't have internet I'd wager that number is under 5.

If u have the finances to travel and lug around a gaming console there is room in the budget for $5
-$10 for internet access.

Dude, my 74 year old mother, aunts, uncles, etc have internet. They use it to get on facebook playing farmville and stay connected with relatives, play yahoo games and more. Please stop using this as an excuse to buy your PS4. While you might not agree with it, many do...Just ask Amazon; they've already had record breaking pre-orders for the ONE! Also, people keep harping on this used game thing when MS clearly stated developers or places like gamestop will be able to allow used game  sales. People are also forgetting that you have to option to load games from the cloud (internet connected) or via usb (non-connected) currently and that ability carries over to XBO. I also like the idea of my gaming content being able to go wherever I go without packing my XBOX with me because whether your an XBOX fan or Sony fan, all of our co-gamers have one; XBOX ONE...no more worn/scratched up discs, buying a used replacement, or the disc simply cracking from vibration in the media drive. I believe MS has taken the first steps towards opening the door for true cross plattform gaming competition....a vision of the future while Sony stays in the dark ages with hard discs, we will be looking down at you guys. Even when PC gaming currently, you have an internet connection. Just ask Amazon now pre-orders of the XBO are going....it speaks for itself.

How is that an awful attempt and how does it not make sense?  Have you watched the whole interview of just the trolly 10 second clip?
Cliff Notes: If you don't have the internet, do not buy an Xbone!  Simple as that.  Well, what should I game on?  We just so happen to have ALSO made an offline gaming device and will continue to make it and support it, it's called the Xbox 360.
Do you expect him to push you to the PS4 for offline play?

Not really. If you have a better opinion, bring it. So far, all you have is your own opinion. Changing minds is your responsibility.

That's the thing. Some of us just buy a product they like and aren't suckered into the whole brand and eco-system thing. There is a feeling that the xbox one is part of a strategy to get Microsoft into the media business rather than just providing gamers with a console.

So rather than provide media streaming and other things as a bonus the higher price of the xbox compared with the PS4 means people are paying for those extra features.

Combined with the rather bad console restrictions (which will be dropped I'm sure) the Xbox one is (to use a Steve Jobs line) a bag of hurt.

That's what ppl don't get, you pay 100$ more but you get so much more, even if you just look game vise, yes Sony has killzone which you stop playing after couple of times, infamous always amazing, uncharted, last of us, those games are good, but common you cant say MS has less popular or less good looking games, im sure we'll see new gears of war, new mass affect, titan fall, halo, forza, games are fucking crazy good, I paid 100 more and I don't regret it, but im sure ill buy ps4 but next year, so I just don't get how ppl can sat shit on Xbox one knowing all that, privacy with Kinect always on? Always connected Xbox? There goes your privacy and security of your info, Xbox never been hacked like Sony, nobody is making you to buy xboxOne, dont like it? Then stfu and ho buy ps4, damn

And the always on part......look at the phone in your hand your set top box most things are always on these days. if you think you have privacy with anything connected your are just stupid

Gears of War has gotten old, Mass Effect is not exclusive to Xbox since ME1 and even that was on PC. Titanfall is also on PC. Halo is good. Forza has an equivalent racing game.

It's $100 more with more restrictions. It has pretty useless features that I don't need on a game console. It forces me to buy a Kinect which I have ZERO interest in buying. Right now the PS4 is looking a lot better to me. Halo is the only exclusive I really care about and I could always borrow a friend's XB1 for a day to play it.

The cloud computing is worthless. Too much latency and too small of bandwidth for many people will make it pointless.

In exactly what way is the PS4 better than XBOX ONE?!
Seriously...I'm platform agnostic but its clear that XB1 has much more innovation than PS4.
Sony gave me no reason to upgrade my PS3...the used game thing is not a reason to buy a PS4 but the new Kinect tech, TV integration and awesome XBOX One exclusive games are a good reason

It's $100 cheaper.
used games matter, recouping costs by selling games allows you to buy games
i can use the media apps without a paying Sony. Can't do that with xbox. you need to pay a live sub
used games are cheaper and more affordable.
there's not xbox titles that i care about that i can't get on PS4 except maybe gears. but I hate Halo.
Kinect. don't have it, don't want it,
Don't care about tv integration i got a WDTV box and my cable box comes with a 500gb hd dvr with like 4 tuners.
oh and it's $100 cheaper.

