Amazon UK lists unlocked HTC 8X Windows Phone for £531.43


We previously covered UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles who has the HTC 8X listed for just £399. Now we've got Amazon UK who has published the product page for the recently announced Windows Phone, and the price tag is a steep one - £531.43 (SIM-free). 

We're yet to see final pricing which will be available near or after Windows Phone 8 launches and the new Apollo hardware is released to consumers, but at least we can have an idea as to what we'll be looking at in the near future. The product page also states November 8, 2012 as the release date.

HTC 8X Amazon UK

This is of course subject to change and nothing is concrete, so take this how you will. But a question can be put forward - what do you make of Amazon's price tag? Would you part with this much hard earned cash for the 8X? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Amazon; thanks, Stevanto, for the tip!


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Amazon UK lists unlocked HTC 8X Windows Phone for £531.43


Carriers control U.S. Companies control EU...basically that easy. With a middle hand things go slower.

Well, in a lot of ways it is, but none of that matters because he was simply asking a legitimate question that for some reason a few of you guys take offense to.

@ willies : what ways? Don't take offense, but I aside from a few people stopped paying they're loans to the bank and we suffered with that, but had we failed with our obligations I'm sure it would be the same for US citizens. Then again, illustrate those ways.

I think the phone is pretty good, but not for the price.
I wouldn't pay more than $99 on contract for it.

DAMN thats expensive, spec for a mid range phone. Was hoping for 350-400 but now this phone is out of the question. Most likeley the L920 is at the same range if not slightly higher. Need a new job

Expensive yes as it's closer to the inflated Apple prices and yes the 920 is better specified although the 8x is lighter but it like the 920 and the Ativ are not mid range phones they are flagship models. Hopefully this is a placeholder price and will eventually sell for closer to £400.

Clove and Expansys both have the same price as Unlocked Mobiles... Amazon always seems to be more expensive whenever I've checked in the past.

Well, that sure knocks HTC out of the equation.  I don't think the majority of cell phone users can afford a phone in that price range, especially if they don't qualify for an upgrade so they can get the subsidized pricing from the providers.  Hopefully the US price will be a little better.  If not, no new phone for me.

Newwindowsphoner that price is put buy amazon so 500 pound not so true but if u are in USA then according to me it should price between $599-699 dollars unlocked and in $250

So that's in pounds? How much is that in US Dollars? Keeping in mind that's the full UNLOCKED price, so how does it compare to other unlocked phones?

Well this price is not official. If you search Nokia Lumia 920 on eBay you will see that they are selling it for $899. So don't be fooled people. You guys worry me, you all believe everything.

Everyone stop deciding wait till 29 Oct for Microsoft to lunch is officially and what to offer customer then make a decision.

What I am thinking is that ms event is going to be very long this time bes they are going to show us every aspect of there beautiful OS how it mearge with windows 8 how well app integrated and next wave of windows phone hardware according some sources HTC working on quad-core phone runs on s4 pro so they might show us that

Most eagerly I am waiting for windows phone 8 games

To be even worthy of consideration it has to significantly beat the Lumia 920 on price. We don't know the 920's price yet, but if they're pitched at the same bracket Nokia can take my money now.

Amazon freqently have display a price that's far too high on products that haven't come out yet. I seem to remember it happening with ASUS tablets and various Samsung products before. It'll come down in price.

If it's that price they can forget it. In fact I think I'll stick with my Lumia 800 for another year anyway as it does everything I need.

This is just a placeholder price set by Amazon, they always reduce it before the actual release day.

Everybody just calm down!

my wp 7.5 still fast & fluid and be honest have not restarted phone for over a month now. Now that's a smartphone that beats all androids & iPhones. Also battery life lasted 2 1/2 days. So for me I can wait for wp8 or upgrade next year. If only all iphone users understand wp is is best.

Don't take anything by this. Amazon aren't even a minor player in the UK phone market, and their prices are normally around 150% of 'normal' prices.

United States are you main source of readers @WPCentral. List it in our currency.

In this situation it is borderline appropriate.

Any article on any website should list prices in USD regardless of other currencies because everywhere we can have a quick idea of how much it is on our currency.
Having said that, we can google EUR USD and type the price in euros to have it converted.

@Coler7 how hard is it to use an online converter takes less than 20s. If its listed in GBP then it should stay in GBP not USD.

I just wanted to point out that amazon co is where i mostly order from online but keep in mind they they are from the most expensive phone sellers and the last place to look at.