Andy Lees talks dual-core CPUs and 4G LTE

Andy Lees recently spoke about the current state of Windows Phone and the direction that the hardware that carries it is heading.  He confirmed that both dual-core processors and 4G LTE are on the way.  It has been known for a while now that Qualcomm and ST-Ericsson would be bringing dual-core computing to WP7 devices.  When he was asked why they weren't already, Lees defended the decision saying,

“They’re all single core, but I suspect that they will be faster in usage than any dual-core phone that you put against it, and that’s the point." 

He went on to explain that it was a  practical decision to stick to single-core CPUs until the operating system was set to take advantage of anything greater.  With Microsoft trying to break into the mobile phone marketplace, it makes sense to keep costs down on handsets if it doesn't affect performance. 

The motivation behind not including 4G support appeared to be equally as pragmatic. 

“The first LTE phones were big and big (users) of the battery, and I think it’s possible to do it in a way that is far more efficient, and that’s what we will be doing,” Lees explained. 

Although this has merit, it can certainly be argued that Microsoft missed a chance to capitalize on the 4G marketing bandwagon early on.  Various carriers have all seen success with their 4G Android offerings and WP7 could have been part of that.  But Lees sticks to the "slow and steady" approach:

"I think that what our strategy is is to put things in place that allow us to leapfrog, and I think that’s how we’ve gone from worse browser to the best browser, and I think the same is true with hardware."

The first crop of 4G WP7 phones are coming very soon, so we'll see how it goes.

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Andy Lees talks dual-core CPUs and 4G LTE


I don't think "WE" are complaining. It's just on the (insert non WP OS) fan boys check list of excuses not to give WP its props. Once dual-core and LTE are added they will have a very hard time justifying any shortcomings for the average phone user. I can see the new list now: "Well Windows Phoned dont' have NFC which is a must have! (obvious its not yet)..."

Would it be nice to have dual core? yes, Do we need it? No. Windows Phone operates just fine without dual-corePeople need to stop complaining about specs especially if they've never even used or played with a Windows Phone before. Most people just want that just to say they have it without really needing it. What people have to understand is, Microsoft is not in a hardware race with android. OEM's are not gonna put out Windows Phones with the latest and greatest every 3 months. That's part of the problem that is hurting android right now. So many different phones with different specs it's causing FRAGMENTATION. Microsoft is taking more of the Apple approach here, setting a standard for hardware so that it's consistent and all phones function the same. So we all get the same experience no matter what Windows Phone you get. So don't expect 10 core processors, 1440p video, 120 fps games and 4D anytime soon. Expect phones to keep coming out with similar specs with no real upgrades till Windows Phone 8

actually i would welcome any new technologies if the current technologies could utilize well. People said they didn't need a camera or internet on their phones not too long ago. But look where it became in our lives.

I would like to see Windows Phone with some competitive hardware even though WP runs great on lesser hardware. Given WPs excellent performace, the most important things to me are battery life and more options for memory. I dont' think I would buy another Windows Phone until they come in 32gig or greater configurations.

Also, I don't get all this competitive hardware talk. We all know iphone never really has the best hardware specs when it comes out. It even stays with those specs for at least a year. Some how it seems to be doing just fine. It's not stopping the iphone from selling, even with a screen that's smaller than whats out today

I see this attitude on all the WP blogs. That is how I know this platform is borked! Yes, Iphone is selling despite NOT being the best phone. And costing a fortune. WP generations are one step behind still and also costing a fortune, but with none of the goodwill. Good luck with that!Can WP pull off the same thing with its current reputation and software maturity level and competing with Iphone? Not a chance. Why don't you people see that you are hurting the platform with your luddite nonsense ... why on earth would you kick and scream at the very notion of faster hardware?

Well what's really hurting WP? LACK OF ADVERTISING. That's it. Microsoft needs to shove WP in peoples faces and make it's presence known. You see android and iphone all over TV, that's why people know it. Also, bias at retailers, that's not helping. That has to change

wow dude u are an idiot. if any platform is borked its android with its many different screen resolutions and malware outbreaks.

I really don't care about duel-cor I do care about 4g and the low storage space. I'm on the big screen thing. 4.3-4.7 is good for me though not for everyone. I guess we really need to see a broad scope form Nokia. HTC is doing a good job but heck it's all AT&T STUFF.

Though I don't care for dual core myself. I am with you about storage space. If Microsoft wants us to use our phones as Zune hardware since they are killing off Zune HD, they have to up the space. They seriously can't expect us to sync all our music, videos & movies, apps, and games with just 8GB to 16GB of space, that's pathetic. It's about that time they start offering 64GB of storage

Only reason I want a dual core device is for games. Sorry but, with iOS games like rage and others, WP7 needs to catch up in this area. I was also thinking about what the next Verizon phone I would sign a 2 year with. It would need to have LTE 4G support never mind a host of other features (2nd a front camera).So bring on the LTE devices for vzw !

Those of us who use Windows Phone know that the OS runs as good on a single core as most Android phones do on a dual-core. That being said, unfortunately many people do care about specs, and many who might be interested in WP are turned off by the lack of specs that are on many Android phones. So, while the dual cores are not necessary....it certainly couldn't hurt if it's going to maybe make people take a second look.

could the first LTE phone be LG Fantasy? It's suppsed to have CDMA radio and we all know Verizon has the LTE tech. Wish it was true!

I too would love to see a spec'ed out phone that competes or blows away the competition. it is not about performance, it is about status. The Dual cores are a Plecebo, ive it to them and they will praise the WP7.

Dual-Core, schumule-core. I don't need that **** to run my phone good. All I look for in a phone is screen quality, camera, build and if the OS actually runs properly.