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Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth update arrives on Windows Phone 7 hardware

At long last those who own a Windows Phone 7 handset will be able to enjoy Angry Birds in a galaxy far, far away. Angry Birds Star Wars has already received an update on Windows Phone 8, but now we're seeing the roll out for version 7, opening up the Hoth system to those who enjoy firing Jedi and Wookies into the air and knocking out pigs.

What's more is that it's been confirmed that more levels are available in the Windows Phone update, compared to what iOS consumers received. Rovio is attempting to more aggressively support the Windows Phone platform. Angry Birds Star Wars is not yet complete with the Return of the Jedi level coming sometime in the future.

You can download Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 7 hardware from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth update arrives on Windows Phone 7 hardware


It is indeed very annoying. I bought it on both my Lumia 920 and Surface RT and would really appreciate the update hitting Windows 8/RT soon.

But still, they are really supporting this platform in a way many others don't. So for me, they can take their time... As long as they keep them coming. ;)

I agree. I'd love them to support WIndows Phone/Windows 8 more quickly, but I'm very grateful that they're supporting it at all. As long as it comes, I'm happy.
By the way, still waiting for an update to the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for Windows 8/RT and Bad Piggies for Windows 8/RT/Windows Phone. Hopefully that's all coming, I'm starting to get a bit of hope on the Rovio side of things.

Are people actually still entertained by Angry Birds? Man alive I don't think I ever made it through the first one!

Glad to see they're updating the Windows Phone versions but really hope they release the update for Windows 8 soon!

This is good news!  My purchase of AG Seasons was going to be contingent upon Rovio updating Star Wars with the Hoth levels for WP 7.5, especially given that I've seen some reviews on the orginal AB that it needed to be updated but never was.
Nokia gave AB to Symbian users for free back in 2011 (a $1.99) value, so AB Star Wars was my first AB purchase; I guess I will purchase AB Seasons to 'level' things out :)  And that will be just about all of the Angry Birds I think I can stand!