Sorry but the only used games you gonna have are Sony made games (killzone, gow,gt) almost all others are DRM locked

That's really not true at all. ALL others? I believe you're trying to reference Sony's statement that "It's up to the publishers." But you didn't finish the last part of the statement. They said their DRM management system is the same that is currently in place for the PS3. How many publishers have locked DRM on the PS3? Oh wait, that's right-- just EA, who are notorious for their DRM/DLC moneygrabbing practices. 

DRM is up to the publishers, but to assume that every publisher is going to enforce it is just a fallacy. Either way it's much better than Xbox forcing DRM down your throat. The only way Xbox will be able to justify it in my opinion is to charge $40 for these games instead of $60. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this comment section is just a fanboy circlejerk. 

Yes but not for watching Netflix and Hulu which is requied on the Xbox. Some people don't care to play online but do watch Netflix and Hulu.

Two words -- cloud computing. Think of it, Skyrim was limited to what can fit on the disk. Really takes one day to go from whiterun to solitude? With cloud computing you really can have a more open world and much larger maps. That is something PS4 doesn't offer

That is all a gimmick and won't be used for anything worthwhile. The latency and bandwidth issues make it so it can't be used for much in real-time.

Who ever said that the entire scene would be rendered in the cloud and then downloaded?  The cloud could have any number of maps that it can send down to the console.  So if a user ventures off to a spot beyond the vanilla map, it could just send down the new map.  Most of the images are tokens that are reused anyway they are just arranged differently, so the cloud isn't sending the images, just what to display where. If the user is venturing into a brand new area, that has entirely different items then I would think it would give you a loading screen.  It doesn't take long to send a string of text or numbers, so computing could actually be offloaded from the console and sent to the cloud and then back.  There is a lot that can be offloaded and there wouldn't be much delay in live game time.

There is nothing in PS4 preventing devs from streaming terrain-data from the web. For anything real-time cloud is pointless..

I just think it is a little annoying for people to keep saying that. Yes, depending how you plan to use it, the Xbox One might not be a good fit for you and in that case, the PS4 is a solid product but why keep stating it? Am I using your money to buy it or you can't just stand people buying whatever they like?

Man good point dude. Didn't even realize the PS4 now has online multiplayer as part of PS+ package. If Microsoft hasn't removed Netflix and other streaming services off of Gold I might never get an Xbox. I am no longer interested in Xbox at all for gaming purposes because I won't own the actual game on the disc.

What do you mean get with the times? I have a Netflix account, I share Hulu, and I have purchased a few episodes from Amazon VOD. I watch em just fine on my computer, phone, and PS3. Xbox is the only system that charges you to watch them. I thought it was dumb but lucky for Microsoft that they released the 360 before video streaming went main stream, but the fact that the wish to continue this practice with their next system is a slap in the face to consumers.

Ok, I have to admit that I agree with you about that.. It does suck that with the Xbox you have to pay.. I can't argue with free,, as long as its a good quality experience..

I will fully say that muliplayer on the 360 is far better than PS3, but Gold brings absolutely no value to video streaming and web browsing. They just stuck those services behind the paywall with online multiplayer. PS4 will now charge for multiplayer and will have to bring that up to par with Gold but it has confirmed that web browsing and Video streaming will still be free.
I like the Xbox One itself and think Kinect is extremely promising and love the snapped multi tasking of the One. It is what Microsoft has done to restrict the One that kills it. I will get it eventually being a supporter of Microsoft services for the most part, but I will be more than happy with the PS4 until a price drop at the very least. If however Microsoft changes it policy I would but it right now over the PS4.

I can dig it!.. I'm sure MS charges because of all those thousands of servers worldwide cost $$$.. But, I do agree that the video services, especially Netflix, should be free.. I mean, my TV has free Netflix built in!!

Exactly man! Everywhere else it is free even on my Windows Phone, Windows 8 PC, and Surface tablet! If Microsoft makes the service free it will be a true entertainment device. I would buy it for its television services, video streaming, web integration, and NFL broadcasting.

