Amidst terrible reviews, Fandango has their Windows Phone app pulled

Fandango is admittedly a very useful service for U.S. movie goers. By allowing people to purchase tickets from their home, via a PC and more recently, through their phones, it saves people time and frustration from shows being sold out. Tickets are rendered as QR codes on their smartphone for quick scanning at theaters, and movie goers feel like they’re in the year 2013.

The Windows Phone app has been around since day one, coming out in late 2010 with the release of Microsoft’s new mobile platform. Fandango even boasted about how easy it was to make their Windows Phone 7 app. Since then, it has had a minuscule four updates in three years.

If that sounds like a neglected app, you would be correct.

While Fandango thought they could pay little to no attention to their Windows Phone app, their lack of responsibility has caught up with them. Recently, the Windows Phone app has become highly unstable and unreliable, resulting in a few dozen (if not hundreds) one-star ratings in the Store.

Our bet? Many companies like making an app, but they all hate maintaining it.

Evidently Microsoft (or Fandango) could not take it anymore as the app has now been delisted. There’s no word if Fandango will re-work the app to make it viable again or, like the knuckleheads at Uber, just give up.

Although you can’t buy tickets through it, Flixster (Store link) has embraced Windows and Windows Phone, offering a much better movie theater app. Users are encouraged to use that app until Fandango returns.

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Amidst terrible reviews, Fandango has their Windows Phone app pulled


When was the last you used it because my app would crash just after starting it. I uninstalled, re-downloaded, upgraded my phone and I still got the same results.
So yeah, unusable..

I disagree. I used Fandango for every movie day. I still have it installed and will keep on using it.

I would use it too if it worked lol
I have nothing against fandango but how can you disagree with me if the app consistently crashed on me???
I'm glad it works for you!

Its basically whas going on with netflix also right now :( It hasnt been updated in months and its not working for alot of us.

Though, they still haven't updated it with profile support, and it's been months now since iOS got it. But it's a pretty good app otherwise.

I can't say that Netflix is exactly on the ball, though. They're Android apps still lack profiles, as do their apps on other platforms like Roku or other media streaming devices.

I'm surprised they haven't updated the Android app since they already updated the W8 app to support profiles. Whatever the case, they need to get moving.

I've had no problems with Netflix, although admittedly I don't use it on my phone very often. I suppose Netflix is one of those apps that "just works", hence the lack of updates. It's not as though they could add that many more features.

Two things we could use are profiles (not super important) and quick resume where you left off if you switch apps (much more important). Other than that it's always been reliable for me.

Netflix needs a way to look up movies and mess with your disc queue. I guess they took this functionality out of all Netflix apps and made it instant-only? Lame.

I'm surprised they haven't updated the Android app since they already updated the W8 app to support profiles. Whatever the case, they need to get moving.

The profiles feature is super important to me, even more so than the quick resume.

Flixter is decent BUT you can't stream your Ultraviolet collection your WP8 like you can on the iPhone or Android or even BB10. NEED this update.

haha. a little attention to the Fandango app could have made it great one, with its foundation. unfortunate to lose ticket purchase functionality, but hopefully a better app will evolve from a realization to maintain it and the recent user feedback.

I find it so odd how developers put out an application and never touch it again on WP. On iOS/Android the updates come so often its anoying.

Try writing an app for WP and you'll realize why there's nothing odd about this phenomenon.

I didn't mean to imply that writing an app for WP is hard.  (Too hard for Fandango though, I guess.)


Don't be so short-sighted.  Think bigger picture.  Why does a developer write an app?  What do they expect to get out of it?  Are those expectations met?  What obstacles do they encounter?  Do they have sufficient incentive to continue?  Bottom line: it always comes back to return on investment.

Odd, I've never had problems with the app. It works great and has a great design. I'm holding onto it for dear life and hope they update it so I don't lose it when I get a new phone.

Yeah, I hadn't used it in a couple months, but I never had any issues. Maybe a couple crashes here and there but I thought Fandango was a decent app.

I started a thread about this app in the forum here. I had used it before, on WP7, and it worked fine. But now it was unable to find location when using cellular (WiFi worked) and crashed or wouldn't go past the location setting screen, depending on what method you used. So at least for me, and others it seemed, it was a useless app if you were out and about and not on WiFi. Rather frustrating.

Someone with the email of their CEO should send them the latest sales figures for WinPhone, and point out that with sales of 40 million+ handsets a year they just threw 10's of millions of Customers overboard. I suspect their Marketing and IT VPs would get a rapid phone call...

I refuse to use uber's service. They need to cater to my needs if they want my money, not the other way around. And that starts by making their service available to me through the mobile platform of MY choice.

Well this is just great. Now how in the hell am I supposed to get movie showtimes and tickets?

Edit: yes I know Flixster shows better movie details than Fandango but the is no way to buy tickets. There is also no way to identify which showings are in the upgraded auditoriums (Big-D/RPX) which is a deal breaker for me.

