Android is Nokia's backup plan? [Rumor]

According to a report over at the Fone Arena, Nokia have undergone some experiments in the Android field as well as Windows Phone 7, which is expected when they were deciding on a different OS to focus on since Symbian was a losing cause.

Our dear friend Eldar Murtazin has remained adamant that we can look forward to some Android devices in 2012 should the WP7 partnership with Microsoft fall through. I don't believe Nokia should have any problems with selling any devices should they stick to their incredible N9 design approach and engage in some effective marketing. Let's just see what happens when Sea Ray hits the shelves before anything else.

Via: Fone Arena


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Android is Nokia's backup plan? [Rumor]


With Android they would be just one more OEM and not an important one. They're better off pushing WP7 with Microsoft.

That's a very big 'if'...and to be honest if WP7 fails for Nokia, they may as well give up because they won't make it on Android.

Its been proven time and time again that Eldar Murtazin is full of BS. Time to start ignoring this blatant Nokia & Microsoft hater.

i dont think its a good idea to have android on nokia phones...why??nokia phones with android will look just the same as everybodly else....nokia phones with android will not sell because of htc.samsung,lg..nokia has a huge base in europe,asia,africa...even india...think about the numbers they will bring with msft on BOARD???? WP7 MANGO APPOLLO WITH GREAT HARDWARE SPECS AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS NO BUGS!!!!!!!!!THIS SUMMER IS VERY EXCITING IF YOU FOLLOW THIS....

F off android :)even IF (which won't happen) wp7 fails, meego would be the other choice, then iOS, then you Kathy buggy piece of **** :D

Android phones are just all Battery Eaters and I do not think Nokia would go with Android has Android phones are not Business phones. I do not think business people would want play Angry birds all day. Windows Phone 7 will do great with Mango updates.

Why does Eldar keep getting attention when it comes to MS or Nokia? Seriously, why can't we just ignore him or emphasize how big of a joke his 'rumors' are?

Eldar Murzatin also claimed repeatedly that MS was buying Nokia these past few months. What's next is he going to claim that Microsoft will be selling Android phones through Nokia?Why does anyone take what he says seriously? He has lied to the press many times, it is time to stop reporting his rumors.

Despite Android does run beautiful on some Nokia devices this i highly doubt. Nokia will never give Google that satisfaction.