Angry Birds is coming, just not yet

Angry Birds, the massively popular game that has found its glory on both the iOS and Android platforms, but has failed yet to flood the Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace, and another tweet has confirmed a further wait. A continuous stream of ETA updates from Rovio have had numerous news sites and blogs fall over each other in reporting duplicate stories of “Angry Birds app on the way!”. But are we all really that excited about its arrival?

I pose that question as a person who has not yet had the pleasure in playing Angry Birds myself, but have witnessed it in action many times and I must admit it does look like a fun little game that can absorb a few hours of your spare time. This would be why it is such a popular title on the iPhone and Android due to the majority of games these platforms have are all from small developers.

The almighty Windows Phone, on the other hand, boasts Xbox Live integration for big titles like Sims 3, Need For Speed: Undercover, Assassins Creed and many more. Considering how Microsoft could continue to develop the Xbox Live “to go” and make the mobile gaming experience all that more special, is pretty exciting. For me, I don’t really share the same enthusiasm as many Angry Birds fans (I guess I have taken the bench with many other WP7 owners), sure I would buy the game and it would more than likely entertain me for more than five minutes but I won’t go out of my way to hype myself about a title that (lets be honest) isn’t comparable to games that are readily available.

All in all, I would actually like to see some progress and possibly a release, rather than have everyone reposting the same old news about a game that is destined to arrive but seems to be taking a slight detour. Through outa-space.

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Angry Birds is coming, just not yet


I've played it a bit on iPhone, and didn't find it fundamentally different from any of the other physics-based games where you destroy a target by knocking down a structure with as few hits as possible. Those are a dime a dozen on Android, and sure, they don't have the production values of Angry Birds, but the gameplay is the same.While I'd love to have the game on WP7 to help legitimize the platform to others, I'd rather play more original games like Rocket Riot.Rocket Riot, Rocket Riot...

How about you guys lead by example and make no more mention of it or the developers until it actually hits the marketplace.

Lead by example? We're three days behind the story after every site already covered it, buried it under our lead, didn't tweet it and finally half out post was lamenting the coverage. As lame as it is, it's news and people sometimes like to keep up on these things...

I purposely waited some time after the news was shot up around the 'net, and as Dan mentioned we buried it under the leading story at the time and never tweeted it. The article itself was mainly about how duplicate news and updates were being thrown around due to Rovio continuously revealing ETA estimations that never held up or changed.If anything; we have led by example by not posting about our excitement for the game and how it's coming out in a few months, but how we are skipping around waiting for the title to appear when it does.

Angry birds has only been on android for a few months and its free unlike ios... so why the big rush? I like it but the all the hype about the game comes from its popularity on ios...what I want to see is a game that originated and is so popular on wp7 that all the other platforms want it......can we say ilomilo?

good news for you ilomilo is now available in the market to all dont know if that means US only or not but i downloaded it on my venue pro yesterday... the exclusivity to att was only for the end of the year!!!

You may not realize it, but those "big titles" you mention are also available on the iPhone and Android. It's not just the little guys developing for these platforms, as as matter of fact I would venture that getting the big developers on board is one of WP's biggest obstacles.I find the game incredibly addicting and it meets a different need than the big titles you mention which generally take a much bigger chunk of time in one sitting to enjoy. Casual games such as Angry Birds are a perfect fit for a mobile device, where you are often just using it in short bursts. From my perspective I don't understand the fascination with big, detailed XBox like games on the phone. Yes, they look nice, but if I'm going to be rooted down somewhere for an hour to play a game it will most likely be in front of the XBox or other console, not staring at tiny screen.