Thousands of servers? Most of the media content comes directly from the providers, and multiplayer gaming is always peer-to-peer or hosted by 3rd parties. That's why there's always such latency / lag issues. I wouldn't object to paying so much for Gold if they actually provided centralised servers!

Yeah, that's what they said at the press conference... Something about having thousands of servers worldwide, equaling more computing power than the entire world had back in the late 90's.. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but it could be a excuse MS uses to charge for some services.. But, IDK..

You are right. I remember this point when I watched their reveal last month and that is very exciting. Also all multiplayer will be handled through Microsoft so developers won't have to fuss with matchmaking and such. This is all good except for the fact you won't be using the servers outside of gaming so they shouldn't be charging you for using it. There is no excuse for charging for those services.

in the past couple of years Netflix has had a couple of outages that affected all devices except the Xbox precisely because MS maintains their own streaming servers.

How will you not own the game on the disc? If anything, you own it too literally because you can't get rid of it easily..

That is not ownership, that is a burden. Ownership means that you can do whatever you want with the product uncompromised. Microsoft issues a series of restrictions on you when you pay for the game. You have to play by their rules for the same price that Sony will give you uncompromised purchases.

Each to their own, I totally see your point, but it doesn't phase me too much.
At the end of the day, it's not really any different to a digital downloaded version of the game, and the fact that they are going to be releasing games day 1 on xbox live, I'm thinking most of mine will be downloaded games anyway.
Would be good if they loosened up atleast the trading part tho to keep everyone happy

Hey I am cool with that dude and congrats when you get your Xbox. It is an exciting product and I am excited for it. I also agree with you on cloud gaming. I want to move everything I have to the cloud and everything on that is licensing and not actual purchasing which makes me wary. I have heard of people who bought a movie on Xbox Video for Microsoft to lose licensing to it and the purchaser no longer being able to watch that movie anymore. That scares me a lot. Amazon has a similar story with their ebooks and erasing peoples libraries permanently.

MSFT would have some pretty solid licensing deals with their publishers when it comes to games - so wouldn't need to worry with that.
Movies/music etc are a bit different as contracts and licensing with that kind of stuff would be a real pain to deal with and would be changing all the time.

Oh I get that Microsoft would have strong licensing deals thanks to their power and now position on used games, but why would I buy Madden, COD, Battlefield, Batman etc... on Xbox and be limited in selling the game or loaning it out to friends when I can get the same game on PS4 and not worry about it? But I would definitely buy Microsoft exclusive games for sure.

My above comment was more based on the digital downloads and licensing - time will tell what they do with the whole used game thing.
I think if it has a negative impact on sales at launch that they will have to do something with it.

Oh if just on digital downloads I would be pretty confident in Microsoft, Apple, Sony, & Amazon but still I am uneasy with the business model. I have purchased From Sony, Microsoft, and Amazon and like Microsoft the most. It limits you to only your XBox Windows 8 PC or Tablet but lets you download it or stream it anytime you want.

Yeah - pretty eager to get my hands on it to see how the whole game library and XBL sharing thing works
I've never really been a PlayStation fan - but think I may look at getting a PS4 to have the best of both worlds

You will have to let me know how it goes man! I love Microsoft's ecosystem. Its smart glass looks so useful.

MS has already said every new game will be available for digital download on day one so its pretty clear where they're going. Physical disks may be obsolete before this console generation is halfway over. All they need do is setup a digital trade/rental service behind xbl and this used game thing is a moot point. Xbox one with features like this and always on cloud services is setting up to be future proof.

Yep and heres to hoping that their digital copies drop in price at the same rate they do in the store.
The amount of times I've looked up a games on demand game and it's selling for 69.95 and I can get it new in store for like $15-$20.
Providing they price it all right, that will be killer!