I doubt if that's possible. He's not from US, and the main feature needed is a payment option for US users to purchase tickets. None of those other movie apps have a ticket purchase feature.

Yes, it's called Internet Explorer. Only don't try to use Fandango since last few times I tried it didn't work correctly on WP.

Ya, the Internet Explorer app works great for me. I can do things like search for current movie, go to a theater's web site and purchase tickets online. crazy!

I wish they would do the same to the horrid Words With Friends app and force Zynga to refund myself and the many others their wasted three bucks....

Never understood why you can buy movie tickets from within flixter app in other OSs, but not in WP. Does anyone know? It could only benefit them, I assume.

hmm I never had a problem with it.  I've used it a bunch of times to buy movie tickets, too.  I just checked and it still works. 

Oh noes! I use this app at least once a month to peruse and purchase tickets. The only problem I have it an error when I try to pin a purchase to start. I have to exit then reopen, find my purchase and pin it. I've sent feedback and received responses too! Guess just not enough resource to maintain it.. And that is a huge concern for developers. I hope its temporary; I need to remember not to uninstall in the meantime.

I do the same thing, and have had success. It has been buggy, but still functional. Not deleting this one from my phone.

Or you could just buy your ticket at the theatre. It really doesn't take that long to wait in line and buy a ticket.

Not acceptable when iOS/Android users have options to buy tickets using mobile apps, plus theater chains have their own iOS/Android apps. I go to Cinemark, and they have a Cinemode app for Android and iOS that gives special rewards. One must use the app for the rewards; using a browser doesn't give rewards.

I sent Cinemark an email this morning complaining and asking when we'll see a WP app from them.  Havent heard back yet.

Avoiding lines is a huge plus. Then there is the avoided hassle of keeping loyalty cards on my person. Fandango keeps my rewards memberships in line and reports my purchases for me. All doable, but that isn't really the point is it. After all, we could all just be using flip feature phones as no one needs a smart phone with this of logic.

It would crash on me occasionally. Wasn't updated for HD support, would get black lines on top and bottom of app. Really hope they bring it back optimized for wp8.

Sucks... I got a new device recently because I broke the screen on my Lumia 928 and now I can't reinstall my Fandango. I've never been a huge Flixster fan.

I think a policy should be in place in the store for big/corporate developers to force them to update their apps quarterly or have their apps pulled.

I think Microsoft should be the one to blame here. They have a responsibility to profile quality and original apps in the store.
After a couple of days your app is buried in poor rip-offs and junk apps.
As a developer your highest momentum on the app is when you publish it. Microsoft has nothing to offer when it comes help with profiling or gaining some traction. And I can promise you that the ignorance from the company is not easily forgotten when you try to reach out to them.
In a few days you will feel like you just wasted hundred of hours for nothing.
There is no surprise that companies and individuals will lose interest when their app requires some degree of maintenance. It just a waste of money and time actually.
Combine that with the wrecking balls that have been tossed in the .net community lately. I am sure this is the pattern you will see for many more apps to come.

I agree that MS' market needs better Sort options.  I dont want to see whats 'Hot and New', I just want to see what's new.  Or I just want to see what Most Downloaded and Ratings from High to Low.  The way they sort is wonky.  Its the one time I would say just freaking rip off Google Play please.

However... how bad sorting in the Market has anything to do with bad 'official' apps like Fandango... not seeing your logic there.

The same could be said about Flickr app for Windows Phone. It's buggy, unreliable and hasn't been updated since the first release it 2010. Although for some reason, it wasn't pulled.

Another that should be removed (in Australia's Store) is Hoyts Movie Times.

I still have it listed in my history of purchases. On the Store website it shows that it is version however when you install it it is only I don't think its had an update ever.

The app still opens but there is absolutely no content displayed just app headers and the ads below. Sad.

Sounds like the DirecTV app.  Hasn't been updated in 2 years and pretty much all 1 star ratings now.  They should be ashamed!

That's a shame. Yeah it was buggy but their live theatre tile was great. It listed movies playing at the pinned theatre.

Like others said, I never had an issue with it... at the same time, I only ever used it to check movie times at my favorited theaters.  Rarely did I use the 'find the closest theater' features or bought tickets via the app.


You all know it doesn't magically delete from your phones right?  If you have it and it works fine, then don't remove the app.


Updates were so few, its not like 'never getting updated' should be of any surprise.


Hopefully they come out with a much better app.

I had this issue with IGN's app.  I contacted them through Twitter, they said they would address it.  Never did.  That was a year ago.  May work now, I haven't checked it in a few months, but it's unlikely.

can buy a movie ticket using Flixter? 

I used to use fandango all the time. And I hate when big companies like fandango or even bigger ignoring Windows Phones and or creating an app which is totally unusable or liks to they mobile stie or do not develop an app in general... smh.Stupid decisions. Bigger company, cheaper they asses are. 

KeyRing also pulled their app a little while back because it was crashing on a lot of newer phones. It worked great on my Lumia 920, so I'm bummed on can't re-install it on my replacement phone after mine bricked. No word on whether they will create a new version for WP8.