This is well intentioned but it presumes that Microsoft would do something pro consumer instead of pro profit. Why would any company that sells game digitally make a digital trading system when they could just say, "Well your friend could just buy the game online anyways. Oh? He wants to try it out? We already offer a digital demo of the game he could do that." There is no logical reason for a company in the business of making money to give you an avenue to save money.
I disagree with the prediction that physical discs will be obsolete within the next console generation simply because of Sony and Nintendo not taking the same stance as Microsoft. Also discs are the lowest common denominator. Every one who buys the console can play discs on it, but not everyone will have internet access. It is like a text messaging plan on cell phones. There are plenty of services that let you send messages for free like Facebook Whatsapp and Kik, but many people still pay for text messaging simply because most everyone has text while some use Kik and some BBM or WhatsApp.

If its easier and more economical to buy digital, then what is the incentive to continue buying disks? Audio CDs still exist but how often do you go to the store just to buy them? PS4 also supports this and I'm sure Sony welcomes the digital download model too, after all they're game publishers and used games impact their bottom line like other game publishers. And what is this Nintendo you speak of?

Lol Nintendo is evidence that evolution has branches and ancestors can live along side its future kinship. And the incentive for discs is uncompromised ownership. I have no issue with authenticating when accessing something that needs online like multiplayer or DLC, but if I just want to play single player or loan it to a friend or sell it and it is on the disc I don't want to have it locked arbitrarily by an online bouncer. Also music has had to adapt heavily to monetize digital distribution. Now we have ITunes which saved the industry from itself and a glut of streaming services. Gaming will have to find its own way

I'm sorry im getting both eventually...but im tired of people saying ps4 entertainment wise it offers the same options as the xbox360...in all honesty its a 360 with better graphics....uninterested...yes I like that ps4 doesn't have the same restrictions...but shit titanfall has said that without the cloud the game wouldn't be the same...and consider this....ps4 is switching to cloud power in 2014....wouldn't that mean check ins would be required for them too?

I disagree with that. They're about equal. Just no used games, mandatory daily internet connection, more expensive with the X1. Since o have to buy 2 and me and my son share games I gotta get a PS4 unless MS back tracks and allows game sharing. Amazon says there's more PS4 preorders.

stop talking crap... you dont even know what you are talking about $100 less doesnt mean its better... havent you seen the features? the multitasking? skype? twitch... the F vision microsoft is putting with the console!!!
oh also cloud processing and all...

oh and i forgot to mention, if you talk about hardware, you dont even know crap about it... so you should just shut up. gddr5 is not better tan ddr3, and i doubt your intelligence would really understand how gpus work. so yeah i still think you are talking crap.

You don't seem to have taken into account that not everybody is interested in these "features". I also wonder if you even know what DDR3 and GDDR5 are, because they certainly aren't GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit). Both are SDRAM, with GDDR5 (GDDR5 is graphics card memory if you were wondering) being based off of DDR3. Both have their ups and downs, GDDR5 is capable of transferring large amounts of data at a faster speed than DDR3. If you want to know a bit more about the differences and similiarities of DDR3 and GDDR5 then I'll direct you to this thread www techspot com/community/topics/whats-the-difference-between-ddr3-memory-and-gddr5-memory.186408/ because it has quite a few insightful responses, and you might learn something new in the process. I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying here, but basically GDDR5 and DDR3 both have pros and cons and one isn't necessarily "better" than the other.

The games on ps4 are nothing that couldn't be done on ps3. What about Assassins Creed freezing on the ps4..pure crap..

How big is the PSN cloud compared to Xbox Live in Azure??
How many OSs does the PS4 run???
Does the PS4 has hyper-v for fast switching between its OSs???
Can you send a game to a friend from Florida to Seattle from your couch? or do you have to mail it?
Does Halo looks better on PS4???

Nobody does the cloud better than Microsoft.
I'm not sure that's a badge of honor or the makings of a cluster...
Halo is dying, its not as exciting or cool as it used to be. I played Halo 4 way less than any previous release, just didn't have the Halo feel. That being said, its not to say that this next one wont be fantastic.

Just about everything about the One is better than PS4, but at the same time the One is the most consumer unfriendly device.

The 24 hour requirement is unacceptable, the Kinect requirement is annoying, I don't know if its confirmed, but if it stays the same, you need Gold to watch Netflix/Hulu.

I don't think I want to be part of reinforcing draconian policies and silly requirements. I'm at least not going to reward them with a Day 1 pre-order. If they change the 24 hour requirement, I'll probably change my mind. The PS4 doesn't really interest me, so it's not like I'm going to get that instead.

I order 2 xbox one's and a ps4, two of them are going on ebay as soon as I receive them, I have not yet decided which one to keep. Current xbox 36 owner, yearly licence fee  and other restriction on the xbox one is pushing me towards ps4...

Ps4 is now pay to play online now and extended services same as xbox gold plus now microsoft are giving two free games a month to gold.

Sorry but you are wrong X1 is by far the superior hardware with the best pad and the best games with the best forward thinking vision for the future.
Ps4 is going to be outdated before you know it sony knows this so it had to make the thing cheaper plus they have lost all their exclusives like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

Yeah but they have a lot to do before PSN can compete with Xbox Live. Sony changing to pay for multiplayer is going to supercharge development funds so im sure they will close the gap.

How is PS4 better in anyway. If I wanted marginally more power I would upgrade my gaming PC with a mediocre GPU that would wipe the floor with the PS4. Right now, Xbox has better software, better online services, more useful OS, gesture and voice support, and TV functionality.

If the ONLY thing you care about is games, sure. But only marginally so. Seriously, it's like comparing a GTX660 to GTX650 Ti or HD7850 to HD7770 in terms of specs. Oh no, the PS4 will be able to do 4x AA instead of 2x for the One. Or Ultra high vs Very high quality. Meanwhile, the One will crush the PS4 outside of gaming. People look at 1.3TFlops vs. 1.8TFlops (or whatever the PS4 is) and declare victory for the PS4, without recognizing how far along the curve we are in terms of diminishing returns. 50% better performance is not enough at this point to make a big enough difference between the two consoles. If it was the only difference, sure, but it's not.
If I have a One for 10 years, I'll probably have a kid old enough to use it well before the Two comes out. Even with just considering my girlfriend, the One has so much more breadth that it massively overpowers the very slight gaming advantage the PS4 has.

My single and divorced friends are buying the PS4 and all the married ones are buying the Xbox One. I care for a few more things than gaming and Xbox One does suits several of those needs.

Personally, I think that most of the gamers are very close-minded. Xbox One does have a very good licensing terms for me and some friends and I have needs for a voice controlled console. I disagree with all the buzz that have been going around about the PS4.
As example: I don't understand why would someone play videogames in a Smartphone having a PC/Console, the experience of the Smartphone is underwhelming but suits some people needs; I consider playing videogames in Smartphones degrading for any real videogame player.

Not really. The main advantage with having an Xbox is because the online service is MUCH better. Also the controller is better, and many other things. Is the PS4 better in almost every way, you said? Nope. The Xbox One isn't better in almost every way either, but they are neutral. Please get away from this website, and think before you talk shit about Microsoft products on a Microsoft-product-based site. ;) You have my permission to get lost.

I'm a gamer, for all that was shown, I'm happy with what Xbox One has to offer and PS4.. I'm first and for most an Xbox fan. My first system has always been Xbox. The PS4 will be for exclusive games just like my PS3. Everything else will be on Xbox One. As for the Jab from Jack T last night. I sorta agreed. I think that a person who buys a game should be able to trade, sell or lend the game and the system should not be required to be online to authenticate. If its not broken, don't fix or change it. I think Microsoft brought it to them selves. Also, if possible. Drop the price or Sony is going to take this one.. Just some real advice from a hard core gamer..

The thing is, is that the system is broken. Games are intellectual property. You can't look at them as just the discs. Gamestop, bestbuy, and other retail stores were selling the games second hand, and not giving anything back to the developers, who still have to pump out money and resources for unique users whom they never got paid from. Buying used games only supports the retailer, but if you want game developers to continue making your games you have to support them.

Except for the whole first-sale doctrine thing. There's a century of legal precedent in the U.S. around books, where the copyright owner sells the book and then the buyer can resell at will. Only way software companies get around it is claiming they are selling a liscense to the software, which seemingly randomly holds up in court. It'll be interesting to see if the restriction on resale would hold in front of the Supreme Court. Probably, due to the way MSFT has architected the system (you can sell the disk as many times as you want, but you're paying for the ability to connect to the server that enables the game,) but that doesn't mean the system is broken. Already with the 360, there were companies that would ship a multiplayer code with the initial sale of the game, and then resold games would require a new code to be purchased. I'd much rather keep this system than turn discs into coasters for anyone other than the first person to buy it.

That is what I hate about the second hand market. I buy a game for 60$. Trade it in for what, maybe 5$. it then gets resold for 50$. That is like a 400p percent markup. Why would I spend 50$ for a game that might be missing a manual or wosre yet have a scratched or warped disk. 10 bucks is nothing when I pay the over 60 for it.

That's awesome...it does seem that Xbox One has more to offer...now if I can just find a way to play FF 15 and Kingdom Hearts without buying a PS 4...ill be happy..lol

I was so happy to find out today that KH3 will also be coming to the Xbox One. That took out a huge selling point of the PS4 for me personally.

That was kinda my hang up as well. Not much of a gamer myself but I bought a PS2 solely for KH and God of War way back when. I haven't preordered because of an upcoming vacation I need funds for but rest assured... Count me in.

Ryse son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 had my jaw open and they are both launch titles imagine what we will see when deveolpers learn how to really take advantage of this power house.

Microsoft has already stated that you can attach an external hard drive via the usb 3.0 port. No size limit as far as I know.

Mine is preordered but hoping price is reduced. I understand why its £80 more than PS4 but still feel that's excessive.

Ohhhh. Best Buy??... A company in trouble they are.. I hope they don't end up like Circuit City!.. They should've supported WP more.. Karmas' a bitch.. Lol!

So how many were ordered for resale? These should fetch around $1k if not more on eBay on day of release.

Pfft! Who says there's a recession and the economy's in the toilet??? With $400-$500 game consoles selling like hot-cakes we'll be out of this financial crises in no time at all...

Yeah, the only thing I won't be able to afford is toilet paper. But hey, I can use the cheaper ps4 for that . . . jkjk!

Don't worry... Just put it on credit... What's $499 compared to the national debt of $16.7 trillon? It's all just funny money so who cares, right?

Yup! i preordered mine from the microsoft store. I wonder what the total numbers are for all the stores with preorders? And I keep hearing that PS4 preorders are selling faster on amazon (although we all kinda know the microsoft hate as been ratcheted to level bats**t lately) so it may or may not be true. All I know is that Im excited!

I'd be interested to know as well, selling out of 400 consoles wouldn't be anything to brag about, but selling out of say a million consoles would be

I'll be waiting for a boxing-day deal! Or maybe I won't be able to wait... especially if there is a bundle with either Forza 5 or Watch Dogs

Not preordering until I learn more about the television tuner prices. Would be awesome if I could use my silicon dust network tuners.

Nope. That's what it will be for people with set top boxes. Microsoft said they will release hardware to support all tv types including antenna, which is what I use.

I'm not sure if your surprise is why people want TV through this product or why I'm holding back. But considering Microsoft had slowly been killing off Media Center, I've been looking for a supported replacement.

If you have a TV with a built in tuner, the chance is high you already have HDMI-CEC, which the X1 will make use of :)

Pre-ordered both Xbone and PS4 when they were first announced as it's easier to cancel a pre-order than it is to make one once stock allocations are all gone.

Checked the page a few hours and it said there weren't any more day one consoles left. Hopefully the MS store won't run out before I can convince my wife to preorder.

Pre-order now, then keep working on permission. :-) Card isn't charged until it ships and you can cancel any time, worst case.

Lol! You're a smart ass, but that's actually a funny fact that you mentioned.. Nobody can argue with you on that one.. Lol!

Preordered via Microsoft purchased a newer 360 yesterday from Gamestop. Love it. Had to replace my last slim 360.

That's what I always say, but this time we're not talking about a new WPD preorder... I'm sure its a number to be impressed by... But doesn't it make you sick that we can never get any solid numbers.

When people think of, hear, or see the XboxOne, or W8 computers, I want them to think of WP.. If MS marketing department is doing their jobs correctly consumers should instantly relate these products to one another.. That's what I want.. I want this... This is what I want to see.. I want the 3SV!! Lol!...